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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Research & Creative Projects

Production Furniture for the Contract Market

During Spring 2015 semester, 6 IAPD students worked with Department Head Kathy Ankerson and Associate Professor Neal Hubbell along with industry professionals to work on designing furniture to be used in the contract market. Students teamed into pairs and designed furniture for areas including a private office, waiting room and touchdown space. Throughout the semester, students visited OFS Brands tour in Indiana, met with industry professionals in Kansas City and hosted reviews to see the progress and final products of their hard work. During one of the meetings, Robert Beck from OfficeInsights wrote up an article about the progress and student interactions (start on page 3). Designs are under consideration for production. 

National Competition

Fourth Year student Emma Montgomery's entry won her the top prize in the Steelcase NEXT competition. Nearly 800 students competed nationally and only 98 entries were sent to the panel of judges. Emma was one of 5 semi-finalists who were flown to Grand Rapids, MI where she presented her project to the judges. Read more about the competition and her prizes. 

Student Research Presentations

Fourth year students Jessica Griesemer and Amanda Sloup had their abstract Lighting for Generations: Bright Light; Right Light accepted for the IDEC national conference; they presented the Poster in Fort Worth, TX. 

APDesign Research Symposium Acceptances

Nine of the fourth year students submitted and had their research accepted into the APDesign Research Symposium that took place November 13-14. All students work was directly resulting from their work in Professor Vibhavari Jani's Design Research class. Those accepted included:

  • David Amstutz
  • Laura Cole
  • Christine Donley
  • Emma Montgomery and Robyn Tank
  • Amanda Sloup and Jessica Griesemer
  • Diana Blom and Erin Heiden
Incentive Grant

Professor Vibhavari Jani was awarded an incentive grant to support her research and work to create opportunities for short-term studies in Greece as well as develop faculty exchange and research opportunities with the American College of Greece. She is successfully bridging the world of design by giving students and faculty alike the changes to work 

Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) Acceptance

Professor Dave Richter-O'Connell's paper titled "The Exchange Between the Maker and the Made...Intangible but Teachable Outcomes from the Crafting of Designed Objects" has been accepted into the IDSA National Conference and Educator's Symposium. The paper looks at the tangible and intangible, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators and rewards of the process of making and cites some historic and contemporary examples of spiritual outcomes of the process. read the abstract here

Big 12 Fellowship Award

Professor Ryadi Adityavarman has been selected to receive the Big 12 Fellowship Award for the 2014-2015 school year to fund his creative research and international travels.

Faculty Research and Presentations  

The IAPD faculty have been especially busy during the 2014-2015 school year. 

  • Professors Vibhavari Jani and Katrina Lewis attended the second Rotary Peace Forum in May. Lewis helped plan the event while Jani served as a facilitator for group discussions on how one can individually and collectively educate and create awareness about peace and conflict issues in the community. 
  • Professor Dustin Headley entered a piece of 3D printed jewlery into the 3rd World Conference of the 3D printing industry in Chengdu, China. His piece, Mashrabiya Bracer, was accepted and completed in a fashion show for a chance at a 3D printer. 
  • Professor Vibhavari Jani hosted a gallery viewing at the William T. Kempter Gallery with the exhibit Darkness to Light: An Artist's Visual and Spiritual Journey. The gallery captured her time as a Rotary Peace Fellow in Thailand and showed her personal growth through the journey. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman was awarded an Incentive Grant through the Office of International Programs for his "Co-Host Proposal: Kansas State University & University Parahyanhan Bamboo Design Workshop."
  • Professor Vibhavari Jani has been selected to present her views at the EDRA46LosAngeles conference on the panel titled "Cultural practices, events and transformation of cultural space" based on her accepted abstract.
  • Professors Ryadi Aditavarman and Neal Hubbell had their paper Theoretical Analysis on Teaching Parti for the Millennia Design Students accepted into the EDRA46LosAngeles conference. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman had his paper The Initial Search for Identity in Indonesian Modern Architecture accepted into the EDRA46LosAngeles conference. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman had his poster Reflection on Visual Literacy in Design Education accepted into the EDRA46LosAngeles conference. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman has his collaborative poster [with co-author Dr. Joel Martinez-Soto from the Universidad de Guanajuato/UNAM] Architecture and Restorative Qualities of Comparative Nature and Build Environments accepted into the EDRA46LosAngeles conference. 
  • Professor David Richter-O'Connell had his poster The Near Environment - The Within-Reach Realm of Multi-Disciplinary Design and Development accepted into the EDRA46LosAngeles conference. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman and co-author Dr. Joel Martinez-Soto (Universidad de Guanajuato/UNAM) had an abstract article titled Environment's Impact on Resting State Networks of Functional Brian Connectivity accepted into the Frontiers in Psychology Journal
  • Professor Kendra Ordia had her abstract Natural to Synthetic: Biophilic Pattern Language Formalization Prototype accepted int o the FIU Interior Design Emerging Symposium on Blurred Lines. 
Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Acceptance

Professor Dave Richter-O'Connell's poster titled "Heartwood: Exploring the Connections between the Designing and Making of Wooden Furniture and the Resulting Perceived Spiritual Rewards" was accepted to EDRA45NewOrleans for their conference during May 2014. The poster was double-blind peer-reviewed for acceptance and the abstract accompanying his submission will be published in the Conference Proceedings. 

Intel Galileo Development Boards

Professor Dustin Headley led a small group of professors to write a grant which was selected to receive 5 Intel Galileo Development Boards during the month of February 2014. These boards are the first generation of Intel produced boards that are compatible with Arduino Micro Controllers. This is an open source platform on east to use hardware (intended for designers) for creating interactive environments + objects and will be an asset to the departmental teaching needs of the future. 

Student Environmental Design Research Association Acceptance

Seventeen IAPD students were accepted to the 2014 Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in New Orleans. More than 700 submissions were double blind reviewed for acceptance. Under the direction of Professor Vibha Jani during her Design Research course, the following papers and posters were submitted and accepted:

  • Papers:
    • "Adapting Workstations to Generational Variances by Reinforcing Healthy breaks through Workspace Design" by Xavier Gavin and Vibhavari Jani
    • "Consideration of Sustainable Strategies in the Changing Office Environments and its Impact on the Health of its Inhabitants" by James Dylan Howe, Kunyan Wei and Vibhavari Jani
    • "Designing Modern Offices: How to Prepare for Changing Needs of the Nomadic Staff" by Nichole Finke, Katherine Pruser and Vibhavari Jani
    • "The Impact of Lighting on the Employees in the Changing Workplace" by Rutvik Date, Abigail Zohner, Abby Buchmann and Vibhavari Jani
  • Posters:
    • "Lighting and Acoustics in Design Learning and Office Environments" by Jay Marcus, Michael Murphy, and Anthony Ngo, Vibhavari Jani
    • "The Incorporation of Technology in Design: Studying the Effect of Digital Tools on Creativity" by Kurt Andre, Melissa Still, Teresa Siegele and Vibhavari Jani
    • "The Changing Times, Changing Needs: The Future of Effective Wayfinding in the Workplace" by Brian Davis, Sarah Swaim, Anthony Dorrel and Vibhavari Jani 
International Presentations

Several faculty members travel internationally to present their various work at conference. During 2014 the following faculty members traveled internationally for their presentations:

  • Professor Vibhavari Jani presented her paper Opening Doors for Holistic Design Through Introduction of Academic Research Projects at the International Conference on Education and Research in Madrid, Spain. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman presented his paper Validity and Authority of Tradition in the Search of Indonesian Architectural Identity at the Biannual International Association for the Study of the Traditional Environments in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman was invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the 2nd Vernacular Revisited Symposium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
  • Professor Vibhavari Jani presented her paper Spiritual Wonder Project: Crossing Boundaries to Create Engaging Spaces for Experiential Spiritual Journey, Critical Thinking and Creative Discovery Inside and Outside the Museum at the Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums in Poland. 
  • Professor Dustin Headley presented his paper Sketching and Communicating Design Intent" An Analysis of Technology at the 48th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association in Genoa, Italy.
Domestic Presentations

Along with international conferences, many faculty present at the national level as well. 

  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman had his proposal Teaching Pedagogy on Analytical Drawing for Millennia Students accepted as a workshop in the 2015 IDEC National Conference. 
  • Professors Ryadi Adityavarman and Neal Hubbell's paper Learning for Neuroscience, Teaching for the Concept of Embodied Parti was accepted in the 2015 IDEC National Conference taking place in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Professor Ryadi Adityavarman's poster Teaching Pedagogy based on Polanyian Philosophy of Knowledge for the Millennia Students was accepted in the 2015 IDEC National Conference taking place in Fort Worth, TX.
ARCHTHEO Conference Presentation

Professor Ryadi Adityavarman attended the ARCHTHEO conference in Istanbul during December 2013 to present his research titled Embodied Creativity and Studio Teaching Pedagogy. His presentation resulted in his invitation to serve as a member of the scientific committee to review abstracts for the 2014 ARCHDESIGN conference. 

Presentations at IDEC Conference

During March 2014, the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) National Conference was held in New Orleans. The conference boasted three presentations from IAPD faculty and students alike. Presentations included:

  • K-State: Professor Kendra Locklear Ordia, University of Texas at Austin: Tamie Glass & Igor Siddiqui - Mass Moss: A Living Curtain
  • K-State Professors Dave Richter-O'Connell and Neal Hubbell - Transformation Through Time: Teaching the Past, Present and Future of Furniture History
  • K-State Professor Vibhavari Jani and fourth year student Katelyn Nigus - Understanding the Changing Needs of the Office Workers: How Health and Wellbeing of Employees Can Increase Their Productivity
Color and Couture

IAPD students participated in IIDA's Color and Couture event in October 2013 in Kansas City. Color and Couture challenges designers to create fabulous garments out of leftover finish materials such as carpet, wood veneer, vinyl banners, parts and pieces from industrial design mock-ups, and more. A number of IAPD Alums were involved with the competition as well.