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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


Durgan Center for Interior Architecture & Product Design

The Durgan Center houses our administrative offices (department head, academic advisor and administrative assistant), conferencing, and visitor reception. The center is home to a custom fabricated reception desk, designed and built by Associate Professor Rod Troyer. The center is named in honor of program founder Professor Emeritus Jack C. Durgan.

Design Studios

Each student has their own dedicated work space on campus while enrolled. All studios are equipped with hardwired, high-speed network access that supports students' use of technology. The department assigns room keys to control studio access.

Critique/Lecture Spaces

Three individual spaces with tack surfaces and seating for use in lectures and critiques. The largest of the three, the McGraw Room, also displays one of the nation's largest single collections of wood samples, spanning numerous species from around the world.

Materials Resource Library

A dedicated space for the cataloguing and reference of various material samples and technical manuals for use by students during their course of study. Similar in nature/scope to resource libraries maintained by many large design firms, it assists in making informed design decisions based upon tactile qualities of materials.

Lighting Laboratory

This facility was designed and fabricated from the ground up by IAPD faculty and students. It allows students the opportunity to apply principles of interior lighting through experimentation utilizing unique learning tools supported, in part, through the generosity of Hafele and Cooper Lighting.

Stephen M. Murphy Furniture Design Workshop

A 5,000-square-foot industrial facility equipped with light-duty commercial wood-, metals-, and plastics-working equipment. Students are trained in proper operation of all equipment and are responsible for managing time, materials, and processes for successful completion of furniture projects with professor guidance. A CNC router was recently added to the tools available for student use. This space was named in honor of Professor and Department Head Emeritus Stephen Murphy who dedicated 39 years to the program.

Finishing Room

Ventilated space with paint booth provides students a dust-free environment to apply various finishing methods to furniture and product design projects.

Upholstery Laboratory

Students wishing to experiment with various textiles for furniture or specialty projects can utilize a sewing machine and other various accessories of the trade.

Product Design Laboratory

A workshop environment equipped with smaller scale machines and hand tools for use in production of product design prototypes and architectural models.

Visualization Laboratory (Viz Lab)

Also used for critiques, the Viz Lab contains high-end computing and software to aid students in exploring various aspects/opportunities of digital modeling, rendering and animation.

Glass Studio

A small workshop/studio with kiln to explore slumped and fused glass.

College Shops

In addition to the spaces noted above, the College maintains workshops and design-build laboratories available for use by all of our students. This includes woodworking equipment, 5'x10' multi-axis CNC router, advanced metal working shop, paint booth and more.