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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Huston Gibson, PhD

Huston Gibson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of M.S. Community Development Program

Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

1091 Regnier Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
T: (785) 532-3753


Curriculum Vitae


Teaching: As an instructor, I assume the role of a diplomatic guide in the learning process and I focus on helping students understand and connect course readings, assignments, lectures and discussions to the world around them. I always strive to give a non‐biased comprehensive look at the subject material. I will tell all sides of a story. I blend a variety of instructional media along with a variety of teaching methods to keep class fresh and exciting from day to day. I attempt to generate energy, excitement and stimulating discourse about the material. I make a conscious effort to ensure my classroom ambiance is inviting towards participation by keeping the environment fair, respectful, and open‐minded, so every student feels welcome. I concentrate on creating a flexible yet structured atmosphere and making myself approachable by setting a light friendly mood and by attempting to use easy to understand familiar examples of relevant anecdotes.

Scholarship: I am a regional and community planner. I strive to promote our professional identify, fair planning and collective decision‐making. I am a “generalist” planner. I strive to understand the vast comprehensive dynamics that make up the well-being of our communities and regions, and the people who live, work, and play in them. My approach to scholarship is to address topics that will promote planning and “sustainable community infrastructure.” I greatly value working in multidisciplinary teams so as to help me see a project from alternative facets, but I also benefit from individual inquiry and self‐reflection on a subject. On a job interview I once told the supervisor I wanted to transfer into the public sector from the private sector to better understand how “it” works. He laughed loudly. I got the job. I later moved back into academe, and now through my scholarship, I am still seeking answers (and perhaps better understand his laughter)…