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Master of Science in Architecture

The Master of Science in Architecture program at Kansas State University is a post-professional program of study requiring a minimum of 30 semester credit hours for completion of the degree. The program usually requires two years in residence, and is designed to enable students to pursue specialized study in specific Architectural topics. It is not a NAAB accredited degree.

Specializations are available in Design Theory and Ecological and Sustainable Design. These areas of specialized study in the Master of Science in Architecture program accommodate graduates of five or six year programs in architecture, interior architecture, or landscape architecture, and of certain four year baccalaureate degrees. Applicants are considered upon the merits of their academic backgrounds and proposed programs of study. Minimum entrance requirements established by the Kansas State University Graduate School include a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and a grade point average of B (3.0) or better in the last two years of undergraduate study (or a "first class" degree).

This program focuses on research, and therefore does not include the full range of topics required to qualify a student to sit for the examination to become licensed to practice architecture. Since research is the mode of learning at the limits of knowledge, our objective is to develop the capacities needed for independent study and research.

Approximately 10 students matriculate each year, and the total enrollment in the program is about 20.

MS.ARCH Design Theory Emphasis Curriculum Guide

MS.ARCH Ecological and Sustainable Design Emphasis Curriculum Guide

Required coursework

All MS.ARCH students will be required to take a class that provides them with the tools to facilitate in-depth academic research. Other coursework will be determined by selected area of emphasis and individual programs of study.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Options

There are two options in the Master of Science in Architecture program. Students must, in conjunction with their advisory committee, choose to pursue either a Thesis or Non-Thesis (coursework only) option. Both options require the submittal of a proposal to the Graduate Committee for approval. Both options require a final examination, which can be the defense of the thesis, or an exam based on coursework taken by the student.

A non-thesis option should have a defined focus within the general area of emphasis. A number of courses must be taken that relate to this focus.

Students may undertake an applied or theoretical research-oriented thesis which involves qualitative and/or quantitative approaches to a problem, or a design-oriented thesis that examines a physical design problem in depth from a number of points of view, including but not limited to theoretical, behavioral, economic, social, and cultural issues.



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