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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

LARCP Vision

The Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning Department strives to develop our students, faculty, and future professionals to confront global landscape architecture and planning dilemmas and to be catalysts for excellence in our professions, our communities, and the academy. We seek planning, design, and management of human settlement that fosters a just, resilient and democratic world.

Landscape Architecture Program Mission

We prepare graduates to be leaders in the field of landscape architecture by integrating student learning with faculty research and creative pursuits and engaging with partners in communities and other disciplines. Through these activities we significantly advance the discipline of landscape architecture. We blend our understanding of ecological and societal needs to design, plan and manage the interface between humans and nature to shape environments in ways that benefit both through critical thinking, design processes and implementation. Focused on preparation for professional practice, we are highly skilled, diligent, passionate people dedicated and working together in vertically integrated studios that are collaborative and energetic.

Regional & Community Planning Program Mission

We prepare graduates to be effective advocates of resilient cities and responsible for community growth and redevelopment. We engage in the exchange of ideas that develop strategic visioning to enhance quality of life in ways that are sustainable, equitable, and accessible to all our citizens. We contribute to the expansion of knowledge through research and its dissemination, outreach to various constituents, and professional education grounded in creative and critical thinking. Students and faculty engage in exploration, analysis, synthesis, and resolution of planning, design and management issues.  Our aim is to help communities effectively address challenges related to resource conservation, growing of diverse populations, and continually changing technologies and value systems.

Community Development Program Mission

As a part of the Great Plains IDEA online programs, the Community Development Program provides professional preparation for career development or advancement. We prepare graduates to address challenges faced by communities in the United States and other countries, particularly those in rural areas. Community Development graduates actively promote positive social, economic, cultural and environmental change and engage citizens in democratic decision-making and action. A diverse faculty from several institutions teaches critical thinking, ethical consideration, careful planning and involvement of all stakeholders.

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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning
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