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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

Architectural Research Centers Consortium

APDesign King Medal 

The Landscape Architecture King Medal Nominee is nominated by their major professor and selected by a jury of faculty. The nominee's work represents the highest quality research completed within the program. Nominees are considered for award of the APDesign ARCC King Medal by a jury of K-State research experts. 

2019 LA Nominee
Pamela Blackmore
2018 LA NomineeSkylar Brown
2017 LA NomineeJonathan Knight
2016 LA NomineeKim Kneifl
2015 LA NomineeKatie Leise
2014 LA NomineeKatherine Leise
2012 LA NomineeRussell Ploutz
2011 LA NomineeKyle Ward
2010 Medal WinnerChristie Murman