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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


To be an internationally recognized program, preparing design leaders grounded in the process of inquiry; design; and, the making of space and form; who rigorously pursue excellence intrinsically, and contribute to the betterment of the human condition.


The year 2014 marked the 50th year our department has been in existence, since its creation in 1964 when formal coursework was first offered by our program founder Jack C. Durgan. In 2008: For the first-time ever, we conferred the First Professional Master of Interior Architecture and Product Design upon our graduating seniors. This degree was quite likely the very first of its kind to be offered in the United States.


The Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design’s mission is to develop a community of learning with a comprehensive and vibrant approach to design that are informed by the following precepts:

  • the design of the interior has an integral and considered relationship to the building, landscape, and community that provide its context.
  • we design for an integrated user-centered whole comprised of varying scales from the interfaces and experiences intimately linked to the human touch points, to the interface between the human body and the near environment, to the design of places and spaces in the built and designed environment.
  • the act of “making” is integral to develop a process of understanding.
  • design inquiry through evidence and design research and analysis are crucial.
  • haptic experiences foster depth in consideration and design.
  • insights and opportunities are presented through richly investigated circumstances are fruitful.
  • learning from and sharing knowledge throughout society and across culture is imperative in addressing significant issues and the betterment of human life through the understanding of health, safety and welfare of occupants.


IAPD commits to contributing to achieve the aspirations of the University’s and APDesign’s vision for K-State 2025 by having, developing, and reinforcing:

  • A strong community of designers with an intrinsic passion for the potential and value of design contributing across culture and socio-economic strata;
  • Actively engaged students in leadership in a global environment/context throughout the department, college, university, and profession;
  • Excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service (including service learning and outreach) recognized and rewarded;
  • A culture of inquiry, collaboration, cross-disciplinary endeavors;
  • A strong network of alumni and friends, actively engaged in advocacy and support of IAPD;
  • Preparation of exceptional graduates, nimble and adaptable to change;
  • Enrichment experiences within and supplemental to the curriculum contributing to the breadth and depth of design;
  • Multiple modes of exploration, inquiry, analysis and synthesis resulting in recognizable and highly sought IAPD graduates.

Curricular Objectives

The objective of the curriculum of the Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design is to prepare students to become practicing interior architects and product designers who are fully aware of the impact of the designed environment on human activity, emotion, and behavior; who understand the systems involved; and to achieve educational outcomes that are:

  • Significant and fundamental to the development of skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for a professional graduate-level education in interior architecture and product design with a strong emphasis in interior design, the architectural context, and product design.
  • In accordance with the general recommendations and guidelines of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design [NASAD] for degree programs in interior design and product design; and the Council of Interior Design Accreditation [CIDA] for degree programs in interior design.
  • Human-centered and innovative.
  • Conducive to development of creative thinking through exploration, analysis, and synthesis of a variety of ideas, approaches, concepts and multiple design responses.
  • Scaffolded to build knowledge and skills with opportunities to solve simple to complex design problems and provide exposure to a range of design research and problem-solving methods.
  • Exploring and furthering the professional body of knowledge.

The Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design uses these goals and objectives noted above to guide and influence decision-making, analysis and planning regarding curricular offerings, operational matters and resources. Additionally, the Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design uses them to create a context in which to consider the extent to which policies, practices, resources, and other curricular program components work together to a positive and productive effect.