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College of Architecture, Planning and Design


Since 2001, TCAA has had the honor of awarding annual merit scholarships to outstanding architectural and interior architecture students.  TCAA is committed to rewarding high achieving students who will lead their industry, shape the language of design and create new ways to give shape to their vision for public and private space as art for habitation.  Learn all about this scholarship here.

NEWH Fund Your Future
Scholarships for Hospitality Students.  NEWH is awarding scholarships for students pursuing careers in hospitality.  They award scholarships annually, in amounts ranging from $1500-$10,000.  Must be a student attending a Kansas school, completed half the requirements for a degree in which you are enrolled, show financial need, have a 3.0 GPA and must have a career objective in the hospitality industry.  Click here for all the information then fill out the application!  Deadline is September 2, 2016.