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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

CAPS PresentationPhoto by Vibha Jani

 IAPD 5th year students listen to a presentation during their recent field trip to Kansas City high schools.



26 fifth year IAPD graduate students visited four Kansas City high schools including J. C. Harmon, Wyandotte, CAPS, and MIC on September 7. This visit was organized to enhance their understanding about school design. Currently they are working on re-imagining the high schools of the future as part of their Capstone Studio project led by professors Vibha Jani and Katie Hoke. 

While touring these schools, IAPD students observed two different teaching models: traditional academic curriculum and how it shapes school environments and how new technology and project based, collaborative learning changes school environments. 

DLR architects Scott Pashia and Kevin Greischar organized the tours of CAPS and MIC. Mr. Edward Marquez from KCKPS school district was instrumental in organizing the tours of J. C. Harmon and Wyandotte high schools and arranging the venue for the workshop. 

On September 8 they worked with 34 J. C. Harmon 10th grade students to envision "a day in the life of the future high school student." This workshop was led by four architects from the DLR Group: Patrick Knot, Ian Kilpatrick, June Yu, and Natalie Gillespie. Pat, Ian, and Natalie are APDesign alumni. 

This collaborative project is sponsored by DLR Group, based in Kansas City. The community partner is KCKPS school district. 

-Vibha Jani