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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

Landscape Architecture Master's Reports and Theses

Major Professor
Comm Member | Cognate Member
AlbrechtRyan2016NBReportVISUALIZING URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Improved Planning & Communicatgion with 3D Interactive VisualizationsProfessors Chamberlain | Hahn | Wigfall
BalderstonAllison2016NBReportAchieving Experiential Accessibility in Nature: Accommodating persons with disabilities in trail designProfessors Hahn | Chamberlain | Heinrich
HeermannLauren2016NBReportBuilding Spaces and Communities: The Process of Improving Kansas City's Recycling System With Community InputProfessors Brody | Krstic | Clement
HolzumAndrew2016NBReportReinvigorating Landscapes: Using Natural Environments to Enhance Quality of Life in Assisted Living FacilitiesKim | Siepl-Coates | Doll
KneiflKimberly2016NBReportCAPTURING PERCEPTIONS: INSTAGRAM AND THE HIGH LINEProfessors Rolley | Beamish | Brody
LeyvaAlfonso2016NBReportImplementing Ecologically-Inspired Landscape Design Retrofits within Exurban NeighborhoodsProfessors Skabelund | Kingery-Page | Stith
LiningerTaylor2016NBReportArt-Making in Practice: ACHIEVING OPTIMAL CREATIVITY DURING THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN PROCESSProfessors Clement | Hunt | Fullagar
MooreWesley2016NBReportExploratory Making: Site Inspired Making as a Tool for Site Analysis and DesignProfessors Hunt | Headley | Yoon
RostekAndrew2016NBReportComposting | KCProfessors Brody | Krstic | Belanger
Santoro (Kline)Amanda2016NBReportRecycling as Play: Encouraging Recycling Through a Participatory Design Process with ChildrenProfessors Brody | Krstic | Kingery-Page
SickmannJared2016NBReportPortable Landscapes: Flexibility and Customization Associated with Temporary LandscapesProfessors Hahn | Kingery-Page | Richter-O-Connell
TudorHarriett (Libby)2016NBReportRaising Recycling Awareness Through Public Art: Using Public Art as a Catalyst to Rethink Downtown Kansas City's Recycling SystemProfessors Brody | Krstic | Hunt
WilsonErin2016PBReportLandscape Architecture in the Ag-Ed Classroom: Cultivating the next generation of designersProfessors Hahn | Beamish | Harbstreit

Connection Through Cultivation: A Comprehensive Design for St. James Place Community Garden

Professors Nesse | Shoemaker | Canfield
BradleyDale2015NBReportPlanning for Wildlife: An Urban Planning and Design Exploration to Support Mexican Free-Tailed BatsProfessors Chamberlain | Brody | With
BrewsterAshley2015NBReportConnection Through Cultivation: A Comprehensive Design for St. James Place Community GardenProfessors Nesse | Shoemaker | Canfield
DeOrseyDanielle2015NBReportSix Wichita Biking Experiences: Studying Lived Bicycling Experiences to Inform Urban Streetscape Improvements for Downtown WichitaProfessors Kingery-Page | Beamish | Belanger
DeVaultJ. Ross2015NBReportPlanning for Wildlife: An Urban Planning and Design Exploration to Support Mexican Free-Tailed BatsProfessors Kim | Brody | Nawre
FoxRachel2015NBReportCreating A Typology of Temporary LandscapesProfessors Kingery-Page | Hunt | Clement
GlastetterAbigail (Abby)2015NBReportPlacemaking for Socially Resilient Site DesignProfessors Kingery-Page | Belanger | Falcone
HaddoxBetsy2015NBReportPlayceProfessors Belanger | Brody | Wesch 
HoltSteven2015NBReportUsing Urban Triage to Plan for Walkability: a block by block analysis of pedestrian potential in Wichita, KansasProfessors Kingery-Page | Chamberlain | Stith
JarrettGlen2015NBReportRevisioning Playground Design for the Developing World School Campus: A Nature Playground Proposal for La Chuscada, NicaraguaProfessors Gibson | Canfield | Fees
JonesCyndie2015NBReportDesigning A Neighborhood to Prevent Crime and Increase Physical Activity: A Case Study Among African-American Women in Kansas City, MissouriProfessors Kim | Wigfall | Heinrich
LeiseKatherine2015NBReportRe-envisioning South Omaha Urban Parks with Community Diversity in MindProfessors Hahn | Beamish | Garni
LiuYue (Rebecca)2015PBReportInvestigating Influence of Streetscape Elements on Individual PreferenceProfessors Chamberlain | Canfield | Loschky
McElroyMichelle2015NBReportThe Role of Zoos in Educating Visitors About Conservation Wildlife and Habitats: A Design for Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, KansasProfessor Kingery-Page
MercadoNick2015NBReportA Framework for Site-Informed Light Art InstallationsProfessors Kingery-Page Beamish | Headley
WebbNatalie2015NBReportEnvisioning 3D Learning Environments in Environmental Education: An Exploration of the Konza PrairieProfessors Hahn | Chamberlain | Baker
WeberGabriela2015NBReportAuxiliary Specialization Opportunities in Landscape Architecture: Nature of Profession, Current View, Allied Relationships, Skills & Knowledge, and Future DirectionsProfessors Hahn | Clement | Winslow
WilcoxJoshua2015NBReportAn Assessment of the Relevance of Landscape Architecture and Disc GolfProfessors Hahn | Belanger | Winslow
BangerterAdam2014PBReportCollaborative Development: Exploring residential design alternatives in Novato, CaliforniaProfessors Hahn |
Lawhon | Stith 
Beamish | Belanger 
CieszykowskiJeannette2014NBReportRESTORING THE NIGHTProfessors Kingery-Page |
Beamish | Kaff 
DeckerElizabeth2014NBReportA City for Marc: An Inclusive Urban Design Approach to Planning for Adults with AutismProfessors Kingery-Page |
Brody | Kaff  
EdwardsLeah2014NBReportHistory, Identity, Art: visually expressing Nicodemus, Kansas' identityProfessors Kingery-Page |
Wigfall | Hunt 
Stokes | Champion  
GravensteinGretchen2014NBReportResilience in Urban Civic Spaces: Guidelines for Designing Resilient Social-Ecological SystemsProfessors Belanger |
Keane | McLauchlan 
HaidWesley2014PBReportBalanceScapes: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Site-Scale Water Harvesting in St. Louis, MissouriProfessors Hahn |
Skabelund | Lavis 
Mannix-SlobigBrendan2014NBReportHonor, Play, Restore: an exploration of a golf landscape designed as a therapeutic environment to honor U.S. combat veterans and service membersProfessors Hahn |
Winslow | Nelson-Goff 
MelchiorCaleb2014NBReportKnowledge Gardens: designing public gardens for transformative experience of dynamic vegetationProfessors Kingery-Page |
Canfield | Davis 
PankratzKarissa2014NBReportPlayscape Affordances: Encouraging Experiential LearningProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hunt | Fees 
PattersonLauren2014NBReportWalkability in SuburbiaProfessor Kim
Pitt-PerezOlivia2014NBReportSocial Landscapes Social Interaction Fostering A Healthier LifestyleProfessors Brody |
Beamish | Weyher 
Canfield | Santoferraro 
SchwemmerAshley2014NBReportTowards a New Paradigm: Motivating a Shift in Urban Water Management Through a Landscape Architecture ApproachProfessors Brody |
Chamberlain | Nawre 
Larson | Rolley 
Woodle Brandon2014NBReportResilience by Design: A Framework for Evaluating and Prioritizing Social-Ecological SystemsProfessors Belanger |
Chamberlain | Stith 
BiondoliloJena2013NBReportAnalyzing the benefits of reducing parking: improving public transportation to reduce parking demand and increase space for green infrastructure in Manhattan, KansasProfessors Keane |
Kim | Peterson 
ButlerNinah2013PBThesisHigh school campus design elements for outdoor-based education amenititesProfessors Gibson |
Kingery-Page | Clement 
ChristnerCammie2013PBReportCelebrating the bond between children and nature: Designing a sensory outdoor learning enviornmentfor garfield elementary school in Augusta, KansasProfessors Beamish |
Kingery-Page | Fees
CunninghamKevin2013NBThesisResilience Theory: A Framework for Engaging Urban DesignProfessors Belanger |
Canfield | McLauchlan
DenneyAnne2013PBReportRedesign River des Peres: to improve, protect, and maintainProfessors Tim Keane |
Hahn | Hutchinson
EwaldLauren2013NBReportEspacio Público para Todos: Using Purpose-Oriented Amenities to Enhance Childhood Development in Mexican Public SpacesProfessors Gibson |
Kingery-Page | Wesch 
FarleyJoshua2013NBReportPreserving land within Riley county and Manhattan, Kansas: Conservationist and developer approaches to land planningProfessors Clement |
Hahn | Kim
FlynnSarah 2013NBReportA 21st century campus aesthetic: photography, memory, performanceProfessors Clement |
Hunt | Joglekar 
GutierrezJosef2013NBReportRestorative Campus Landscapes: Fostering Education Through RestorationProfessors Clement |
Kingery-Page | Shoemaker 
HarperKylie2013NBReportThe role of surface: Catalytic surface strategies for open space in urban enviornmentsProfessors Brody |
Belanger | Rolley
HoetmerDerek2013NBReportCenterScapes: waste landscapes into thriving communitiesProfessors Brody |
Belanger | Stith 
HundleyAnne2013NBReportRestorative memorials: improving mental health by re-mindingProfessors Beamish |
Hunt | Stiepl-Coats
JarquioSam2013NBThesisAn acoustic education: evaluating soundwalks and listening exercises in promoting aural awareness and sensitivity in landscape architecture educationProfessors Beamish |  Nawre | Weston
JenkinsJake2013PBThesisNavigating campus: a geospatial approach to 3D routingProfessors Hahn |
Bernard | Rolley
JohnsonAaron2013NBReportGreen infrastructure: a new strategy for stormwater management In downtown WichitaProfessors Keane |
Belanger | Rolley
KingJessica2013NBReportThe Succession of a Contaminated Floodplain: Reclaiming the West BottomsProfessors Keane |
Kingery-Page | Hutchinson
MannWilliam2013NBReportThe Fruits of Landscape: the power of landscape in presenting sustainable food productionProfessors Clement |
Skabelund | Janke
MartellNatalie2013NBReportProductive Ground: 21st Century Design Strategies for Fairmont ParkProfessors Canfield |
Winslow | Hunt
MayerAngela2013NBReportDelineating Suitable Wetland Areas for Reconnection of Habitat in Southwest IllinoisProfessors Gibson |
Keane | Hahn
MolaskeyKatherine2013NBReportInclusive community landscapes in rural midwestern cities: a design proposal for Emporia, KansasProfessors Beamish |
Nesse | Procter
PtomeyPatrick 2013NBReportRethinking Rainfall: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices in Turkey Creek Basin and Downtown Kansas CityProfessors Keane |
Hahn | Skabelund
ThomasValerie2013NBReportDesigning Landscapes for Grieving Children at Elementary SchoolsProfessors Beamish |
Kingery | Shoemaker 
WagnerBenjamin  2013NBReport//Fluxspace: Temporary Acts as Social Catalysts in Kansas CityProfessors Canfield |
Keane | Rolley
Chiu (Wang)Peiwen2013PBThesisGIS-Based Coupled Cellular Automaton Model to Allocate Irrigated Agriculture Land Use in the High Plains Aquifer RegionProfessors Bernard |
Hahn | Belanger | Peterson | Rolley
WhitfordKatherine2013PBReportUrban Streetscape: Activating the Public Realm and Increasing Safety Through Multifunctional User-Oriented SpacesProfessors Canfield |
Kingery-Page | Rolley
WoodardWilliam2013PBReportWest Bottoms 2048: Growing an Urban District Through Intermediate NaturesProfessors Canfield |
Rolley | Skabelund
ZundelBryan2013PBReportExplore, develop, innovate!: urban development for innovation economiesProfessors Brody |
Belanger | Stith
BuffingtonJared2012NBReportEvaluating the Aesthetic and Amenity Performance of Vegetated Stormwater Management SystemsProfessors Keane |
Hahn | Bernard 
BurchJudith G.2012PBThesisDementia Garden Design: A Framework to facilitate Kaplans' Attention Restoration Theory (A.R.T.) in Enviornments of CareProfessors Keane |
Kingery-Page | Siepl-Coates 
ClarkJeffrey2012NBReportA Hydrologic Approach to Environmental Golf and Hazard Design within the Wildcat Creek WatershedProfessors Keane |
Winslow | Hutchinson 
DemosLaura2012NBReportThe Unexpected in Unlikely Places: An expierence along the Rock Island CorridorProfessors Belanger |
Brody | Rolley
EngelkeJennifer2012NBReportWetlands: A Flooding SolutionProfessors Keane |
Winslow | Hutchinson 
FakhraldeenSukaina2012PBReportRedefining Interiorscapes Integrating the Natural and Built EnvironmentProfessors Kingery-Page |
Beamish | 
HaoShuang2012PBReportPlay and Learn: Susan B. Anthony Middle School Site as a Neighborhood Park DesignProfessors Kingery-Page |
Gibson | Hahn 
KingChelsey2012NBReportTherapeutic Schoolyard: Design for Children with AutismProfessors Kingery-Page |
Clement | Burnett
KrausDaniel L.2012NBReportPublic art as a catalyst for a sustainable community: The Rock Island Corridor and Raytown, MissouriProfessors Belanger |
Brody | Rolley
MallinckrodtStephanie2012NBReportChanging the Nature of the City: integrating phytoremediation for the future of Kansas City.Professors Brody |
Belanger | Rolley
MelvinRebecca2012NBReportSite as Playground: Expanding the Experience of PlayProfessors Kingery-Page |
Clement | Joglekar
O'KeefeZachary2012NBReportInfusion: Catalyzing progressive design strategies for the Knobtown DistrictProfessors Belanger |
Brody | Rolley
PloutzRussell2012NBThesisAchieving Conservation: New Cognitive Based Zoo Design GuidelinesProfessors Bernard |
Canfield | Cable
PumphreyJared2012NBReportThe Exchange: Reprogramming Vacant Built Landscapes to Increase Social Equity and Create IdentityProfessors Belanger |
Brody | Stith
Skabelund | Hutchinson 
WeatherholtLaura2012NBReportFloodplains on the Prairie: An Ecological Schoolyard DesignProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hunt | Cable
WildhaberEric2012NBReportGreen Trail Systems and Tourism: Improving the Quality of Life in Kansas City through the addition of Green Systems, Connected Districts and Tourism OpportunitiesProfessors Brody |
Belanger | Bernard
WorkmonMitch2012NBReportExtending the Market: Increasing Sustainability Potential through Public Transit in Lee’s SummitProfessors Belanger |
Brody | Gibson
YostTraci2012NBReportCedar Creek: Conservation Centered CommunityProfessors Clement | Bernard | Rolley
AdmireCaitlin R.2011NBReportThe Colorado Horse Park: Promoting Sustainability in the Equestrian IndustryProfessors Clement |
Cable | Rolley
BarrettKirby2011NBReportPlace, Space and Community: Enhancing community identity in Winona, KansasProfessors Bernard |
Middendorf | Rolley
CarlsonBenjamin C.2011NBReportCatalyst Action Sports Camp at Copper Mountain ResortProfessors Bernard |
Hahn | Rolley
DeNarvaezFelipe S.2011PBReportNelson's Ridge Subdivision: Conservation Approach to Rural Subdivision DevelopmentProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hahn | Rolley
FuemmelerChadd R.2011PBReportEnhancing urban centers: connecting grey with green in Kansas City's downtown loopProfessors Law |
Hunt | Rolley
GerthAllison R.2011NBReportCreative Play: Integrating Art Into Playgrounds A TypologyProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hunt | Rolley
GrahamJeffery2011NBReportDowntown Revitalization: Planning for St. Joseph’s FutureProfessors Wigfall |
Brody | Rolley
GroganHeather2011PBReportSt. Louis MetroLink: Reframing Public Transit SpaceProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hunt | Rolley
KingEmily2011NBThesisConversations with Landscape Architects and Artists: An Exploration of the Value of Creative Thinking in Landscape Architectural Design ProcessProfessors Kingery-Page |
Belanger | Hunt | D. Beck
MahoneyJohn Liam2011NBReportResponding to Shock: A Collaborative Process for the St. Roch NeighborhoodProfessors Skabelund |
Gibson | Rolley
McDonnellTimothy G.2011NBReportUrban Fusion: Creating Integrated Productive LandscapesProfessors Skabelund |
Hunt | Rolley
McDowellCharles2011NBReportReveal: New Ecologies for an Urban Stream SystemProfessors Skabelund |
Hahn | Rolley
MeyerAnthony 2011NBReportInteractive Urban EnvironmentsProfessors Canfield |
Clement | Rolley
MurnerCory J.2011PBReportMain street evolved: envisioning a comprehensive approach to main street redevelopment in small mountain communitiesProfessors Belanger |
Clement | Rolley
RundeScott2011PBReportClosing the Gap: Finding Productive Uses for Vacant Land in North St. Louis, MissouriProfessors Skabelund |
Bernard | Rolley
RyanJonathan M.2011NBReportSouth Grand Boulevard: user orientation as a catalyst for resiliencyProfessors Clement |
Canfield | Rolley
SchuetteKrystal M.2011NBReportEndependence: Renewable Energy in a Rural CommunityProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hutchinson | Rolley
SimonChristopher 2011NBReportRecreation on the Wichita Riverfront: activating the Arkansas River a recreational greenwayProfessors Canfield |
Hahn | Rolley
SmithDaniel E.2011PBReportRelative Pitch: Encouraging Performance in Public SpaceProfessors Clement |
Jani | Rolley
TalbertScot B.2011PBReportExploring the Schoolyard: Potentials for Creating a Learning-Rich Environment at Bergman Elementary SchoolProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hunt | Rolley
VickreyJaime2011PBReportHybrid Learning Landscape Framework: holistic high performance schools for comprehensive learning and playProfessors Bernard |
Staples | Rolley
WardKyle2011NBReportThe Detroit East RiverWalk: Extend-Connect-ProvideProfessors Kingery-Page |
Hahn | Rolley
WilkinsonJordan C.2011NBReportRebuilding Stouffer PlaceProfessors Skabelund |
McGlynn | Rolley
BenedickJesse2010NBReportThe Campus Carbon Convalescence: Creating a Carbon-FriendlyProfessors Skabelund |
Bernard | Rolley
BryanMegan2010NBReportSt. Louis Eco-BoulevardProfessors Klein |
Law | Rolley
ChamplinJon2010NBReportConnecting Campus and Community - Mixed-Use Development at Nova Southeastern UniversityProfessors Winslow |
Kingery-Page | Rolley
DeboldRyan2010NBReportCatalyzing the Urban Surface Strategizing Sites along the Historic Smoky Hill River CorridorProfessors Klein |
Law | Rolley
EnrothChris2010PBReportRiverfront Found: weaving together a complex fabric of past, present, and future on the Mighty MississippiProfessor Keane |
Clement | Rolley
GlenskiAndrew2010NBReportTropical Ecolodge Design ManualProfessors Keane |
Bernard | Rolley
GraberJay2010PBThesisThe green tailgate: alternative approach to stormwater management at sports venuesProfessors Winslow |
Skabelund | Hutchinson
HubbardElise2010NBReportMovement As Experience Through Mind, Body, SpiritProfessors Klein |
Kingery-Page | Rolley
KleinschmidtKristopher2010NB ReportDiscovering the Bayou: Successional Restoration of Bayou BienvenueProfessors Keane |
Bernard | Rolley
MitchellAaron2010NBReportCamp Wood: Experience the Flint HillsProfessors Klein |
Skabelund | Rolley
MurmanChristie2010NBReportRiver North Greenway: strategizing a generation 4 greenway as aProfessors Klein |
Belanger | Rolley
SchaapAndrew2010PBReportDeep Roots: Applying Permaculture Principles in Order to Mitigate Flooding Within the Urban Fabric of New OrleansProfessors Keane |
Belanger | Rolley
ScheunemanLindsey2010NBCapstoneA Pattern Language for the Elderly: Landscape Ideals for Meadowlark HillsProfessors Bernard | Kingery-Page | Rolley
UlrichAmanda2010PBThesisThe aesthetics of naturalistic landscapes in civic spaces: a study of preferenceProfessors Keane |
Rolley | Richard Mattson
WeberMichael 2010PBReportMending: Opportunities for Springville, Utah to Counteract Suburban SprawlProfessors Winslow |
Kingery-Page |Rolley
WertWendy2010NBReportReining In: Applying the Sustainable Sites Initiative to Equestrian Facility DesignProfessors Clement |
Skabelund | Rolley
WhiteAmanda2010NBReportCamp Adventure; User Based Research and Application in DesignProfessors Keane |
Wigfall | Rolley
WinslowJane2010PBThesisIntersecting public health and public space: an analysis of two fitness parks in Louisville, KentuckyProfessors Rolley |
Belanger | Kaczynski
AnterolaJeremy 2009NBReportIntelligent adaptive environments: proposal for inclusive, interactive design enabling the creation of an interconnected public open space on the Iron Horse trestle interurban-railroad-subwayProfessors Rolley |
Belanger | Donelin
BanksRobin 2009NBReportNative Reverberation:  artistic acoustics for the outdoor stage on the Castle Creek CampusProfessors Kingery-Page |
Skabelund | Donelin
BlackwellJessica2009NB Mono Lake Revisited: Redevelopment of the Old MarinaProfessor Katie Kingery-Page
BurnhamKent 2009PBReportSustainable Urbanism through service in Littleton, ColoradoProfessors Rolley |
Belanger | Donelin
CappsScott2009  KCMO: Contiguous Productive Urban Landscape 
CoenKrista 2009NBReportDesigning a destination: a plan for the River Market transit station districtProfessors Rolley |
Belanger | Donelin
DeschlerClay2009  Paradise Ridge Wellness Community Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona 
FoxAnthony 2009NBReportConvergence at Wellesley CollegeProfessors Rolley |
Clement | Donelin
GieslerCole2009NBReportDevelopment at 18th & Vine: understanding problems and formulating strategies for the futureProfessors Farnan | Rolley | Donelin
KernKelsey 2009NBReportCentral Florida: growing greenProfessors Keane |
Belanger | Donelin
KroenKevin 2009NBReportNext generation golf course: Lakeside Hills synthetic turf studyProfessors Winslow |
Klein | Donelin
LaMartinaJosh 2009NBReportMitigating land and place | Fifth WardProfessors Winslow |
Klein | Donelin
MeessmannAndy 2009PBReportUnite: Ames, ISU, student, citizen + placeProfessors Rolley |
Clement | Donelin
MeihausMichael 2009NBReportProject VUE: Visualizing Urban EquilibriumProfessors Keane |
Skabelund | Donelin
MerrillJeremy 2009PBReportNôtre Potager: a typology of edible public spaces in Manhattan KansasProfessors Rolley |
Clement | Donelin
MorrowSarah 2009PBReportGibbon Refuge at Sunset Zoo: a conservation based exhibit design for species preservationProfessors Kingery-Page |
Klein | Donelin
MortonChristopher 2009NBReportWadi Amman: social + environmental infrastructureProfessors Keane |
Belanger | Donelin
PadmanabhanAarthi2009PBThesisStormwater evaluation and site assessment - a multidisciplinary approach for stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)Professors Skabelund |
Keane | Hutchinson
PerattCody 2009PBReportGreen ingrained: a sustainable approach to mountain resort developmentProfessors Kingery-Page |
Skabelund | Donelin
PerryJohn 2009PBReportCompete: Urban Land Institute | Gerald D. Hines student urban design competitionProfessors Rolley |
Belanger | Donelin
RaderJulianne 2009NBReportSquares: a network of spacesProfessors Kingery-Page |
Klein | Donelin
ReynoldsLarry2009PBThesisIs it really  Smart Growth?Professors Barnes |
Keller | Lawhon
RichardsonLindsey 2009NBReportRehabilitative landscapeProfessors Kingery-Page |
Skabelund | Donelin
RobbenDaniel2009NBCapstoneStaunton State Park: An Ecological Approach to Park Design 
RolfsBrett 2009NBReportDeveloping connections + Junction City, KansasProfessors Winslow |
Klein | Donelin
ScherlingIan 2009NBReportDynamism at Palestra GreenProfessors Winslow |
Clement | Donelin
SchoolerLuke 2009PBReportInterpretation: experience of placeProfessors Winslow |
Clement | Donelin
ShafferAmy 2009NBReportCreating connectionsProfessors Winslow |
Clement | Donelin
SobczynskiKatie 2009NBReportPapago Park: master plan redevelopmentProfessors Keane |
Skabelund | Donelin
SoldanDaryn2009PBThesisAn analysis of bunker design and construction’s impact on golf course managementProfessors Winslow |
Day | Fry
Van de RietGeoffrey2009  Fifthward Reenvisioned 
VogelDavid 2009PBReportA change in perspective: new priorities for neighborhood design in Johnson County, KansasProfessors Keane |
Belanger | Donelin
ChiuJay2008 ThesisA Case Study and Analysis of a Manhattan, Kansas Modern RoundaboutProfessors Rolley | Skabelund | Hoag
DuganMatthew2008 CapstoneMelvern Park and Trail 
FackrellLara2008PBThesisEquestrian communities: design features and development processProfessors Rolley |
Bernard | Weisenburger
GristKyle2008 CapstonePrairies in the Sky 
GoughGemma2008 CapstoneAn Urban Farm 
KerseyDavid N.2008PBThesisImproving landscape architectural problem solving: integrating giscience and technology educational objectives in landscape architecture curriculaProfessors Bernard |
Rolley | Hutchinson
KnopfJay2008 CapstoneLeft Over Chicago 
MarshDustin2008 CapstoneLakeshore Austin, TX 
MerkleinTimothy2008 CapstoneResidential Stormwater Retrofitting: An Educational Guidebook for Pottawatomie County, Kansas 
MillerNolan2008 CapstoneTopeka Riverfront Project Topeka, Kansas 
MossKimberly2008 ThesisSoundscape: A Complimentary Approach to Site DesignProfessors Rolley | Belanger | Boyer
NoonanHilary2008PBReportToward a critical practice: tracing theory through designProfessors Rolley |
Clement | Dodds
O-BratePhilip2008 CapstoneThree Trails Redevelopment: A Sustainable Sites Initiative Research and Design Project 
OxendineClarence2008 CapstoneHamilton Downs 
PalmerRussell2008 CapstoneGreen Meadow Conservation Village: Living the Low-Impact Lifestyle 
PattersonShane2008 CapstoneAntelope Valley: Arts District 
PfauGreg2008 CapstoneKSU Recreation Complex Green Roof: Creating New Space 
PoirierDesmond2008PBThesisSkate parks: a guide for landscape architectsProfessors Rolley |
Barnes | Hoag
PrimmEthan2008 CapstoneThe Saint Louis Riverfront Plan 
RaySean2008 CapstoneKansas City's Harlem: A Community Reconnected 
ReasonerMark2008 CapstonePapillon's Multi-Use City Center Development 
RoglesNick2008 CapstoneA Greener Golf Course 
SchneiderJoseph2008PBThesisA look into water conservation: an evaluation of landscape water regulationsProfessors Winslow |
Barnes | Davis
SimpsonPeter2008 CapstoneBlue Dardenne + Peruque 
StricklandCaleb2008 CapstoneCallery Judge Grove Palm Beach County, Florida 
AndersonCeline2007 CapstonePrairie Roots: Project Solar house Site Design Konza Prairie / National MallProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
AtwellSeth2007 CapstoneLegacy Hills: Designing A Conservation SubdivisionProfessors Rolley Keane | Forsyth
CastleEric E.2007 ThesisGeodatabases in Design: A Floodplain Analysis of Little Kitten CreekProfessors Bernard | Keller | Day
GivensLindsey2007 CapstoneTustin Legacy: A Transit Oriented Development Tustin, California 
HakeAubrey2007PBThesisPromoting sustainable green roofs through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)Professors Keane | Skabelund | Gabbard
HartzkeJill2007 CapstoneLakeforest Master Planned Community Lakeland, Tennessee 
HoganGabe2007 CapstonePalmetto Park Venice, FloridaProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
KennedyStephanie2007 CapstoneHidden Park Agoura, California 
KinslerTerry2007 CapstoneNapa Riverfront: Creating a Living Core Napa, CaliforniaProfessors Rolley | Keane
KyserCarrie2007 CapstoneRemembering by Design: Creating Outdoor Spaces for Alzheimer's Patients Lakewood, WashingtonProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
MillerMonica2007 CapstoneOpen Sky Ranch Dillon, MontanaProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
NoyesBen2007 CapstoneCreating Connections: An Urban Master Plan for Wichita's Downtown Core Wichita, KansasProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
RuzickaMark2007 CapstonePrairie Roots: Project Solar house Site Design Konza Prairie / National MallProfessors Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
SchnureJohn2007 CapstoneLooking Outward: Community Enrichment Through Innovative Site Design Thornton, Colorado 
ThomsenCary2007PBThesisThe invisible landscape architect : the life and career of Larry Enersen, FASLA, FAIA (1909-1983) LD2668 .T4 LARC 2007 T36Professors Barnes |
Forsyth | Weisenburger
ArnoldiAndrea2006 CapstoneUniversity of Kansas: West Campus Learning Corridor Master Plan 
AsherAmy L.2006PBCapstoneStop, Talk & Learn : socialization in a university open spaceProfessors Rolley |
Keane | Schaeffer
BorgZachary R.2006 CapstoneRock Creek Golf and Fishing Club Powell County, Deer Lodge, Montana 
CalhounEllen2006 CapstoneLaura Ingalls Wilder: the Rocky Ridge YearsProfessors Rolley | Keane | Skabeland
ColemanAaron2006 CapstoneParadise Valley Town Center 
DugganTim2006 CapstoneProcess, Structure, and Elements: Deconstructing an Industrial Harbor 
EllerJerod2006 CapstoneLone elm Community Park "A Healthy Community Initiative" 
ElseyBryan2006 CapstoneCondominium Conversion Research 
ElseyChris2006 CapstoneCollegiate Villas Condominiums 
FitzgeraldKyle2006 CapstoneVision for Green Living Redesign of Brookridge Country Club 
GladinJud2006 CapstoneRock Creek: Restoration of an Urban StreamProfessors Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
HaltermanRyan2006 CapstoneThe Trails at Talbridge Connecting Places and People St. Charles, Missouri 
HowerErin2006 CapstoneRiverwood Crossing Reconnecting Kentuckians to their Environment 
HowsdenAnthony2006 CapstoneScottsdale Waterfront 
HusBrad2006 CapstoneCampus Gateway University of Missouri, Kansas CityProfessors Keane | Rolley, Skabelund
IffrigJohn2006 CapstoneLive, Work, Play The Bottle District and Gateway Community 
JohnsonChris2006 CapstoneDepicting Inspiration: Laumeier Sculpture Park - Phase II The Open-air Museum in St. Louis… Art, Nature, and the Human Experience… 
JordanAndrew2006 CapstoneThrough Another's Eyes Asia Master Planning and Tiger Exhibit for the Sedgwick County Zoo 
JuenemanGary2006 CapstoneKierland: a Desert Golf Community 
Kingery-PageKatie2006PBThesisArt in the campus landscape: case studies LD2668 .T4 LARC 2006 K56Professors Clement |
Forsyth | Watts
KnechtKyle2006 CapstoneRiver Rock Resort & Casino 
KutzRyan2006 CapstoneBurning Ridge Golf Course 
LorgJohn2006PBThesisThe development of small town waterfrontsProfessors Forsyth |
Page | Weisenburger
MaloneRobert M.2006 CapstoneBrit Spaugh Park & Zoo Revitalization 
MartinKatie2006 CapstoneLa Costa Glen: An Active Retirement Community, Carlsbad, California 
McBrideBrandon2006 CapstoneBlue Springs Discovery Park 
MoranPatrick2006 CapstoneMarket Street A Mixed-Use Town Center 
NanceScott2006 CapstoneConvey, Reclaim, Apply People Information Stormwater 
PontiusAndrew2006 CapstoneSt. Joseph Civic Plaza: An Urban Infill StudyProfessors Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
QuallsNathan2006 CapstoneCripple Creek Mountain Estates Land Use Study 
RajaeiPooneh2006PBThesisHow sculpted landforms impact users’ aesthetic preference and maintenance and management of an urban park LD2668 .T4 LARC 2006 R35Professors Clement |
Hoag | Klein
ReinholdtJodi2006 CapstoneUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center Creating a Sustainable Campus in an Urban Environment 
RiegerMichael P.2006 CapstoneHistoric Revitalization A Re-Use of the Public Health District the Presidio of San FranciscoProfessors Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
RobertsBrandon2006 CapstoneMayakoba Quitana Roo, Mexico 
RossAaron2006 CapstoneConnecting the Core Creating a Minneapolis City Center 
SchmackAlison2006 CapstoneLock Lloyd: A Healthier Way of Life 
SeibelWendy2006 CapstoneMattie Rhodes: an Integrated Healing Environment 
ShoopJeffrey2006 CapstoneEnvironmental Development Scheme for Wildcat Creek Watershed Manhattan to Keats Riley County, Kansas 
SmithAkin2006 CapstoneOakland Army Base Redevelopment 
SpencerStephanie2006 CapstoneCrystal View VillageProfessors Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
TholeStephen2006 CapstoneSt. Louis Community College's New West County Campus 
TonsorDennis2006 CapstoneLiving with Heritage: Eastwood Plantation 
UrieLuke 2006 CapstonePark Place in Cedar Park, Texas… A Mission for a Live Work Community 
VersemanMichael2006 CapstoneRevealing the River St. Louis RiverfrontProfessors Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
WisianCatherine2006 CapstoneCity Park Masterplan 
YoungJacob2006PBThesisLow impact development stormwater techniques: lessons learned from Topeka, Kansas, case studiesProfessors Forsyth |
Skabelund | Hutchinson
ArehartAdam2005 CapstoneSignature New Urbanism: Breaking the Suburban Trend in the DFW MetroplexProfessors Barnes |  Rolley
BaileyAmanda2005 CapstonePrairie Trail: Connecting the Suburbs to Their Natural HeritageProfessors Barnes | Rolley
BudkeAndrew2005 CapstoneCowan Springs: Blending Nature with New UrbanismProfessors Barnes | Rolley
ChaddJennifer2005 CapstoneConnections: Environmental, Transportation and Neighborhood Networks in Swarr RunProfessors Barnes | Rolley
ClineJoshua2005 CapstoneRiverbend: Rehabilitating a Brownfield into a New Urbanist CommunityProfessors Barnes | Rolley
CoxWilliam J.2005 CapstoneHickory Ridge at Yatesville Lake State Park: An Implementation of Environmental PrinciplesProfessors Barnes | Rolley
CrockettKaren2005 CapstoneOld Town Kansas City: Layers of Time Revealed in a Downtown CommunityProfessors Barnes | Rolley
DunhamNathan2005 CapstoneCentral Nexus: Creating Threads of GrowthProfessors Barnes | Rolley
GorhamAndrew2005 CapstoneLiving and Visiting with the Past: A Resort/Residential Development with a View of the Inn at OkobojiProfessors Barnes | Rolley
HansonBret2005 CapstoneQuanta Farm: A Holistic Healing Environment Connecting with NatureProfessors Barnes | Rolley
KloneMark2005PBThesisNew urbanism : dream or reality?  LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 K46Professors Barnes |
Rolley | Lawhon
KokSeng Feng2005PBThesisImpact of vegetation colors perceived stress responses in college students
LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 K65
Professors Keane |
Siepl-Coates | Mattson
LawrenceBryce2005PBThesisRecreation related degradation in Kansas state parks: applying GIS modelsProfessors Rolley |
Keane | Hutchinson
LohmannDustin2005 CapstoneWildhawk VillasProfessors Barnes | Rolley
MeyerCharley2005 CapstoneBroadstone at Cypress Creek: Where Families Can Live Together in a Neighborhood SettingProfessors Barnes | Rolley
OlsonKim2005 CapstonePreservation of Community: Traditional vs. Neo-Traditional DesignProfessors Barnes | Rolley
O'NeillDan2005 CapstoneBall Park Village: Footprints of HistoryProfessors Barnes | Rolley
PayneJohn2005PBThesisAn analysis of the Army environmental program from the Cold War to the present 
LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 P39 
Professors Keane |
Clement | Steichen
PeavlerScott2005 CapstoneThe East District: Creating the Pedestrian Environment in an Urban Infill NeighborhoodProfessors Barnes | Rolley
RickertStacy2005 CapstoneKona Ranch: Preserving the Natural Environment in a Flyfishing Resort and Residential CommunityProfessors Barnes | Rolley
SchniedersErin2005PBThesisLife cycle of an urban plaza : factors affecting preservation or demolition of two Lawrence Halprin parks LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 S36Professors Rolley |
Barnes | Weisenburger
SerckJoshua2005PBThesisInvestigating culturally appropriate recreation settings for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 S47Professors Clement |
Selfridge | Cable
SmithJeffrey2005 CapstoneMine's Gate: Linking the Community to an Active Limestone MineProfessors Barnes | Rolley
SnopekBradford2005PBThesisBurning Stones Plaza, Copper Mountain, Colorado : a lighting case study & user analysis of a high alpine urban plaza LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 S36Professors Clement |
Rolley | Hubbell
StoeckleinJeffrey2005 CapstoneNewport Village: The Edge of a Historic Town Meets the CountryProfessors Barnes | Rolley
ThompsonWyatt2005 CapstoneFrom (T)Here to (T)Here: Gateways as an Expression of Culture in 21st Century BeijingProfessors Barnes | Rolley
TreeseLisa2005 CapstoneMissouri's Undiscovered Habitat: Interpreting the Rocky Chert Glade Ecosystem. Professors Barnes | Rolley
EatingerKatie2004  Strip Mine Reclamation Arrow S Ranch - San Miguel Lignite Mine Cambellton, TexasProfessor Page
EnzJill2004PBThesisCole Creek : a case study of the economic value differences between channelized and restored urban streams LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 E59Professors Keane |
Rolley | Peterson
GregoryJason2004PBThesisImpervious coverage and stormwater runoffs : extent and trends for residential subdivisions in Johnson County, Kansas LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 G74Professors Brooks |
Day | Mankin
HochsteinBrian2004  Sedan City Lakes Camp and Trail SystemProfessors Page | Barnes | Donelin | Rolley
HornickelJoel2004 CapstoneA Final Project Report for Windmill Ranch Master Plan for an Expanded Recreation Destination in Bastrop County, TexasProfessor Page
HuetigEric2004PBThesisThe redevelopment of American waterfronts into historic interpretive parks
LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 H84 
Professors Barnes |
Forsyth | Weisenburger
KleinMatthew2004PBThesisA survey of the application of geospatial technology to golf course design and construction LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 K58Professors Brooks |
Winslow | Hutchinson
O'HaraMark2004PBThesisHousing subdivision site development costs : a comparative analysis in Manhattan, Kansas LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 O33 Professors Barnes |
Day | Weisenburger
RubinDavid2004PBThesisImpact of turf selection on water usage in midwest golf course design
LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 R83
Professors Winslow |
Day | Starrett
CarlisleJeremy B.2003  The Crescent at BrentwoodProfessors Page | Barnes | Donelin
DanekKaren2003 CapstoneMeadowlark Park Master PlanProfessors Barnes | Page
EnzJill2003 ThesisChannelized and Naturally Restored Urban Streams: A Cost and Amenity Value ComparisonProfessors Brooks | Keane | Rolley
LewisBrent2003PBThesisThe bikestation : a multi-use public facility, with an emphasis on incorporating the bicycle into an intermodal transit system  LD2668 .T4 LARC 2003 L46Professors Barnes |
Forsyth | Zollman
McClaflinKevin D.2003 CapstoneKSU Equestrian CenterProfessors Barnes | Page
MooreDustin2003  Downtown Shawnee Streetscape PartnershipProfessors Barnes | Day | Page
MoyersHank2003 CapstoneHeritage Riverfront District Kansas City, Missouri 
OlsonJohn W.2003 CapstoneTiffany Springs Park Master PlanProfessor Winslow
ReeceSeth2003 CapstoneFrench CreekProfessors Barnes | Page
SchwarzJameon2003 CapstoneIronclad: A Design Solution for Shawnee's North Riverfront 
StaibNick2003 CapstoneTown of Melissa RedevelopmentProfessors Donelin | Barnes | Page | Rolley
TalkenCurt2003  Valley View Estates Shawnee, KansasProfessors Donelin | Page | Day | Barnes
BarnesLara2002  Identifying the Design Features of Equestrian Communities and How they Affect the Economic Feasibility of the Development Using Case Study and Expert Panel Interview MethodsProfessor Brooks
LaneD.2002  Ericsson Village Plano, TexasProfessors Clement | Page
LohmannMatthew R.2002  Mattaponi Springs Golf Club An 18-Hole Golf Course / Retreat Center 
BabaniMeg2001PB In Search of the Poetic Depth of Residential Swimming Pools 
HelgasonLoren2001PB Ross's Landing, Chattanooga, Tennessee: A Case Study Analysis of a Culturally Significant Urban Space 
LorettaJoseph P.2001 ReportBrown Farm A Green Golf CommunityProfessor Winslow
OliverLynn2001PB The Identification and Analysis of Landscape Nararatives: A Case Study of the Sunset Zoo, Manhattan, KS 
SpannMaxwell D.2001  Eagle Creek Golf Course Community Orlando, FloridaProfessors Page | Clement
WernerDavid2001NBCapstoneOld Soldier Creek Trail: A New Approach to Stormwater ManagementProfessors Page | Clement
DixonBruce J.2000PB An Analysis of Remodeling Projects on Canadian Golf Courses: A Comparative Study of Factors Influencing Golf Course Improvements 
JingLi2000PB Geographic Information System Applications in Residential Subdivision Design 
GravesMichael L.2000PB Environmental Perceptions in Response to Parkland-Style and Prairie-Style Golf Course Design 
MartinLee R.2000PB Player Response to Elements of Golf Course Design 
MillerH. Lenn2000  Sunset Zoological Park Zoo 2000 Master PlanProfessor Page
RademacherGeri L.2000PB Investigating a Correlation Between Curricula and the Physical Design of School Grounds: A Case Study of English Primary Schools 
ReaganStephen A.2000PB Interpretation in Zoological Parks: Relating the Principles of Interpretation to Physical Design Elements 
RotheMadeleine C.2000PB The Process of Becoming at Home in a Co-housing Community: A Case Study at Nyland, Colorado 
SoloffCurt A.2000PB The Effects of Familiarity on Preference for Wetland Landscape Scenes 
StierDonna2000PB The Big Horn Medicine Wheel: The Discovery of a Place 
HeadJeff1999PB A Preference Survey for Traditional Neighborhood Development 
GouldBrooks T.1999PB The Integration of the Equine Component into Multi-User Trail System Design: Conflicts and Compatibility 
JamesDeborah1999  Phoenix Desert Park Project A Master Plan Proposal Phoenix, ArizonaProfessors Page |  Winslow | Barns
JolleyGreg Von1999PB Rehabilitating Waste Landscapes: A Comparison of Professional Approaches and Attitudes 
ReevesKaren1999PB The Foundation of Landscape Architectural Practice: A Study of Landscape Ethics 
SalmonDesiree A.1999PB The Pull of the Path: An Analysis of Space, Time and Movement Within the Spatial Corridors of Siena's Piazza del Campo 
ZimmermanCarl L.1999PB Alternative Design and Planning Techniques for Stormwater Management in a Low-Density Subdivision: A Case-Study Using the AGNPS Model 
FrancoisMary C. (DeWeese)1998  Landscape Architectural Firm Characteristics: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Region, Firm Type, Project Types, Gross Revenue, Contract Types, and Billing Rates 
ThomasBrent1998 CapstoneSouthlake Center the Center of the SouthwestProfessors Page | Winslow | Donelin
BonaventuraPaul A.1997PB Urban Interaction: A Survey of Interactive Urban Open Space Environments 
BondyDwayne L.1997PB The Relationship of Familiarity and Plant Preferences: A Montana Study 
HoukJames E.1997PB Stormwater Management: An Alternative Ecological Retrofit Analysis 
SalmonDesiree A.1997 ThesisThe Role of the Roman Amphitheater In Urban Evolution: A Case Study of Florence, ItalyProfessor Brooks
Tikoo-MatangeAnita1997PB The Urban Green: A Greenway as a Comprehensive Open Space Concept for the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India 
WatsonShelly L.1997PB Wildlife Areas Within the Northern Plains of the United States and Canada: Planning and Design Guidelines for Wildlife Areas 
BiegelPeter B.1996PB Corridor Design Alternatives: Development Trends Addressed Through Design Guidelines 
LarsenJoseph J.1996PB Public Perceptions in Response to the Conversion of Rails-to-Trails in Brown County, Nebraska 
NepplThomas G.1996PB Influence of Riparian Vegetation on the Kansas River Flood of 1993: An Assessment of Streambank Erosion, Deposition, and Channel Migration 
OttmanMary E.1996PB Environmental and Cultural Guidelines for Land Planning: Using a GIS to Meet Planning Goals for the Shoal Creek Valley Area of Kansas City, Missouri 
SchuesslerJim1996  Praia do Forte Bahia BrazilProfessors Page | Winslow
TolliverLori L.1996PB Agricultural College to University: Kansas State University's Sense of Place Over Time 
TurnbullLaura G.1996PB Intermittent Streams in Suburban Areas: The Impact of Planning Policies and Practices on Design Solutions 
BohorquezJose B.1995PB Conversion of Unplanned Urban Growth to Enhance Tropical Beach Properties to Encourage Tourism: A Case Study on El Rodadero, Caribbean Coast of Colombia 
CallahanPeter D.1995PB Democratic Society and Spatial Form: An Exploration of Human Interaction and Freedom of Choice in Two Built Places 
CaseySteve1995 ThesisTiffany Springs Kansas City MissouriProfessors Page | Winslow
CieciekGregory M.1995PB Golf Course Development in and Around Wetlands: A Study of Environmental and Physical Factors Influencing Design 
GoldsteinEric T.1995PB Ecologically-Based and Traditionally-Based Landscape Design 
LutzJohn L.1995PB Stormwater Management: An Integrated Approach to Retrofitting 
Martinelli-SpeerLisa C.1995PB Vegetation in Urban Landscapes: Preference and Stress 
McGannJennifer (Richardson)1995PB Learning in Community Service Develolpment and the Role of the Landscape Architect 
RelfordDave A.1995 ReportThe Club at Tiffany Springs Kansas City, MissouriProfessors Page | Winslow
SorensenKim1995PB Design of Contemporary Midwestern Plazas: A Typologic Study 
AupperleBrittney1994 ReportTuttle Creek Lake Interpretive PlanProfessors Page | Keane | Wigfall
BlackMitchell A.1994PB The American Campus and the Future of Higher Education: Physical Form Response to Factors of Change 
CloughTimothy F.1994PB Neotraditional Town Planning and Contemporary Suburban Design: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Suburban Development Preference 
EmuraMaria-Stella1994  Urban Channelized Streams and Greenway Systems: Environmental Planning and Design Considerations for Landscape Architectural Improvements 
LangvardtEric1994 ReportLake Calumet Links & Landing Landfill Reuse & Public Recreation DevelopmentProfessors Day | Winslow
PenyMichael S.1994 ReportSkimino Creek Golf Course James City County, VirginiaProfessor Page
SonnerBrad1994 ReportMarsh View A Golfing Community Hilton Head Island, South CarolinaProfessors Page | Forsyth | Winslow
WoolsonMichael D.1994PB Riparian Ecosystem Management: Kansas and Federal Resource Management Plans and their Effect on Agricultural Riparian Ecosystems 
BoydKristen L. (Hellman)1993PB Women and Golf: Are Today's Golf Courses Accommodating the Average Player? 
EvangelopoulosEvangelos1993PB A Method of Measuring Visual Quality in Coastal Landscapes 
FrkuskaLinda L.1993PB Interpretive Systems Along the Scenic and Back Country Byways of the United States 
GuzmanRicardo1993 ReportVilla Olimpica San Juan, Puerto Rico 2004Professor Page
KenkreAshima R. (Kodeli)1993PB Evaluation of the Seven Qualities Proposed in Responsive Environments for Enhancing Sense of Place in the Built Environment 
McNallBruce W.1993PB Development Control Issues in Eastern Caribbean Nations 
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BergtEileen E.1992PB Historic Preservation and Growth Management 
CookDeborah (Van Deu)1992PB Pedestrian Perception and Preference and the Effects of Vehicular Interference: Evaluative Images of the Central Business Distict 
DavisRichard L.1992PB Street Tree Trends in Kansas and the Influence of Community Factors 
ErmischC.1992  Players Club Longview Farms Lee's Summit, MissouriProfessor  Page
HawkinsKevin1992  Bristol Ridge Golf Community Warrensburg, MOProfessor Page
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KorfmacherCarl V.1992PB Perceptions of Native Plant Materials in Designed Landscapes: A Comparative Study of Landscape Familiarity and Preference 
LarsonMichael E.1992PB Rails to Trails: Factors that Influence the Success of Conversion 
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MosimanE. Jody (Mitts)1992PB Perceived Human Impacts in Recreational Environments and Preference for these Environments 
NolanBrian P.1992  Qualridge Multi-use Recreational Greenspace Wentzville, MissouriProfessor Page
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SarverPatrick J.1992PB Computer-Aided Design in Landscape Architecture: The Landscape Architecture Construction Studio 
StrehleKevin G.1992PB Community Organization and Its Impacts on the Use of Alternative Modes of Transportation 
VothVance1992  Private and Public Golf Course Design A 9-hole Addition to Southern Hills C.C. and a New 9-hole Golf Course for Pretty Prairie, KansasProfessor Page
KhungKevin C.1991PB Design Visibility in the Design/Build Method of Project Delivery 
KupchoThomas E.1991PB Outdoor Space and Its Role in Social Interaction in Elderly Housing Communities 
Mond-SallehKamar1991PB Recreational Facilities Standards for Urban Areas in Malaysian Peninsula 
NobleCarol Ann (Potts)1991PB Status of Collaboration in Accredited Landscape Architectural Programs 
ToddJoni Lynn1991PB The Environmental Crisis: An Evaluation of Attitudes in a Regional Solid Waste Issue 
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WalterJoshua F.1991PB Ecosystem Mapping: A Comparison with Other Classifications in Land Planning Methodology 
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Van CuraKarl J.1990PB Trends in Golf Resorts: An Evaluation of National Golf Resort Facilities 
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CrawfordPat1989PB Gender Differences in Perception of Sense of Place in the Public Landscape 
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KlausPaul N.1989PB Beyond Earth: Landscape Architecture on the High Frontier 
LoefflerDonna1989PB A Visual Assessment of Rehabilitated Surface Coal Mines in the Western United States 
McMillanBrian1989PB Permit Approvals with New Jersey's Coastal Zone Management Plan 
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KaneMary Louise1988PB An Urban Environmental Perception Study: The Notation of a Sensory Experience 
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McCawleyMary Jane1988PB The Role of Landscape Architectural Firms in the Design of Residential Housing Developments 
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DurnfordDavid M.1987PB Planner and Planning Commissions Perceptions Concerning the Importance of Site Design Issues in Decision-Making in Metropolitan Denver and Kansas City 
HoneymanMary C.1987PB Vegetation and Stress: A Comparison Study of Varying Amounts of Vegetation in Countryside and Urban Scenes 
MoyleSusan (MaGuire)1987PB Mennonite Settlement: The Relationship Between the Physical and Cultural Environment 
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TheisFrank1987PB Financial Feasibility Analysis of Land Development in the Practice of Landscape ArchitectureProfessor Page
WellerSteven A.1987PB Wetland Rehabilitation of Surface Coal-Mined Lands for WildlifeProfessor Law
BengtsonCarl W.1986PBThesisDevelopment of a Prototypical Design Process for the Use of a Microbial/Reed Filter System for On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment 
HowellKenneth R. Jr.1986PB Housing Affordability: Impacts of Zoning and Subdivision RegulationsProfessor Day
JosephRobert B.1986PB Visual Analysis: An Empirical Evaluation of Design Guidelines for Downhill Ski Trails and Mountain Support FacilitiesProfessor Muriak
MeidingerBarbara A.1986PB Mined-Land Revegetation Studies and Descriptive Prediction Models 
PalmerAnn Leffler1986PB The Burial of Ashes on Church Property: Creating a Meaningful Landscape 
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RorvigTimothy Scott1986PB Citizen Participation in the Design Process of Public Plazas 
StahleckerGail Dean1986PB Exterior Home Environment: Homebuyer Preferences 
WatersT. Arnold1986PB Decision Support Systems for Economic Analysis of Site Planning Decisions 
ClementLaurence A. Jr.1985PB Computer Use in Landscape Architecture Firms with Membership in the ASLA 
FlaglerTim1985PB A Neighborhood Park Redesign Process: Identification and EvaluationProfessors Sullivan | Barnes | Forsyth
HahnHoward Davis1985PB Microcomputer-Assisted Site Design in Landscape Architecture; Evaluation of Selected Commerical Software 
HolsteenMark Alan1985PB The Planning Process Utilized in the Conversion of Abandoned Railroad Rights-of-Way for Recreational PurposesProfessors Sullivan | Law | Weisenburger
JacobsGary Alan1985PB Clarifying the Relationship Between Historical Buildings and Urban Open-Space Design: An Evaluative Technique and Three Case Studies 
JohnsonMark W.1985PB Preferences in the Exterior Housing Environment 
KeathleyJanet Ruth1985PB A Methodology for the Selection of Microcomputer Systems for Landscape Architectural Practice 
MontgomeryNancy Lee1985PB The Utilization of Zoning Ordinances to Protect Unique and/or Ecologically-Sensitive Micro-Environments - An Inverstigation 
RodieSteven Newell1985PB Visual Quality Perceptions in the Flint Hills: Assessing the Effects of Cultural Modifications 
SaidIsmail Bin1985PB Development of Rehabilitation Techniques to Reclaim Tin-Mined Lands for Low-Cost Housing in Malaysia 
SpackmanMichael Everett1985PB Agricultural Land Evaluation: The Adaptation of the Land Evaluation and Site Assesssment System to the Microcomputer 
StiegElizabeth Annette1985PB Watershed Reconstruction During the Rehabiliation of Surface Mined DisturbancesProfessors Law | Sullivan | Nellis
Sullivan William Cyril III1985PB Landscape Architects and the Political Process: An Analysis of Avenues of Political Participation by Landscape Architects in Metropolitan Areas 
LaurizioDaniel Gerard1984PB A Proposed Inventory Method for Analyzing the Visual Resources of Alaska's North SlopeProfessors Barnes | Day | Sullivan
RoysterJohn P.1984PB Residual Use Planning for World's Fair Sites 
SlavenMary Patrice1984PB Time and the Planning Process in Small Town CBD Revitalization 
SmytheTerrence Troy1984PB Site Selection for Electrical Receiving Stations 
Van DykeBettina (LeCoff)1984PB The Evoluation of 19th and 20th Century Cemetery Landscape Types as Exemplified by Hare & Hares' Cemetery Designs 
VenkerJohn Stephen1984PB Soil Conservation as a Model for Managing Change in Rural Landscapes 
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YuJoseph Joung-Hsian1983PB Feasibility Evaluation Process for Urban Development Projects: A Case Study of the West Bank Development, Wichita, Kansas 
HsuShu-Neu1982PB Revitalization of the Downtown Area: Case Study in Topeka Kansas 
PoolVan Foster1982PB Cost Effective Pad Design for Oil and Gas Development 
StewartEmmy Louise1982PB Evaluating Alternatives for Reshaping Excavated Land: A Study of the Bedfordshire Brickfields 
WedelKerry Lee1982PB Agricultural Suitability Considerations Influencing Land Use Planning in Kansas 
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LeekWilliam Curtis1981PB Landsat Applications To Landscape Architecture 
ScheerDennis Dean1981PB A Study of Visual Disorder in the Small Town Commerical Strip Development 
LeachLarry Joe1980PB Woody Plant Seedling Survival as Related to Site Conditions on Southeastern Kentucky Orphan Lands 
LoEmily Shiuh1980PB Lawrence Riverfront Region: A Suggested Urban Revitalization 
RollerJoe David1980PB A Procedure for Planning an Initial Program for the Accommodation of Handicapped Persons Emphasizing the Exterior Sidewalk System of Kansas State University 
SmallWilliam Edward1980PB Market Analysis Process for Land Development 
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EdisonMarguerite (Koepke)1979PB Site Selection for a Community and Cultural Center: St. Johns, US Virgin Islands 
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PaulSteven K.1978PB Evaluation of Commercially Available Recreation Equipment for Use by Physically Handicapped Children 
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