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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Revitalized and Expanded Seaton Complex - Exterior Images


East Aerial
North Approach
Exterior NE
North West Approach
North West Arial
South Approach

Revitalized and Expanded Seaton Complex - Interior Images

 Jewel from bridge
Interior Collaboration Corridor
 Interior Crossgrain
Seaton Commons
Jewel Interior
Interior Porch
Seaton East
Studio 1
Studio 2

Features to include:

  • Interdisciplinary design labs
  • Outdoor teaching amphitheater
  • Secure exhibit/gallery space
  • Consolidated fabrication and product design labs
  • Atrium commons and collaborative spaces
  • Energy efficient design - reduces maintenance and operating costs
  • 21st-century production facilities
  • 194,000 square feet

This one-phase project will expand and revitalize Seaton Complex in the following ways:

Increase support from our students

  • The Student Advisory Council is committed to this project, approving a 189% increase in student fees over the next four years to raise approximately $1 million annually in support of APDesign technologies and equipment.

Enhance the value of a K-State Degree

  • Fostering increased interdisciplinary activity will result in greater value for students with a degree from Kansas State University.

Stimulate job creation in Kansas and the region

  • 47 percent of college graduates remain in Kansas and the Kansas City Area. They are the job creators of tomorrow.

Strengthen the economy

  • We are producing architects, planners, landscape architects and designers, who fuel community development and drive economic growth.

Help APDesign maintain its national reputation

  • Highest retention and six-year graduation rates at K-State.
  • All three departments are consistently ranked nationally - often in the top 10.