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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Environmental & Architectural Phenomenology


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Published two times a year, EAP is a forum and clearing house for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience and meaning.

One key concern of EAP is design, education, and policy sup­porting and enhancing natural and built environments that are beautiful, alive, and humane. Realizing that a clear conceptual stance is integral to informed research and design, the editor is most interested in phenomenological approaches but also gives attention to related styles of qualitative research. EAP welcomes essays, letters, reviews, conference information, and so forth.

  • Exemplary Themes
  •   The nature of environmental and architectural experience;
  •   Sense of place, including place identity and place attachment;
  •  Architectural and landscape meaning;
  •   The environmental, architectural, spatial, and material dimensions of lifeworlds;
  •   Changing conceptions of space, place, and nature;
  •   Home, dwelling, journey, and mobility;
  •   Environmental encounter and its relation to environmental responsibility and action;
  •   Environmental design as place making;
  •   Environmental and architectural atmospheres and ambiences;
  •   The role of everyday things—furnishings, tools, clothing, interior design, landscape features, and so forth—in supporting people’s sense of environmental wellbeing;
  •   Sacred space, landscape, and architecture;
  •   The practice of a lived environmental ethic.


Dr. David Seamon,

Architecture Department

211 Seaton Hall

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS 66506-2901 USA

Tel: 785-532-5953; triad@ksu.edu

Subscriptions & Back Issues

Beginning in 2016, EAP is digitally open-source only. Current and back digital issues of EAP are available at the following digital addresses:




http://krex.k-state.edu/dspace/handle/2097/1522 (archive copies)

Readers who wish to receive an email notice when a new issue is electronically available, should send an email to the editor with that request. Though EAP is now digital, we still have production costs and welcome reader donations.

Because EAP is now only digital, we have discontinued all library subscriptions. Libraries that wish to remain subscribed should link their digital catalogue to the archive digital address provided above.

A limited number of back issues of EAP, in hard copy, 1990–2015, are available for $10/volume (3 issues/volume). Contact the editor for details. 

For an overview of phenomenological research dealing with environmental and architectural topics, go to Review.