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Should you have any questions about our programs and our trajectory of excellence, please feel free to contact me directly at tdenoble@k-state.edu or visit the APDesign website at: http://apdesign.k-state.edu/ where you can gain a full sense of all that is going on around here!

Dear Alumni, Friends and admirers of our programs,

As you are well aware Design Intelligence™ conducts surveys of design professionals to compile rankings of Architecture, Interior Design/Architecture,) Landscape Architecture and Industrial Design programs every year. These rankings are very important in our continued advocacy for resources at the university and state levels, as well as for recruitment of students and faculty.

If you have not already done so, I would greatly appreciate your participating in the survey appropriate to your discipline(s.) In that the survey focuses on the preparedness of our graduates to impact practice, Design Intelligence wants responses from those individuals involved in any way in the recruitment and hiring processes of your organization. The survey closes on June 10th so please act now. This is our final reminder.

Please be reminded that although many of our alumni hold professional undergraduate (Bachelors) degrees, we now only offer professional graduate (Masters) degrees. Accordingly, we would appreciate you focusing your comments on our GRADUATE programs. Focusing comments on our current degree structure assures that the rankings more accurately reflect the impact and perception of our programs.

Finally, thank you for your efforts on our behalf. While all the news out of Kansas is not great these days, the qualities of your college, APDesign at K-State, continue to shine as evidenced by the attached infographic. Should you like more information about your college or on how to be a part of our trajectory of excellence moving forward, please feel free to contact me at: tdenoble@k-state.edu or 785-532-5950.

With appreciation,

Tim de Noble, AIA

Tim de Noble, AIA
Professor and Dean



Students’ Survey is due June 10.  This survey invites students of our four featured disciplines to fill out a short survey about their design program, with questions about their personal perceptions of their program, how well prepared they feel for being a part of the professional world, post-graduation plans, and more. Student responses are treated as completely anonymous and any validating information (.edu email address/name) is kept confidential and only used for validation purposes.
This survey does not affect the design school rankings.
Please feel free to send this out to the students in your college/school, and encourage and remind them as you see fit to participate!
The links are below:
Landscape Architecture
Interior Architecture; (DI surveys this as Interior Design)
Industrial Design

Thank you for your thoughtful and confidential participation.