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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


The year 2014 marked the 50th year our department has been in existence, since its creation in 1964 when formal coursework was first offered by our program founder Jack C. Durgan. In 2008: For the first-time ever, we conferred the First Professional Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design upon our graduating seniors. This degree was quite likely the very first of its kind to be offered in the United States. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary and you can read more here.

We invite you to read on and discover additional benchmarks of which the Department of Interior Architecture and Product Design has been a part…

 1954Jack C. Durgan becomes a member of the faculty within the Department of Architecture and Allied Arts (within the School of Engineering) at Kansas State College.  
 1959Kansas State College becomes Kansas State University.
 1963College of Architecture and Design (CAD) is established as a separate entity from Engineering. 
 1964Formal coursework offered within the newly formed Department of Interior Architecture.
 1968First furniture design workshop facilities obtained in what is now Seaton Court 112 and 113.
 1972First year for Bachelor of Interior Architecture (BIA) at Kansas State University.
 1973One of the first three such programs nation-wide to gain FIDER (Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) accreditation.
 1974Current furniture design workshop facilities obtained.
 1970sUniversity of Oregon requests the assistance of program founder Jack Durgan in the development of a similar workshop-based Interior Architecture curriculum.
 1985Product Design added as a core component to the curriculum.
 1986Recognized as a Program of Excellence by the Kansas Board of Regents.

One of three such “exemplary” Interiors programs to be reviewed by FIDER for establishing new accreditation guidelines for all interiors programs across the country.
Stephen M. Murphy becomes Department Head.

 1993College of Architecture, Planning and Design (CAPD) namesake is adopted with the addition of Regional & Community Planning (RCP).
 2002Name change approved for the “Department of Interior Architecture and Product Design.”
 2006Establishment of lighting laboratory and course content for lighting of commercial interiors.
 2006Kansas Board of Regents approves new degree offering for Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design (MIAPD). Accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA, formerly FIDER).
 2007 Lorraine Cutler becomes Department Head.
 2008 First graduating class to receive the Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design (MIAPD).
 2011 Katherine S. Ankerson becomes Department Head.


 Phase out of Bachelor of Interior Architecture Degree Completed


Renovation of Seaton Hall begins