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Interior Architecture & Product Design

The Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design program provides a comprehensive and vibrant approach to studying design. From (re)constructing building interiors to individual products, our students are grounded in the essential process of inquiry, design and the making of space and form. With an innovative curriculum that combines the three distinct but complimentary fields of interior architecture, product design and furniture design, our faculty prepare students to transform society. Make a positive impact on the world. Make your future Interior Architecture & Product Design.

Once again, Interior Architecture & Product Design (IAPD) is a Top 10 graduate program for interior design, and the top-ranked CIDA-accredited graduate program in a public university in the nation!

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IAPD Students Are Educated ... in design, theory of design, sustainability, materials properties, history of design, ethics, business practices, building systems and structures, social and psychological effects of spaces and colors, ergonomics, anthropometrics, teamwork, leadership, and communications.

IAPD Students Develop an Understanding ... of building and life-safety codes, lighting, construction documents, theory of product design, product design prototyping, furniture design and making, digital applications in design and communications including Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

IAPD Values the Craft ... associated with both analog and digital means, hand- and machine-crafted products as well as those such as the CNC, laser cutters, 3D printers, and other fabrication techniques translating digital files to the creation of objects and our facilities and faculty encourage each of these techniques as appropriate to the design intention.

IAPD Faculty ... includes a diverse array of educational and practice backgrounds who value the quality of teaching highly! This results in an exceptional educational experience throughout your years with us. Our faculty are award-winners, scholars, makers, patent-holders, accomplished interior architects, interior designers, architects, industrial designers, product designers, furniture designers and entrepreneurs!

Flexibility and Diversity

Because of the diverse nature of the education in IAPD, our graduates are very much in demand and able to be nimble in their career paths. After graduation, our students become designers in design firms of various sorts from large architectural engineering firms, to architecture and interior design firms of all sizes, to design-build firms, to more specialized firms addressing the design of entertainment venues, residential projects, healthcare facilities, retail environments, pop-up environments, exhibits and theme parks. They become furniture and product designers for various firms from large office furniture manufacturers to small furniture workshops. They become lighting designers and product designers with special-focus firms. Some become consultants and some become associated with manufacturers in various positions. In addition to architecturally-oriented positions, they become specialists in advanced materials design and development, designers of luxury yachts and cruise ships, aircraft interiors, and more!

Program of Study

IAPD students graduate with a Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design (M IAPD) attainable through one of two tracks: the five year plus a summer non-baccalaureate track (accredited by CIDA and approved by NASAD), or the three year plus summers post-baccalaureate track (accredited by CIDA and awaiting plan approval by NASAD). Design education today must prepare global design citizens who foster synergy, embrace successful collaboration, and recognize interconnectedness; with an awareness of the responsibility of individual and collective actions in personal, social and environmental arenas; and, that positions them with the critical collaborative leadership skills to serve them throughout their careers. The Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design has a long history, nearly 50 years, of providing an enriching educational experience in preparing our graduates for professional careers. Situated in the College of Architecture, Planning & Design (with other programs ranked nationally within the top 10 programs in the country), we are among other professional programs (Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning) who each value the learning experiences associated with being in an interdisciplinary college.

The department participates in the College's Environmental Design & Planning Ph.D. program.

IAPD History