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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Departments and Programs


The Department of Architecture offers two degrees: a NAAB-accredited professional Master of Architecture, and a post-professional Master of Science in Architecture. There are approximately 300 students and 25 full-time faculty.

The Master of Architecture program prepares students to enter the profession of architecture, a career that is characterized by change and diversity. Design is at the center of a professional and critical discourse reinforced by liberal studies. This program takes five years, and is a non-baccalaureate Masters degree. Kansas State University's professional program has consistently rated high in the Design Intelligence ratings of architecture schools.

A small number of students are enrolled in the research-based post-professional Master of Science degree program, intended primarily for those who already have professional degrees. There are three broad areas of emphasis in the program: Ecological and Sustainable Design, Environment Behavior and Place Studies, and Design Theory.

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Interior Architecture & Product Design

The Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design (IAPD) is focused on preparing excellent interior architects, product designers and furniture designers who have a passion for the power, impact and value of design. The five-year program in Interior Architecture & Product Design leads to a professional Master's Degree, following the successful completion of 169 credit hours of study. The accredited five-year master's program means students can come directly from high school and graduate five years later with a professional master's degree.

The program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Its enrollment of approximately 120 is taught by a full-time departmental faculty of 12 dedicated individuals who provide a great deal of personal attention. Interior Architecture & Product Design was recently named one of the top 10 graduate programs in interior design in the nation!

Explore what this unique program of study has to offer, intertwining the three distinct areas of interior architecture, product design and furniture design into a strong program of study where innovation and the art of 'making' intersect, and where evidence-based design plays an increasingly important role in the education of students.

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Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning

The Department of Landscape Architecture | Regional & Community Planning has a long history of providing an enriching educational experience in preparing our graduates for professional careers. We have an enthusiastic student body, a dedicated faculty with a commitment to teaching excellence and a supportive staff that is responsive to student concerns.

Our student body is diverse, composed of students from across the U.S. and various countries. Our students are passionate about their areas of professional study, enthusiastic about studying in a college that has its programs ranked nationally, and they appreciate the learning experiences associated with being in an interdisciplinary college.

Planners and landscape architects have important roles in creating healthy and sustainable environments. Therefore, the foundation of our landscape architecture and planning programs is stewardship of the land. This is emphasized throughout our curriculum.

The first professional degree offered in Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning at Kansas State University is a master's degree. Our programs in Landscape Architecture (MLA) and Regional & Community Planning (MRCP) provide the opportunity for a student to start a master's degree program either as a high school or college graduate.

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Ph.D. in Environmental Design & Planning

The Environmental Design & Planning Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary degree program. Doctoral students are members of the College at-large, rather than a particular department, allowing students to draw from the sizable and wide-ranging knowledge of faculty from all three departments.

Each Ph.D. student chooses an area of emphasis -- Design, Planning, Sustainability or Place Making -- but the program allows for, and even requires, learning in several areas. 

The program supports advanced graduate research utilizing a comprehensive, interdisciplinary view of design and planning.

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