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Cassias Gallery 2019-2020

Oct. 25-Nov. 15APDesign Alumni Honorees

Nov. 18 - Dec 20  Interior Architecture & Product Design - Sloan Exhibit

Jan 23-Feb 10 APDesign Charrette Scholarship Competition

April 1 - May 15
Manuel of Section Exhibit, touring exhibit
Manual of Section Exhibition This traveling exhibit featuring Manual of Section (Princeton Architectural Press 2016) exploits the differences between an exhibition and a book. Rather than one copy, 64 copies of the book are put on display. Each is open to one of the cross-sections in the book, and is held and illuminated by its own stand. The assembly of stands is arranged from left to right unfolding the sequence of the book into the space of the gallery, with each book clipped to the next for stability. Designed and fabricated by Lewis.Tsurumaki. Lewis (LTL Architects), the displays are comprised of 704 parts and 896 pieces of hardware, which reflect the interest in detail and assembly within the drawings themselves. The exhibit is designed for universities and other academic and cultural venues and is available for reservation.