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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

APDesign Shop

Welcome to the APDesign Shop. 

For the first time ever all of the APDesign shop technologies (except the CNC plasma cutter) are located in one place in the new APDwest Shop. The joining of the IAPD and college shop creates new opportunities for students and faculty, but not without a few changes to the way we operate in the shop. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the APDesign Shop Policies and Procedures as well as the APDesign Shop Safety rules. The mission of the shop is to provide the safest and best possible learning-by-making environment. These rules, policies, and procedures will help to create a reliable shop facility that enables the exploration and understanding of traditional, digital, and experimental fabrication methodology. 

Contact Richard Thompson (rht@ksu.edu) for questions, shop training, or scheduling needs. 

- Shop Management