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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

College of Architecture, Planning & Design
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PhD Students

Current Students


M M Lekhon Alam <mmlekhon@ksu.edu>

Lekhon is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Khulna University in Khulna, Bangladesh and a master’s degree in Architecture from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, where he got a prestigious John F. Helm award for outstanding performance in coursework, leadership & service and for the MS thesis project. As an undergraduate, he received ArchKU “Head’s List” Certificate, and in 2014, Lekhon also won the 3rd national position in the international competition named ''Urban Revitalization of Mass Housing" and was awarded by UN-Habitat and the IUA for his research project named, 'Urban Revitalization of Bastuhara Mass Housing (an informal settlement in the city heart)”.  His research focuses on green roofs, carbon sequestration, urban heat load, and a building’s energy performances, with the aim of mitigating climate change through urban greening. Major professor: Lee Skabelund. Start date: Fall 2018.  


Allyssa Decker <adecker@ksu.edu>

Allyssa is from Moline, Illinois. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Biology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Allyssa’s current focus is on improving green roof design, implementation, and management by assessing how changes in substrate type and depth affect survival and growth of different plant communities on green roofs in Manhattan, KS. After graduation, Allyssa would like to join an academic institution to teach and continue researching green roofs and other types of green infrastructure. Major Professor: Lee Skabelund   Start Date: Fall 2016


Dorna Eshrati <dornaeshratil@ksu.edu>

Dorna is from Shiraz, Iran. She has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Urban Design from Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran. Her current focus is on the history of parks (referred to as “pleasure grounds”) in Kansas from 1850 to 1920.  Dorna also teaches first-year Environmental Design Studies studios (ENVD 201 & ENVD 202) in the fall and spring semesters in the College. Major professor: Anne Beamish. Start date: Fall 2016.  


Christopher Clanahan <cclanahan@ksu.edu>

Christopher is from Topeka, Kansas. He graduated with a master’s degree in Regional and Community Planning from Kansas State University in 2014. Between 2014 and 2017, he worked as a planning consultant in Bismarck, North Dakota and continues to offer consulting services in a casual capacity. His current research interests include regional and intergovernmental planning, rural planning, federal planning, planning law and policy analysis, and community development. His goal following graduation is to join an academic institution, federal organization, or return to consulting. Major professor: Huston Gibson. Start date: Fall 2017.


Hamed Goharipour <hgohari@ksu.edu>

Hamed is from Tehran, Iran. He has a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Art in Tehran, and a master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Allameh Tabataba’i University in Tehran, Iran. As a professional planner, he has a few years of experience in working on different urban and regional projects, especially in Tehran metropolitan area in Iran, including ‘The First 5-Year Action Plan for the City of Tehran’, ‘Strategic Plan for "Abas-Abad" Lands in Tehran’, and ‘Evaluation of Tehran City-region Plan.’ As a critical interpretivist researcher, Hamed is interested in urban interdisciplinary topics, especially different forms of visual representation of cities. Using “Urban Theory” and “Semiotics”, He’s working on what he calls "Urban Cinesemiotics" as a conceptual/methodological framework to interpret how physical and sociocultural aspects of cities are represented in narratives. Hamed has designed and instructed a new course on Qualitative Methods in Planning (PLAN 699). He also teaches first-year Environmental Design studios (ENVD 201 & ENVD 202). Major professor: Huston Gibson. Start date: Fall 2016.


Jaeyoung Ha <ha2096@ksu.edu> 

Jaeyoung is from Busan, South Korea. He holds a master’s degree from Seoul National University in landscape architecture (Urban design concentration) and a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Pusan National University. His current research focuses on landscape environment and mental health. He explores how urban and environment landscape enhance people’s mental health in urban areas. Before coming to KSU, he worked as an urban planner and landscape architect for Dohwa Engineering, South Korea's largest engineering design firm. He managed numerous landscape and urban design projects, focusing on urban parks, tourist destinations, and community renovation.  Major professor: Hyung Jin Kim. Start date: Fall 2018.


Nancy Mahaney <nemahaney@ksu.edu>

Nancy is originally from Tahlequah, Oklahoma where she lived through high school graduation.  Nancy holds a B.A. degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, an M.A. Degree in Anthropology and Post-Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from Arizona State University and a M.S. degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Arizona.  Nancy's research is influenced by 30 years of professional work in cultural resource management and museum curation and administration, including 11 years working with Native American communities in Arizona on cultural center development and preservation of community historic sites. Nancy's dissertation research focuses on designed memorials at the sites of tragedies and seeks to understand how these sites influence collective memory and contribute to individual and community resilience.  Major Professor: Mick Charney.


Michael “Ernie” McNair <memcnair@ksu.edu>

Michael is from Biggersville, MS.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Mississippi, a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University, and a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Clemson University.  He is a registered landscape architect and worked at Hawk Design Inc. in Boston, MA and at DLR Group in Phoenix, AZ for a total of 10 years.  He is also a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers and worked in natural gas pipeline construction as a heavy equipment operator for 6 years.  His current focus is on the effects of urbanization on stream geomorphology and stream ecosystem process.  Major Professor: Timothy Keane. Start date: Fall 2018. 


William Ngutter <makau@ksu.edu>

William has lived, visited, and researched topics on modern architecture in over 15 countries particularly those surrounding Africa’s seaboards, prior to joining KSU.  Ngutter’s current research explores modern environmental designs on the African and American Atlantic Ocean coastlines in order to better understand cross-cultural design influences.  Ngutter holds professional Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI&SU) concentrated on European and African building technologies. Ngutter studied at three architecture consortiums; Casa Maderni (Switzerland), WAAC (Virginia), and WARA (Senegal).  Ngutter’s Ph.D. dissertation is entitled, Becoming Atepa: Master Architect, Planner, Sculptor, and Statesman; 1974–2017.  Ngutter currently leads a design-build firm in the District of Columbia.  In his spare time Ngutter loves to cook, trains dogs, is an avid cyclist, photographer, mentors youth, and is a Man of God. Major Professor: Mick Charney. Start date: Fall 2012.