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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Policies and Procedures

APDesign - Shop Policies and Procedures

The mission of the shop is to provide the safest and best possible learning-by-making environment. These rules, policies, and procedures will help to create a reliable shop facility that enables the exploration and understanding of traditional, digital, and experimental fabrication methodology.


Shop Training

Students must have completed the shop training procedure prior to any shop use. This includes:

a. Complete the Basic shop orientation and Machine test.

b. Fill out an emergency contact form.

c. Provide proof of insurance.

d. Sign and date a copy of the APDesign shop user agreement form. e. Contact Richard Thompson (rht@ksu.edu) for scheduling shop training.


Shop Access

In order to maintain a safe working environment, a shop calendar has been created to control shop occupancy.

a. The calendar shows scheduled classes with the correlating numbers of additional students who may access the shop. During each block of time there are a certain number of open access slots. Students are required to sign in/out of these slots on the calendar itself.

b. The calendar will be located at the south shop entrance.

c. Night hours will be on an as needed basses. Contact Richard Thompson for after-hours shop time. These will be posted to the Shop Schedule. The same rules apply during these hours.

d. The calendar and schedule is subject to change. e. Contact Richard Thompson (rht@ksu.edu) for scheduling.


Zones of the Shop

The Shop is comprised of different zones based on the various shop processes and activities. These are shown on a diagram located at the south entrance near the calendar. These include the IAPD teaching space, glue-up and clamping, hot metal working, cold metal working, and general shop floor. Other important items can be found on the diagram as well.

During IAPD scheduled classes, the IAPD teaching space should be avoided unless approved by shop staff. If there is a special tool required that is not in the general shop, ask for assistance from shop staff.

The glue-up and clamp area overlaps the cold metal working zone. Caution should be taken here to not contaminate your wood project with oil and metal from this area. Tables for gluing and clamping will have a plastic covering and should not be used for metal projects.

All grinding and welding of metals must happen behind the welding curtains within the hot metal working zone.


Machine Access

Students only have access to machines that they have been trained on. Any other machines need prior approval before use. The machines that can be accessed after the “basic shop orientation and Machine test” are marked with a Blue dot.

Machines marked with a Green dot are reserved for fine wood working only. Only virgin material is allowed through these machines, unless prior approval has been granted.

Machines marked with a Black dot are for metals only. Ask shop staff prior to using these machines on different material.

Machines with restricted access (like the table saw) are marked with a Red dot and need to have approval from the shop staff prior to each operation.



In the event of an Injury-causing accident:

1. Notify shop supervisor IMMEDIATELY. They will follow an established procedure. First aid boxes and campus safety procedure booklets are located throughout the shop. Fire extinguishers are located at either entrance of the shop.

2. Any injury or accident in the shop requires a meeting with the shop manager before further shop use. This will help determine the cause of the accident and help with the prevention of future accidents.


In the event of a non-injury accident (such as a kick back, jam, broken tool, or any unsafe and unexpected event), notify shop personnel IMMEDIATELY. Depending on the severity of the event, a meeting with the shop manager may be required in order to determine the cause of the accident. In some cases the student may need to be retrained and tested on the machine before further use.



Clean up

It is the student’s responsibility to clean up after themselves and return all tools to their respected locations.

a. One warning will be granted to individuals failing to clean up after themselves. The second offense will result in temporary loss of shop privileges.

b. Machines should be swept clean after each use.

c. Work areas should be cleaned before leaving the shop. Shop vacuums are located around the shop.



Priorities for storing materials and projects in the shop will go to required courses (IAPD workshop, and Design build studios). Electives and seminars will have secondary priority. Individual students need to get permission from shop staff to store materials and projects in the shop.



APDesign - Shop Safety Rules

These rules are in place to protect. Failure to follow shop safety rules may result in loss of shop privileges.


1. Eye protection must be worn at all times in the shop areas.

2. Being in the shop under the influence of mind altering drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden, and will result in the loss of shop privileges.

3. Operating equipment under the effects of sleep deprivation is prohibited.

4. Students must tie back, or tuck in all loose clothing, drawstrings, and hair.

5. Open toed shoes are forbidden in the shop area.

6. Remove all jewelry they might become an obstacle when operating machinery.

7. No gloves are allowed when using shop equipment. Special lathe working gloves may be used on the lathes.

8. The corresponding dust collector must be turned on prior to using each piece of equipment.

9. All accidents (big or small) must be reported to the shop manager.

10. A safe attitude is required in shop areas – staying calm and focused on your work.

11. Absolutely no horseplay, running, yelling, or fighting in the shop.

12. Machines need to be in the off position and free of motion before leaving the area.

13. All safety guards must remain in position while operating the machinery. If the guard is damaged or not functioning properly, notify shop personnel.

14. Never make an adjustment to handle or knob that is marked with red tape.

15. Only use machines and tools for their intended use. If unsure, ask shop personnel.

16. No one should use equipment and tools unless he or she has received proper instruction, and feels comfortable with its operation. When in doubt, ask for help.

17. When adjusting equipment, make sure it is returned to its normal position after use.

18. Do not use or attempt to fix damaged equipment, and report immediately to shop personnel.

19. Do not talk to someone while operating a piece of equipment, and do not talk with someone who is operating a piece of equipment.

20. Make sure machine surface is clear and unobstructed before use.

21. Clean up your mess and return tools to their proper place.

22. Dispose of hazardous waste in the red fireproof cans located outside of the north shop entrance. (liquid in round can – rags in the square can)

23. Absolutely no tools may be taken from the shop without approval from the shop manager. The manager must be notified to check back in tools that are borrowed.

24. Ask shop staff before cutting any material other than wood on the woodworking equipment.

25. Headphones are prohibited while using shop equipment. Music may be played on speakers at a non-distracting level.





APDesign Shop User Agreement Form:


"I ________________________ have read and understand the APDesign Shop Policies and Procedures as well as the Shop Safety Rules located above this form."

Signature: Date:



Shop use only

Emergency Contact Received:

Insurance Received: