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Work Request Form

During the normal workday (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm), if something is broken, leaking, or similarly suddenly dysfunctional, please contact Ann Cook amcook@ksu.edu and copy Lisa Shubert, lisash@ksu.edu, both are at 532-5950. Should the dysfunction occur that requires immediate attention, please contact the University Police dispatch at 785.532.6412 who will coordinate with the appropriate university on-call.


If not an emergency situation, then use the fillable form on this page and complete ALL of the areas. Click "Submit" to send the form to Ann Cook amcook@ksu.edu she will determine whether the responsibility lies with the custodial staff, facilities, or within the college. If it is within the college, we'll take it from there. Be realistic in the date the work is to be accomplished by. If you must use the term ASAP, then also include the latest acceptable date.


Work Order Form

Shortly Describe the Services Required

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Person Requesting Work
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