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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

Jarvis Chair

The Jarvis Chair of Landscape Architecture is funded through a bequeathed endowment established by Mary K. Jarvis, a 1942 graduate who is thought to be the first female to receive a landscape architecture degree from K-State. The Jarvis Chairs recognize faculty who have made significant contributions in their teaching, scholarship and/or service.

2015-2018Jarvis ChairLee Skabelund
2013-2014Jarvis  Distinguished ScholarJon Hunt
2012-2013Jarvis Emerging Faculty ChairJessica Canfield
2011-2012Jarvis Emerging Faculty Chair Katie Kingery-Page
2011-2012Jarvis Tenured Faculty ChairChip Winslow
2010-2011 Jarvis Emerging Faculty ChairBlake Belanger
2010-2011Jarvis Tenured Faculty ChairTim Keane
2009-2010Jarvis Chair Tim Keane
2008-2009Jarvis ChairStephanie Rolley 
2007-2008Jarvis Chair Chip Winslow
2006-2007Jarvis Chair Tim Keane
2006-2007Jarvis Chair Dennis Day
2005-2007Jarvis Chair Stephanie Rolley
2005-2006Jarvis Chair Lorn Clement