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Jon Hunt

Jon HuntAssociate Professor
Landscape Architecture and
Regional & Community Planning

313 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
T: (785) 532-2476


Curriculum Vitae


My teaching, research and creative interest focus on visual thinking, reflective learning, hand drawing and mixed media, photography, typography, and graphic design. Before coming to Kansas State University, I worked at Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, and University of Colorado Denver in their landscape architecture, planning and environmental design programs. Prior to landscape architecture, I worked as a professional graphic designer and illustrator. I received my MLA from the University of Colorado Denver and a BFA from Syracuse University. 

I am honored to be the 2013-2014 Mary K. Jarvis Scholar of Distinction recipient. With financial and research assistance support from this award, I am creating a body of work “Poetics of the Konza Prairie: Bound Images and Writings.” My goal for this creative work is to capture the ‘staging’ of the landscape, which is comprised of the layers that build, one upon another, to express a complete physical, temporal, sensual, and emotive landscape. By revealing the beauty already present within, these layers create new life. Throughout the production of these works, I deconstruct and reconstruct the landscape by scraping, rubbing, and sanding the media while exploring layer upon layer. My body of work expresses the simultaneity of experience and sensory interaction. “My perception is [therefore] not a sum of visual, tactile, and audible givens: I perceive in a total way with my whole being. I grasp a unique structure of the thing, a unique way of being, which speaks to all my senses at once” (Pallasmaa, 2000). My creative work utilizes mixed media, letterpress, relief and intaglio printmaking, encaustics, serigraph, collagraph, and digital means to support and communicate my perceptions and the genius loci (spirit of place). 

While at Kansas State University, I have been crafting a scholarship agenda based on three specific aspects of student learning: (1) developing teaching tools grounded on reflective and experiential learning through writing and making, (2) advancing an analysis of student journals/sketchbooks for pedagogical research, while (3) exploring the connection between perception, cognition, and drawing. These foci are interconnected and necessary to improve visual literacy and communication in student design processes while curbing their self-imposed ‘barriers’ to creativity.

Recent publications include: “Poetic Image: Observations and Media Exploration” (Hunt, Urton 2013), “Learning to See through Reflective Learning” (Hunt, Urton 2012), “Create|Observe|Connect: Making Connections” (Hunt 2009), and “Making Realistic, Tying down to the real world” (Hunt, Merril 2010).

Note: Pallasmaa, Juhani. 2000. “Hapticity and Time.” The Architectural Review. 207(1239): 78-84.