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Department of Architecture

Farris Family Fabrication Lab

Your hands-on education is taken to a new level when you step into the 20,000-square foot APDesign Farris Family Fabrication Laboratory. The Fab Lab is a beautiful space designed to facilitate and support your exploration and fabrication of design solutions. You will work with teaching technicians and fellow students in a state-of-the-art facility featuring an amazing array of equipment and machines.

Design Research Resources

Fabrication Lab: 

  • Contains a variety of general purpose machines
  • Large-bed CNC router
  • Plastic thermo-former

Students working in the APDesign Shop

Fine Woodworking Lab: 
A variety of traditional woodworking
machines and tools

Small CNC lab:
Three small CNC routers for intricate
detailing and joinery

Upholstery Lab:
High-end sewing machines for a
variety of fabrics and materials

Glass Lab:
Two kilns for molding and forming glass

Metals lab:

  • Containing a large bed CNC plasma cutter
  • Also offers MIG, TIG and spot welding

3-D Print Lab:
Containing five — and counting — 3-D

Students working in the APDesign ShopModel Making Lab:
A dedicated space for intricate models
and small prototypes

Center for Design Excellence:
A large, open space for special design
projects, research and exhibits

Spray Finish Lab:
For safely applying high-end finishes and