Purchasing a PC

Computer specifications for students
2015 - 2016

This information is not intended for incoming APDesign freshman. First year students will not use a computer for studio work.

System requirements:


Recommendations for 2015-2016 are still under review and will be posted soon!


- Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.
Available FREE through APDesign DreamSpark.

- Microsoft Office.
Available FREE through K-State Office 365 Webmail.

- Adobe Creative Cloud.

- Autodesk applications offered via the Autodesk Education Community.
Available FREE at: http://students.autodesk.com.
It is recommended to wait until you have received the syllabus from your instructor before downloading and installing Autodesk applications.

- SketchUp.
Available FREE at: http://www.sketchup.com/

- Google Earth.
Available FREE at: http://earth.google.com/

- K-State Antivirus Software.
Available FREE at: http://antivirus.k-state.edu/

Additional software may be specified in your instructor’s course syllabus.

Software can be purchased from the K-State Union Computer Store at academic discounts.

Note:  When you come to college, bring copies of your operating system, office suite and other software installation media (including product keys and licenses) in case a reformat or reinstall becomes necessary.  
If a virus or other malware compromises your computer, the system will be blocked from accessing the network until it has been repaired.  Once infected, often the only repair procedure accepted is to reformat the computer’s hard drive.
See www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/3430.html

Recommended options

- Insurance.
Protect your investment from accidental damage or theft. Check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and verify coverage, recommend purchase of a separate policy for your equipment if necessary.

- Color printer.  
11” x 17” capability encouraged

Dell Systems for APDesign Students

The K-State Computer Store will have preconfigured Dell systems available for purchase that meet our recommendations.