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Department of Interior Architecture & Product Design

Interior Architecture & Product Design


As a community of learners and designers, opportunities to engage each other and the community-at-large are prevalent in IAPD. Click here for a listing of the College committees you can represent IAPD Students on.

Department Picnic 

Near the beginning of each Fall semester, IAPD students, staff and faculty bring Frisbees, volleyballs, and food to this annual cookout in a local Manhattan park.

Wine & Cheese

The custom of serving wine with cheese has been popular with peasants at least since the days of Homer. It became the rage among the smarter set only when King Louis XIV of France stopped for refreshments at Varenne where he enjoyed a fresh Brie cheese taken together with bread, butter and a dry red wine. From that day until the present, there have been few treats more sophisticated than the combination of wine and cheese.

A social event for students and faculty alike in the department to enjoy each other's company and conversation while partaking in the accoutrements of the socially elite; an event of which the Sun King himself would undoubtedly approve. The charge to organize this affair is brought upon the fourth-year students, held annually in the fall semester (to allow those students who might be interning or studying abroad during the spring semester the opportunity to attend.) Tradition has it that this event serves as a gift to the fifth-year students to celebrate their soon-to-be graduation and to commemorate their accomplishments thus far.


The Interior Architecture Student Council (IASC) is a group of Interior Architecture & Product Design students who voluntarily serve their student body. IASC is responsible for many activities within the department including recommendations on curriculum adjustments, studio topics, and coordinating special service projects. IASC Constitution (pdf)

5th Year Picnic

Near the end of each Spring semester, 5th year IAPD students, staff and faculty celebrate the successful completion of students' academic career at K-State with a barbeque near Tuttle Creek.


Our IAPD students engage in many professional and service organizations, available throughout the department, college and university. A listing of several relevant organizations are listed here:

Emerging Green Builders
AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students)
Freedom by Design
IASC (IAPD Student Council)
IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America)
Tau Sigma Delta
NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students)
DSAC (Dean's Student Advisory Council)

Professional organizations in support of the design disciplines often have a "student" membership option, sometimes at a heavily discounted rate compared to professional membership. Please consider investing in the opportunities that these organizations can offer during your time as a student.

Professional Associations in Support of the De
sign Disciplines (alphabetically):

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)
ASFD (American Society of Furniture Designers)
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
DMI (Design Management Institute)
EDPA (Exhibit Designers and Producers Association)
HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society)
IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers)
IDEC (Interior Design Educators Council)
IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America)
IIDA (International Interior Design Association)
SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design)
USGBC Emerging Green Builders, via Greater KC Chapter