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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


Lighting Design via Intel Galileo Micro-Controller Boards

Assistant Professor Dustin Headley and Professor Allan Hastings utilized Intel Galileo micro-controllers and sensors to develop innovative lighting solutions that react to their environmental context within the IAPD 320 – Product Design Studio course.  The work was enabled by the Intel Galileo University Donation program which supplied the 27 students involved in the course with both the controllers and the Grove Starter Sensor pack. 


The resulting designs shown below (note: only some could be shown, as others are looking into patent applications) explore the integration of the Intel technology with both contemporary and modern fabrication processes including CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing and plywood lamination.  These technologies will continue to be a part of the core curriculum within the Interior Architecture and Product Design program through IAPD 320 as they suggest a powerful opportunity to enable students to engage in the design of products that sense and react to their environments.  



Production Furniture for the Contract Market

Professors Neal Hubbell and Kathy Ankerson embarked with six 5th year IAPD students, alumni, guest reviewers, and personnel from OFS Brands, Inc. to develop designs addressing three briefs. The experience was highlighted in an issue of OfficeInsights, beginning on page 3. Access the article here.

Artful Outdoor Furnishings for Midtown

Assistant Professor Dustin Headley's course Digital Fabrication is sponsored by Brookfield Residential. In collaboration with Norris Design, Inc. and Brookfield Residential, students are exploring development of impactful furnishings in the outdoor environments. 

Design Charrette Students from Headley's Digital Fabrication class, Professor Lorn Clement's Landscape Architecture Seminar I class, along with a host of 3rd and 5th year IAPD students were inspired by John Norris' presentation on Midtown and participated and brought a plethora of ideas and input which helped make the charrette a success. 

norris charrette


HON: Mobile Workers

IAPD Alumni Kayla Sorensen (2012) and Scott Schultz, both Industrial Designers with HON, partnered in the Mobile Worker/Mobile Office project with IAPD 3rd year students (Dave Richter-O'Connell's studio). 



Herman Miller: 21st Century Education: Paradigm Shift from Instruction to Learning Encourages Innovation and Collaboration in the Workplace 

What does studio learning look like for distance students? What work spaces best suit future professionals? Interior Architecture & Product Design (IAPD) students recently researched these questions through a corporate collaboration. Renowned furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc. funded the collaboration, allowing IAPD students students to hear from company leaders, conduct research and tour corporate headquarters in Michigan. "The value was the ability to interact with those who are on the front edge of what we're going to see for the future," said Katherine Ankerson, IAPD Department Head, "That sort of experience is difficult to duplicate in an traditional classroom."

hm flow


Professor Vibhavari Jani worked with a group of students to design and fabricate the stage set in conjunction with McCain Auditorium for the performance of Yuval Ron Ensemble.

Ron Yuval set 

Ron Yuval set creationRon Yuval set creation


Professor Katrina Lewis and 2nd year students developed designs for rabbit hutches to be built by a rural Filipino non-government organization in 2013.

Rabbit hutchesRabbit hutches