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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

International Studies

Participation in study abroad programs benefits students in any major; however, students enrolled in architecture, interior architecture and product design, landscape architecture, and regional and community planning are particularly well served through the experience of studying in unfamiliar environments—it heightens cultural awareness, improves self-reliance and broadens professional horizons. We offer a variety of specific international study programs for our students and encourage students to give serious consideration to this option for the second semester of the fourth year.

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Opportunities to study abroad 2017-2018

Guidelines for proposing an alternative study abroad program

Scholarship Guidelines for 2017-2018

Fall 2017 Italy program description

Spring 2018 Italy program description


Program Cost Sheets

Coburg University of Applied Sciences

Czech Technical University

Danish Institute for Study Aborad (DIS)

Dessau International Architecture (DIA)

Italian Studies Program Orvieto

Trier University of Applied Sciences

University of Liverpool

University of New South Wales

University of Queensland

University of Sheffield

University of Sydney

University of Western Australia