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Start of Semester 2013-2014

Hardware and software purchase requirements, work space selection, computer setup and important start of semester events are included in the Start of Semester 2013-2014 document

Network Setup Instructions from Dereatha Cross

The 2013 - 2014 Network Setup is the same as it was last year as we are using the same Windows 7 operating system and the hardware requirements are close to also being the same.  

There are six major tasks to complete.  

Task 1:  The Orientation.  
Please watch the videos and read your departments documentation.

Task 2:  Hardware Requirements.
Read and watch the videos to make sure your current or future purchase will meet the hardware requirements.

Task 3:  Operating System
We are using Windows 7 this year to give manufacturers time to bring their products up to Windows 8.

Task 4:  Folder Options
This section covers how to configure your windows to look like the demonstrator's windows.

Task 5:  System Restore Image
This section covers how to create a system restore image so you can restore your computer back to this point if needed.

Task 6:  Software Installation
Refer to your individual department's handouts or emailed information on what you need.  Contact your department if you have questions on curriculum specific software.

Task 7:  Network Setup
This will not be available until the night before classes start and  you will not be able to do this task until your computer arrives on campus.

Leaving Campus procedures:
This is available for those who are doing summer intersession and have not yet completed these produces.  These procedures need to be completed before you leave campus and before you do the network setup for this year.


Computer FAQs

We will post answers to your FAQs related to hardware and software as we receive them:

1. "...will the subscription give us CS6 or something greater than CS5...?"

Yes. The Creative Cloud subscription is comparable to the CS6 Master Collection suite. Additionally, new or updated products forthcoming from Adobe will only be available through the Creative Cloud.  The Creative Cloud currently offers a newer version of Acrobat than CS6. (from Don Crawford)
2. "I already have Creative Suite. Do I need to subscribe to Creative Cloud?"
All students should be operating Adobe CS5.5 or greater. You only need to purchase Creative Cloud if your version is below CS5.5.
3. ". . . I just wanted to confirm that if we purchased all the computer and the software for it last year we should be okay for the fall semester besides the normal set-up?"  
Everyone should read the specifications for this year and update their hardware and software accordingly. At a minimum, there are always memory upgrades.
4. "I read correctly, the Adobe Creative Cloud is for Macs only?
This is not correct. Please refer to the Adobe website for specific information. http://terrywhite.com/5-myths-about-adobe-creative-cloud/
5. "Is this (Creative Cloud) a required or suggested tool? And will it continued to be required or suggested for the remainder of our career at K-state?"

Required. Please read your required software list in the Start of Semester 2013-2014 document. We anticipate continued requirement of this software list realizing that both software and hardware needs in design education change rapidly.

6. "What is the Adobe Creative Cloud?
7. "For the Adobe Creative Cloud, do I just have to upgrade on the educational plan? Or do I have to sign up for the individual?"
If you are a student, you may purchase the educational subscription.
8. "I don't want to miss out on the K-State Student Discount that Landscape students are supposed to get. Can you help me find where I can get that? 
Is it on KSOL somewhere or do I go through Dell?"
Please read the computer purchase information linked to the Start of Semester 2013-2014 document. It leads you to http://apdesign.k-state.edu/cns/purchasing-a-pc/
9.  "I am currently purchasing a pc and I am wondering what kind of computer tower case should I get to fit in my desk. Should we get full tower cases or mid tower cases? I'm not sure how big the shelf in our desks are for our computer towers but if I could get a rough estimate or so that would be wonderful."
The largest space available for storing a tower in the studio desks is 22.5" tall, 9.5" wide and 22" deep.