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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning


Imagine Place $500 Creative Challenge
for High School Students

Sponsored by K-State LARCP

Learn from Earth | Imagine Mars

Planners and landscape architects design, plan, and manage human settlement to foster a just, resilient and democratic world.

Global pressures upon the Earth’s biosphere and social systems have pushed humans to confront radically different visions of the future. Humans are now exploring transit to Mars. Let’s envision that in your lifetime, a settlement on Mars may become a reality.

Creative Challenge Guidelines

Imagine a new settlement on Mars. If humans embark on settling another planet, one with no existing life forms, what are essential features of the new city you imagine How can we learn from current dilemmas on Earth  to plan, design, and care for human settlements on Mars?

For a printable PDF flyer regarding the competition, click here >>

Step One

Select a contemporary social or environmental issue that affects people on Earth. The links below are given for reference only, the opinions expressed in these articles are the author's own and may not reflect the university, departmental or scholarship reviewer's opinions. Please develop your own ideas by researching these issues.


Step Two

Imagine you are proposing a city on Mars in 2070. Assume vegetation is established and an atmosphere is in place! The following resources are optional. They include current info about Mars exploration.


Step Three

Imagine you are a planner or landscape architect working to create a future human settlement on Mars. If you’d like to learn about what landscape architects and planners do….

Step Four

Make a short video to express your vision for a future settlement on Mars. Your entry should be visionary, imaginative, and creative. Your entry  must  address at least one current issue facing humans on Earth.

Step Five

Submit your entry as a short video (2-3 minutes long).

Your video must:

  • Have a title.
  • Define the problem facing Earth.
  • Show your creative idea for solving the problem in a new Mars settlement.

Entries are due October 1, 2018, Monday. Upload your short video as an mp4, here.


Questions? Please message us at  imagineplace@ksu.edu.


The Imagine Place creative challenge is open to any student enrolled in a high school as a sophomore, junior, or senior student (or grade level equivalent) anywhere in the world.

Evaluation of Entries

A jury composed of K-State faculty in the department of landscape architecture and regional and community planning will evaluate entries. The jury seeks entries that envision human settlement on Mars in a creative way, by addressing how an existing issue on Earth will be avoided, remedied, or solved.

All entrants who submit a qualifying entry have a chance to be awarded one of the following awards. All awards are granted at the discretion of the jury.


Imagine Place Scholarship Award  (up to 2 awards each year), a $500 award. Granted upon acceptance as an undergraduate student to either the landscape architecture or planning degree programs at K-State.