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Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

Landscape Architecture Program Offerings

Landscape architects shape the built and natural environment to preserve, create and enhance places, from specific sites to communities and regions. The Master of Landscape Architecture program is composed of a broad range of activities in the studio, classrooms and field study weaving together design, ecology and technology. Our students progress from foundational coursework to a final, independent project or thesis demonstrating their leadership and professional knowledge and skills. 

Landscape architecture students are engaged in collaborative projects with students in the other design disciplines as well as faculty and students from engineering, education, art and other disciplines. Located in the same department as regional and community planning, faculty and students from both programs work closely on planning and design problems that cover multiple scales and spectra. Integration of faculty research and creative activities into studios allows students to partner with faculty on projects exploring current topics in landscape architecture and assisting communities and clients.

We offer two tracks to the accredited Master of Landscape Architecture degree: non-baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate. 

MLA Non-Baccalaureate Track

The Eleven Semester (5 year) Non-Baccalaureate MLA track begins in the freshman year for undergraduate students.  

NB MLA Curriculum Guide 2018-2019

How to apply

MLA Post-Baccalaureate Track

Applicants to the MLA post-baccalaureate track hold undergraduate degrees in many different fields. The MLA Program is a two-year program for a student with an accredited BLA degree and a seven semester program for a student with no design background. 

PB MLA Curriculum Guide 2018-2019

How to apply