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College of Architecture, Planning and Design



May 18, 2015

Department Head Notes

Have a great summer everyone! Whether you are beginning your employment as a new graduate, searching for the right fit in a position, on internship, study abroad, summer classes, or other activities, know that we wish for you a rejuvenating time where you continue learning in different ways. Remember to sketch every day, and to read  interesting articles. Make notes on the environment around you - how you (and others) interact with it and how it affects you psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Critique the products you use, the furniture you engage. Each of these activities will make you a stronger designer.

Thank you for your participation this year, as well as the excellence you approached each aspect of your education with - we have had an incredible year! 

Everyone (except those students enrolled in the Summer Workshop course) should be moved out of studio by now and have turned in keys. We will be busy throughout the Summer preparing a quality environment for you to come back to in August and the sorts of activities that will enhance your coursework and make the year a fantastic experience!


All Student Key Return & Studio Move Out

Attention ALL STUDENTS: 

All Studios should be cleaned and empty of personal belongings by Monday (today) at noon. Mark trash as TRASH so there is no mystery. Anything you wish to save should go with you. If you have an issue, please talk to the office.

Before you leave campus this semester, please return your studio key to the IAPD office. There will be a sheet for you to sign once the key is returned as well. 

If you are in summer shop, you may hold onto your key until the end of the class. 

5th years - If you do not return your key, a hold will be placed on your account and you will be unable to receive your diploma.

KCDC Opportunities 

If you are looking for a great hands-on opportunity for the second semester 4th year, please consider applying for KCDC. For more information, please talk to Jayna (jayna@ksu.edu).


IAPD Merchandise


IAPD Merchandise makes great gifts! Available in the IAPD Office.

Design Intelligence Survey

The 2015 Design Intelligence Survey invites students to fill out a short survey about their design program with questions about their personal perceptions of their program. Responses are kept anonymous. 

Please participate in these surveys for Interior Design and Industrial Design. 

Due Date is August 1st! 

IAPD Events

25 - Office Closed - Memorial Day