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Kansas State University and the College of Architecture, Planning and Design offer many scholarships. There is an annual application process that occurs at the university level through the Office of Student Financial Assistance to apply for K-State and APDesign scholarships. For more information about the application process click here. If you submit the university scholarship application as an architecture student you are also applying for APDesign scholarships as well as university scholarships. Below are scholarship opportunities outside of K-State. 

The 2018 Diversity Advancement Scholarship

Your students dream about becoming architects. The Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship can help them achieve it with a multiyear scholarship up to $20,000  for minority students. Studies show just how underrepresented minorities are in the architecture profession. To overcome this gap, equity needs to become everyone’s issue. Scholarships like this one can change your students’ lives by creating more opportunities for them to pursue a successful architecture career.

We’re looking for minority students whose imagination and design thinking will influence the architecture profession and the built environment.  
Here are a few ways you can help your students:

  • Encourage them to apply!
  • Write a letter of recommendation to support their application.
  • Hang these postersin a prominent place in your school.
  • Request printed posters to hand out to your students, and we’ll mail them to you.

Multiple scholarships are available, and applications are due January 17, 2018.