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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design

Inspiring the course of study of Interior Architecture & Product Design is the close relationship between interior space and the products and building systems that materially comprise it. These elements composed together form an integrated user-centered whole. Located in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, the program’s curriculum is also influenced by the notion that the interior is an integral part of the building, landscape, and community that provide its context.


Interior Architecture: Interior architects bring a specialized approach to the (re)envisioning of a building’s interior spaces. Our curriculum combines the aesthetic delight and functional needs of architectural design. Learn to consider the social, psychological and behavioral issues affecting design decisions to create unified interiors that are cohesive, creative and impactful on all who experience them. Enroll in the Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design program and develop cutting-edge techniques by combining architectural design, lighting, materials, color, furnishing and finishes to produce aesthetically sophisticated spaces.

Product Design: Within our program students learn to create products of tomorrow. Product design relates to the development of ideas and prototypes for new products using various manufacturing methods and materials such as woods, metals, plastics and synthetics. However, a good product design is more than its materials. It’s an object that is designed with both functionality and beauty to create a seamless experience for everyone that interacts with it. Products can range in size from a running shoe to automobile interiors to large exhibits. Our faculty guide students as they develop innovative approaches to the ergonomics, controls, interaction, materials and manufacturing of products for the future consumer.

Furniture Design: Students gain hands-on experience in our workshop studios by producing their furniture designs in fully equipped, state-of-the-art wood, metal, plastic and upholstery labs. Our labs house both traditional equipment and computer numerically controlled, or CNC, manufacturing equipment. Our faculty create a safe and creative environment to experiment and push boundaries in the designing and making of exquisite custom furniture.  Students also have the opportunity to work directly with the contract furniture industry in bringing their designs to the market place. Work with our faculty to gain valuable insight into materials, building processes and superior craftsmanship.    


Admission is competitive and gained to the IAPD program following successful application through the APDesign Student Services office and once the first year requirements are complete including ENVD courses, Math, Physics, Speech, and English courses.

During the course of the IAPD program, students in their third year apply for acceptance to the Graduate School through CollegeNet before they may begin the fourth and fifth years of study. The graduate level fourth and fifth years build upon the first three years of the program and include a culminating project focused on Interior Architecture, Product Design, or Furniture Design.

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Admission is competitive and gained following successful application for acceptance to IAPD and the Graduate School through CollegeNet before students may begin their IAPD studies. The graduate level three year + summers builds upon the first years of the program (where the courses are at an undergraduate level) and includes a culminating project focused on Interior Architecture, Product Design, or Furniture Design.

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