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About APDesign

The College of Architecture, Planning and Design consists of students, faculty and alumni across all disciplines, united by a shared passion for design.


The College of Architecture, Planning and Design is made up of students and faculty united by shared values: stewardship of the environment, social equity, economic viability and aesthetic delight.

Seaton Regnier Hall

Each of our departments plays a part in shaping the world in relation to these core values in interrelated ways.

We offer a variety of programs in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, regional and community planning, and environmental design. Our programs teach students to collaborate with their peers, constantly try new approaches to problems and redefine the traditional boundaries of design.


Building and Facilities

Our new award-winning facility supports formal and informal interdisciplinary collaboration in shared spaces such as our design laboratories, concourses, fabrication facilities, library, forum, review and relaxation spaces.


Dean's Welcome

There has never been a better time to be a design or planning professional nor a period of human existence in need of greater design and planning leadership. Our world needs us. Our society needs us. Our future needs us.