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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Server Share Request

Server shares are a collaborative area where authorized individuals can store files and folders with other authorized individuals.  The share will appear as an empty folder where you may place content. Please be aware server shares are not a place to store archives.  To request a server share you will need to provide the following:

  1. Share Name
  2. Share owner
  3. Access List
  4. Access Type
  5. Share Termination Date
  6. Submission

1.  Share Name

Shares are typically named after the course.  For example ARCH704 or LAR510 or PLAN510.  Other types of shares may be created. Shares should be less than 15 characters in length, ideally a maximum of 8 characters, and should not contain special characters.  Special characters are defined as those that are not alpha numeric.  Spaces are also discouraged.  Please use a hyphens "-" or underscore "_" in lieu of spaces.  ARCH704-rhoag or ARCH704_rhoag.  Please be aware some applications are sensitive to hyphens and underscores.

2.  Share Owner

This should be a faculty or staff member who can administrate the share during and after the semester.  This Share Owner would also be responsible for the contents of this share.  This would include the responsibility over copyright material, sub folder creation, and Access Type to sub-folders, and Share Termination Date.  Faculty members will have Full Control permissions of the share.  --Refer to Access Type section below.  

3.  Access List

This would be a list of individuals who would need access to the course share.  Ideally the list should be formatted using eID's followed by a semi-colon.  However, if this is not possible a list of first and last names would suffice.

Ideal way:

dac4303; crawford; mknox; ankerson; srolley; jodoe; jadoe;

Notice these are really ksu email addresses without the @ksu.edu part.

Acceptable way:

Dereatha Cross

Donald Crawford

Matt Knox

Kathy Ankerson

Stephanie Rolley

John Doe

Jane Doe

You may also want to group certain individuals.  For example, a typical course has professors, GTA's, and students.  So in this example you may decide to indicate groups:

Professor:  dac4303; crawford;

GTAs:  mknox;

Students:  ankerson; srolley; jodoe; jadoe;

The example above declares three groups "Professor", "GTAs", and "Students" as groups.  You can name groups anything you wish.  Group naming should follow Share Name naming rules.  For example, instead of the name "GTA's", "GTAs" was used.  Notice the absence of ' in the second name.  Group membership determination are typically defined by Access Type which is described below.

4.  Access Type

There are four types of access or more specifically permissions:

Full Control (FC) - It is best practice to give this permission type to the owner of the share.  This allows the owner to add and remove students to the share and modify permission types.

Modify(MO) - This permission type allows individuals to modify content in the share.  This can include but is not limited to:  copying and pasting content, delete content, overwrite content, move content, and create content in the share.

Write(WR) - Think of this permission type like burning a CD.  Once content is uploaded to the share individuals cannot change it.  However individuals can add more.

Read Only(RO) - This is where individuals can copy content down from the share but they cannot change anything on the share.  They also cannot upload anything to the share.

To specify permission types it may be useful to group users up as we did for the Access List.  For example a typical course may have professors co-teaching, GTAs, and several students.  So in our example it may be useful to specify:

Professor - FC


Students - RO

The example shows members of "professors" group as having full control, "GTAs" group having modify access, and "Students" group with read only access.  Again, recall you can name the groups anything you wish.

5.  Share Termination Date

Specify the date the System Administrator can delete the share.  Once the share is deleted it will NOT be recoverable.  It is the responsibility of the Share Owner to create a backup before Share Termination Date. Please be aware that server shares are not server archives.

6.  Submission

You can either write all of this information in an email or attach a word document or pdf.  Email the request to apdcns@ksu.edu.  Use the subject line of "Server Share Request".  Please allow 5 business days to process your request.

Performance Tips

  • Some applications do not like multiple users to modifying the same file.  It may be necessary to first download a copy of the file, modify that copy, and then upload.  Versioning files may be a useful method along with delegation of tasks. 
  • Copy and paste content from the server down to your computer before modifying. This can improve application and network performance.