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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

APDPro Mentor Program

The mission of the APDPro Mentor Program is to afford design and planning students the opportunity to learn from skilled and practiced professionals who can help guide them and provide advice as they transition to their career.

Becoming an APDPro Mentor will give you the opportunity to connect with current students, play a part in developing future leaders in the design and planning professions and, hopefully, learn from the students as well.

Students participating in the program are 3rd, 4th and 5th year students active in APDPro, the college's professional development program.

Mentor Requirements

  • Professional in design, planning or any related fields
  • Committed to being a mentor and staying in contact with mentee

Time Commitment

  • Communicate with mentee once per month via phone, email, video chat, text or in person
  • Professional relationship will last until the mentee graduates


Please complete our APDPro Mentor Application if you're interested in becoming an APDPro Mentor.

APDPro Mentor Application

If you have any questions about the APDPro Mentor Program, please contact:

Danna Voegeli
APDPro Coordinator