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College of Architecture, Planning & Design

APDesign Alumni Design Awards

 1.     Purpose

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design (APDesign) Alumni Design Awards program is intended to promote public interest in the design and planning profession, recognize excellence in the design and planning professions and to promote the work of APDesign/K-State alumni.

2.    Award Submission

Submission Requirements

For each submission, entrants must complete all fields in the Qualtrics form link on the competition webpage and attach the completed submission form and project image information on or before the due date and time.

There is no limit to the number of projects that may be submitted for design award consideration.

All entries are accepted with the explicit free right of publication, reproduction, and promotional use by the Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning & Design and its sponsors without need for further approvals. Kansas State University and Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning & Design shall bear no responsibility for copyright protection of submissions. Entrants should note attributions of photo credits in submission where required/necessary.

Eligibility and Authorship

Entrants must be a graduate of APDesign. Entries are eligible even though the submitting alumni may not be the sole participant in the design. All participants substantially contributing to the design must be given full credit for their role as part of the submission.

Categories for Submission

The following categories will be available for award submission:

  • Architecture
  • Furniture/Product Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Legacy (works completed 5-25 years ago/designed before 2015)
  • Regional/Community Planning
  • Unbuilt/Virtual/Emerging Professionals (only available to receive citation or honorable mention)

The following award levels will be available and may be granted in each category of submission.

  • Honor
  • Merit
  • Citation
  • Honorable Mention
  • Special recognition for multidisciplinary collaboration

APDesign reserves the right to expand any prize category. The scope and number of the awards is at the discretion of the jury.

Awards will be announced in a multimedia campaign released by the College of Architecture, Planning & Design.

Award certificates will be mailed to the submission primary point of contact following the awardee announcement.

Entry Fee

An entry fee of $75 is required for each project submitted in each category.

Submission of one project in multiple categories requires an entry fee for each category in which the project is submitted.

3.     Important Dates

Thursday, September 16th            Electronic Entry Files Due to 6 pm

Thursday, September 23rd            All Entry Fees must be received by APDesign

Week of Monday, October 25th      Target Announcement of Awards