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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Photo - Glimpses of Finalist's Furniture      

June 23, 2014

A Note from the Department Head

Summer is well underway and I hope you are enjoying, learning, and contributing wherever you are. Our summer intersession Innovation Bootcamp was a success again this year and we are now into the third week of the summer Workshop courses. I had an opportunity to attend NeoCon and was inspired by Keynote speakers and learned from educational sessions I attended. Of course, it was good to see some of you there, even though the time was much too short. I had my IDEC President hat on and was involved in meetings with counterparts for professional practice and education organizations as well as accreditation organizations. 

There is still time to do some good reading this summer - or watch some Ted Talks. You may get inspired by some of Thomas Heatherwick's works.....

Faculty - Save the Date!

Faculty be looking for more information regarding the upcoming faculty retreat August 18th and 19th. Please make sure you are available for both of these days! 

Alumni Publications

Summer Minchew, IAPD graduate from 2003, recently served as a contributing author for the second edition of the book Sustainable Commercial Interiors. Other contributing authors included Penny Bonda and Katie Sosnowchik. The book is intended to be a comprehensive guide to sustainable interiors and is targeted toward architects, interior designers, construction professionals and design students. The book is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is anticipated to be released later this month. Congratulations!
IAPD Student work - Finalists in Competition

Congratulations to the following individuals! Their furniture that was accepted as finalists in the International Woodworking Fair being held in Atlanta, Georgia. We had a total of ten students accepted for eleven pieces, with a total of only forty finalists in total. The competition will take place from August 20-23.

  • Laura Stockdell- Carved Side Table
  • Colton Vaughn - 7 Stool
  • Richard Thompson - Tiki Lounge Chair
  • Richard Thompson - Helix Spring Stool
  • Evan Gray - Sling Back Chair
  • Anthony Ngo - Angels Table
  • Melissa Still - Retro Slipper Chair
  • Teresa Siegele - Gwyn Chair
  • Kate Moeder- Soren Table
  • Adam Gonzalez - Tattooed Slat Chair 

Research Opportunities

IDEC has a number of opportunities to submit work for the five Regional Conferences, the JID Symposium (Design + Culture), and a special edition of the JID (Design + Culture). Check out more information here
Faculty Honors

Congratulations to Katrina Lewis and co-author William Genereux. Their paper "Pumpkin Carving as an Exercise in Design Process Thinking" has been accepted for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings for the 44th Annual Frontiers in Education (FIE) conference.