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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

Outstanding Graduate Research Award

Awarded for significance, quality and scope of thesis or report research efforts and based on nomination of faculty.

2015Cydnie Jones
2014Wes Haid
2013Kevin Cunningham
2012Jared Pumphrey
2011Cory Murner
2010Christie Murman
2007Aubrey Hake
2005Erin Schnieders
2004Jill Enz
2002Troy Henningson
2000Taylor Gould
1999Jeff Head
1998Mary Francois
1997Dwayne Bondy
1996Thomas G. Neppl
1995Lisa C. Martinelli
1995Eric T. Goldstein
1994Mitchell A. Black
1994Marieste Emura
1993Jody Mosiman
1993Gwendolyn Scott
1992Carl V. Korfmacher
1990Karen Northrup
1989Paul D. Kissinger
1989Leonard Mazour
1988Lynn Johnson
1987Mary C. Honeyman
1986Barbara Meidinger