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Academic advising in the Department of Architecture is performed using a variety of methods including group orientation/advising sessions for incoming students, individual advising in studio and in the advising office and advising via email. A password protected advising website, ARCH Advice, is available to students through K-State Online, a web-based system used by instructors and advisors to communicate with and provide information to students. Some of the documents included on ARCH Advice are student handbooks, curriculum guides, advising and DARS reports, enrollment worksheets, and links to useful information.

The advisor for the Department of Architecture works with students who have been accepted into the Architecture program - this includes incoming second year through fifth year students.

Current second to fifth year students may schedule an appointment with their advisor by visiting this link and logging in with their eID and password: https://connect.apdesign.ksu.edu/advising/student/ 

Second – Fifth Year students

Stacey Braun:  785-532-1185, Seaton 317, sbraun@k-state.edu

Jayna Elsasser:  785-532-5984,  Seaton 317,  jayna@k-state.edu

Rachel  Robillard:  785-532-2426, Seaton 317,  rjack@ksu.edu


Architecture Curriculum (PDF)

Architecture Courses