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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

K-State Landscape Architects Join Prestigious Line-Up at International Event


Alpa Nawre, Kansas State University assistant professor of landscape architecture, and Tim Duggan, a 2006 graduate of the K-State landscape architecture program, joined an elite line-up of 25 veteran and emerging leaders to present their “New Landscape Declarations” at the Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future. In addition, Professor and Department Head, Stephanie Rolley, moderated a panel on the future of capacity organizations at the close of the summit. The event, hosted by the Landscape Architecture Foundation, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the initial “Declaration of Concern”.

Landscape architects, scholars and advocates gathered at the University of Pennsylvania on June 10-11 to celebrate 50 years since leading landscape architects composed LAF’s seminal Declaration of Concern, which depicted the environmental crisis and called upon landscape architecture as critical to help solve it. Building on this legacy, this one-time historic gathering culminated in a redrafting of the original 1966 Declaration of Concern and a landmark publication of the ideas presented.

Over the two days, speakers elaborated on the past 50 years of landscape architecture, discussed what the future of the profession holds and engaged in energetic debate on the industry’s potential to make a lasting impact. In addition to being selected as the opening speaker at the summit, Nawre’s declaration was one of the five selected to be printed in the May edition of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Each summit speaker presented a 10-minute “Declaration” addressing how landscape architecture can make its vital contribution in the 21st century in response to the challenges of our time and the next 50 years. Summit Panelists reflected upon the declarations presented and engage in lively and constructive debate about realizing landscape architecture’s potential and effecting real world change. 

“Professor Nawre and Mr. Duggan are leading voices in the future of landscape architecture. Professor Nawre’s research related to urban water infrastructure addresses a key aspect of the future of urbanized areas. Mr. Duggan is the founder of Phronesis, a landscape architecture practice that addresses sustainable community design in innovative ways,” said Stephanie Rolley, department head and professor of the department of landscape architecture and regional & community planning. “Representing K-State and our region on an international stage reflects the value of their work and the contributions they are making to the field of landscape architecture.”

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