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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Mock Interviews - October 26, 2020
Virtual Event

To be added to the Mock Interviews employer information list, please contact apdpro@k-state.edu or call (785) 532-2846.


Students and recent graduates from the College of Architecture, Planning & Design have an edge in launching their careers, thanks to the strong partnerships APDesign has forged with K-State's Career and Employment Services, alumni and top firms around the country.

In 1991, CES invited APDesign faculty and student representatives to form a committee to plan a college-wide Mock Interview day that would better prepare students for actual interviews and interaction with employers. From a modest beginning of seven regional firms and 70 interviews, today's Mock Interviews now attract firms from both coasts as well as those in the Midwest. Employer representatives welcome this opportunity to preview upcoming interns and graduates, as well as to renew campus connections.  Students get to research, select and extend invitations to firms located in geographical areas and engaged in types of work in which they are interested.

An average of 15 firms now attend Mock Interview day in the fall and conduct approximately 120 interviews with fourth- and fifth-year as well as post-baccalaureate graduate students. A series of resume workshops and critiques, along with a portfolio panel and exhibit, offer even first-year students opportunities to learn how to present their experience and education in a professional format.

While the purpose of Mock Interviews remains as providing a realistic job interview experience, the resulting interaction often results in real job contacts and opportunities.