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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Shops & Labs

The Link between Seaton Hall and Seaton Court is home to the APDesign wood and metals shop available to all APDesign students. The shop has equipment such as laser cutters and a large CNC router. These tools help students produce their design ideas.

Students must complete the required shop training to use the equipment. They also have access to the expertise of a teaching technician, who helps to ensure safe use of the machines and equipment in the shops.

The Interior Architecture & Product Design furniture design workshops include fabrication opportunities with metal, wood, glass, upholstery, plastic, and more, giving students the hands-on opportunities necessary to realize their designs and help them create realistic designs. 

APDesign Workshop: APDesign Shop Training

Students will need to complete the Basic Workshop Training as well as the Student Demonstration portion in order to have access to the APDesign shop. Please sign up for one of each of the following time slots. Students are required to bring PROOF OF INSURANCE which will be photographed at the beginning of training (no scanned copies can be accepted). Students will also need to fill out and hand in the EMERGENCY CONTACT sheet provided at training. Required attire includes CLOSED-TOE SHOES as well as NO LOOSE CLOTHING or drawstrings. All long HAIR MUST BE TIED BACK and secure.