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Ph.D. Program

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

If accepted with funding, students will be expected to work as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) or graduate research assistant (GRA) for both fall and spring semesters for four years. 

Summer funding is not provided by the College, though major professors may occasionally be able to provide support for the summer months from their own research grants.


The GTA/GRA positions are a 50 percent assignment. Students receive a: 

  • tuition waiver for a maximum of 10 credit hours in each of the fall and spring terms; and 
  • stipend of approximately $4,750 for each fall and spring semester.

Note: Students will be responsible for campus privilege fees (student health, activity fees, etc.) For a twelve-credit hour load, the campus privilege and college technology fees will be approximately $923.00 per semester ($431.00 Campus Privilege Fee, $40/hr tech fee, and $4/hr infrastructure fee).


A GTA will be required to:

  • start the week before classes begin each semester.
  • attend the Graduate School orientation session 
  • maintain full-time status as a graduate student (minimum 6 credit hours/semester); and
  • work approximately 15-20 hours per week.

Typically, your duties will be to:

  • attend all classes of your GTA assistantship,
  • lead tutorial sessions for our students, and 
  • undertake any other specific tasks assigned by the professor.

Generally, the duties of a GRA include: data analysis, report writing, preparation of graphics, participating in professional presentations, attending meetings on the research project, and other items deemed necessary by the principal investigator.

Continued appointment during the semester and consideration for future appointments is dependent upon: 

  • satisfactory performance of all duties (Note: Your faculty will be asked to assess your performance mid-semester and at the end of the semester); 
  • continued status as a full-time graduate student in good standing (GPA of 3.33 or higher); and 
  • available funds.


The GTA/GRA position is assigned by the department head of the major professor in consultation with the major professor, and the PhD director.  

Factors taken into account when making GTA and GRA assignments include: teaching needs of the College, faculty research needs, and the background of each individual graduate student.

To be appointed as a GTA or a GRA, the student must have a social security number. Paychecks are distributed biweekly.