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Department of Architecture



This takes you through a quick tour of the various tools you will be learning to interact with in the coming videos.
In being able to design successfully in any program you have to understand how to make the design world have characteristics which best reflect the physical world without losing the quickness of editing virtually. This video helps you set up viewports to better reflect a design mentality.
This video take you through how to think about Layers and their best practices to help you visualize your designs.


This will get you started with the basics describing surface and solid modeling.

Using this Dovecote project by AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados you will learn how to build a basic design project from the case study.



The Best Overlooked Commands 

This introduces you to some hidden command gems in Rhino. Using a supporting Rhino file which can be downloaded here! The videos quite brief but the accompanying Rhino file is rich with information.

Making Drawings and Diagrams

This video Covers using Make2d to create drawings and using Print Display to show line weights in Rhino.
This video shows the workflow from Rhino to Illustrator.






Other Resources

RhinoTips - This is Rhino's site and it has a lot of useful short videos of things you wish you had known about a long time ago in Rhino best practices or addons.

digitaltoolbox - Dated but fantastic tutorials which inspired this site.

DesignReform - CASE is one of the leading design firms which contract their advanced digital techniques. They have tutorials on Revit, Dynamo, Rhino, Grasshopper, Catia, etc...

Grasshopper3D - One of the best resources is the Grasshopper3d site. David Rutten, the inventor of Grasshopper is still developing Grasshopper and continues to be available on the forums.