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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Missouri Reciprocal Tuition Agreement

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State University offers nationally accredited professional degrees in architecture, interior architecture & product design, landscape architecture, and regional & community planning. We possess a highly motivated, talented and diverse faculty and student body, a strength in which our Missouri students play a role. Urban/suburban areas and small rural towns are represented. This varied mix of backgrounds and viewpoints offers our students a rich and broadening learning experience.

Early offer of in-state tuition will be extended to the following Missouri residents pursuing the Master of Architecture, Master of Interior Architecture & Product Design, or Master of Landscape Architecture. Master of Regional & Community Planning is not a covered degree program.

High school student with at least a 24 ACT and a 3.5 GPA or higher


Transfer student with at least a 3.6 GPA or higher

High School and transfer students must apply for university scholarships by the priority date of January 5 for high school students and February 1 for transfer students. Upon admission to Kansas State University and APDesign you will be granted in-state tuition. The application deadline for consideration for admission to APDesign is February 1. Applicants who meet the application deadline will be notified of the admission decision in March.


University of Missouri at Kansas City Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design students (UMKC)

UMKC Students will be automatically granted instate tuition upon admission to APDesign.

Any Missouri resident admitted to APDesign who is not automatically awarded in-state tuition based on the criteria above you will be considered for in-state tuition under the Missouri Reciprocal Tuition Agreement. The reciprocal tuition agreement provides selected residents of Missouri with a waiver of out-of-state tuition to attend K-State to study in one of the professionally accredited degree programs of architecture, interior architecture & product design, or landscape architecture. Regional & Community Planning is not a covered degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many waivers are there?

A total of 491 out-of-state waivers are divided between Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.

How do I apply for a waiver?

A Missouri resident who is accepted by Kansas State University and APDesign is automatically considered for a waiver. 

How will I be selected?

You will be rank-ordered on the basis of academic performance (GPA, and SAT or ACT score) and financial need. Financial need is based upon the information filed as part of the FAFSA (Visit the Office of Student Financial Assistance for more information.) We use the academic and financial aid information that is available to us at the beginning of the semester to rank-order students. It is each family’s responsibility to make sure the information is accurate and filed in a timely manner. March 1 is the priority deadline for filing for aid, and we ask that you use this deadline for completing the financial aid application (FAFSA).

When will I learn if I have a waiver?

The waivers are awarded to those who did not receive the early offer of in-state tuition after the 20th day of classes in the fall and spring semesters. This means that all first-time entering students will pay out-of-state tuition, and if a student receives a waiver, she/he will then receive a reimbursement for the semester the waiver is awarded.

What are my payment options?

You can pay the tuition in full (which is due before classes begin) and then be reimbursed if you receive the waiver, OR you can participate in the payment plan through the cashiers and student accounts office, 785.532.6317. The plan breaks payments into four installments during the semester.

How many new students are awarded waivers?

The number of new students who receive waivers varies each year. Typically, the majority of the new entering students received a waiver in the first semester. All continuing students from Missouri received a waiver by the second semester. The pattern of waiver awards can vary from year to year.

Do I re-apply each year?

No, once you receive the reciprocal tuition, you will keep it as long as you stay in good standing with the university and remain enrolled in APDesign. (Regional & community planning is not covered.)

What happens if I don't receive a waiver?

You will continue to be considered for a waiver each semester you are enrolled in the college. Your academic performance and unmet financial need will be updated annually, and a new rank-ordered list of first-time entering students and continuing students will be prepared.

Once you are awarded in-state tuition, tuition for all future semesters of coursework will be calculated at the in-state rate. You must remain enrolled in the five year non-baccalaureate: Master of Architecture, Interior Architecture & Product Design, or Landscape Architecture. Both undergraduate and graduate tuition are covered by in-state tuition. Regional & community planning is not covered under the above in-state tuition opportunities.