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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



March 2, 2015

Department Head Notes

The first half of this week, we are hosting the NASAD Accrediting Team on campus. NASAD is the National Association for Schools of Art and Design; the organization accredits universities, and approves each of the programs within the university offering art and/or design. Several programs of study will be evaluated during this site visit including those in Art, ATID, and of course our own MIAPD. The team is scheduled to be in Seaton tomorrow (Tuesday), and while they are with us, will have a quick tour of our facilities, meet with students, meet with faculty, and review student work. When you see the team of three, please extend a warm welcome to them.

Many people have worked hard to put the exhibit of work together and to provide all of the information necessary to communicate the activities, accomplishments, and qualities of our students, faculty, and staff. We have a special culture within IAPD and APDesign that I am eager to share in person with the team, and each of you play a huge role in that culture!

The team leaves on Wednesday, after reporting preliminary observations to the Provost, Deans, and Department Heads of the respective departments. Wednesday afternoon/evening, look for an announcement of refreshments as we open up the exhibits and have an opportunity to mingle and see the work on display.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for your contributions to this very special place!


Oz to Oz Fulbright Lecture

Fulbright Fellow Dr. Heidi Muenchberger will be presenting her lecture "The Design Homunculus: Mapping the human brain to the built environment" This Tuesday, March 3rd at 3:30 in the Little Theater. 

Dr. Muenchberger has spent the last 15 years researching the impact of lived environments on people with brain injury, spinal cord injury and other life-changing health conditions. Outcomes of her work include predictive models of well-being, design guidelines for rehabilitation and healthcare settings and tools for assessing person-centered design. Please attend if you are able. 

Red Bull Paper Wings 2015 Takeoff

The 2015 Red Bull Paper Wings competition will take place on Monday, March 9th at 4pm at the MAC Gym in the Recreation Center. See if you have what it takes to represent the USA at the Global Finalst in Salzburg, Austria. 

Categories of competition include:
  • Longest distance: how far the paper plane travels through the air 
  • Longest airtime: how long the paper plane remains in the air
  • Aerobatics: creativeness and artistic presentation the plane and thrower
Click here for more information and to register for the competition! 

Fellowship Deadline

There are a number of fellowships, scholarships and competitions that are nearing deadlines! Make sure you check out the IAPD Website and see these great opportunities!

2nd year
2nd Year

Students in Professor Hastings and Headley's studios presented designs for task lighting last week. Students identified the task, and designed the luminaire specific to it. Many explored using the new Arduino circuit boards. Be sure to visit the studio and ask them to show you their design and working prototype!

IAPD Events

1-4 - NASAD Accreditation Visit
2 - APDPro: Professional & Academic Communication - 5:30pm - Pierce Commons
3 - Oz to Oz Fulbright Scholar Lecture - 3:30 - Little Theater
4 - APDPro: Networking Top - 5:30pm - Pierce Commons
5 - Faculty Meeting - 11:30 - 12:20 - S 202F
- Design Expo 10am-3pm
10-15 - IDEC National Conference - Fort Worth, TX
16-20 - Spring Break
23 - Michael Bender & Meghann Day Lecture - 4-5pm - Hemisphere Room 
26 - Amie Keener, Gensler Dallas - ADPPro: NCIDQ and You
25-29 - CELA Conference