Landscape Architecture Masters Reports and Theses

Major Professor |
Comm Member |
Cognate Member
Ashley Akers 2021 Designing for Change - Design solutions for anthropogenic and climate change impacts on riparian ecosystems and hydrology in Northeast Kansas Keane | With | Dodds
Si Chen 2021 A Circular Design Process for Material Selection in Site Design Canfield | Barrett| Loughmiller
Paden Chesney-Mateos 2021 The Urban Foodie: A food-sharing network platform for a sustainable and healthy community in Kansas City, Missouri Hadavi | Wigfall | Lowery
Madelyn Cole 2021 Land Has Memory: How we use history to reveal memory Keane | Smith | Brimhall
Nicholas Ferrara 2021 Functionality and Aesthetics of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Networks: The need to shift to sustainable resources and designed green energy systems Keane | Newmark | Pahwa
Mikala Fitzgerald 2021 Together: Design guidelines for intergenerational playgrounds Canfield | Heinrich | Wren
Erich Herbel
Esteban Huerta 2021 Rooted in place: equitable placemaking as green stormwater infrastructure Hadavi | Skabelund | Garni
Kastasya Jackson Hadavi | Wigfall | Melander
Julia Kappelman 2021 Start now, activate places: a guide to transforming public space with community-led event programs Canfield | Kim | Fefer
Rainie Madsen 2021 Food for Future Thought: Redefining sustainability within agriculture Keane | Sharp | Cowan
Grant Pasowicz 2021 More Than Carved Stone: Applying a landscape narrative to commemorate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Canfield | Beamish | Wigfall
James Ryan 2021 Prospect refugia: constructing climate change resilient ecosystems Keane | Kashem | With
Thomas Schneider 2021 Community energy: Design recommendations for the integration of distributed renewable energy generation into existing urban neighborhoods Hadavi | Belanger | Shaffer
August Titus The neighborhood bench, designed with the neighborhood: A participatory design-build project Canfield | Barrett | Kirchmer
Haley Weinberg Activate Brush Creek: Strategies for activating the Brush Creek Greenway in Kansas City, Missouri, as community health infrastructure Canfield | Kim | Besenyi
Marcos Aleman 2020 A second look: Improving safety perceptions of urban alleys Kim | Canfield | Loschky
Logan Baker 2020 Engineered ecologies: Addressing energy infrastructure impacts on wildlife habitat & movement Keane | With | Sullins
Rachel Cross 2020 Yellowstone For All: Creating an immersive, universal design experience at Mammoth Hot Springs Canfield | Hahn | Fefer
Harrison Dirks 2020 A framework for reservoir restoration in The Midwest Keane | Barrett | Gido
Allyssa Gray 2020 Design in the face of uncertainty: prevention, preservation, and mitigation of coastal damage from storm surge and flooding Keane | Farough | Nelson
Bridget Hake 2020 SOCIAL (media) CHANGE: Enhancing national park tourism education and experiences with updated app technology Hahn | Beamish | Tefertiller
Danielle Hodgson 2020 Outliving the outbreak: how the landscape architecture profession can address bark beetle impacts in the Rocky Mountain region Hahn | Keane | Redmond
Shelby Hollman 2020 Protecting biodiversity in our national parks: proposing a regional communication strategy for the National Park Service Hahn | Beamish | Fefer
Katelyn Larkin 2020 Increasing outdoor play opportunities in the neighborhood environment through Play Streets Kim | Wren | Heinrich
Grace Mader 2020 Designed Fields: Increasing the collaboration between landscape architecture and sustainable agriculture in the deisng of multifunctional agricultural landscapes Kim | Skabelund | With
Caleb Parker 2020 Reconnecting A Fragmented Landscape: A Multi-scale Ecological Approach to Green Space Design in Wichita, Kansas Hadavi | Rodriguez | Weyher
Konner Pendland 2020 Northeast Kansas City: A Walkable District Hadavi | Rodriguez | Weyher
Madison Quincke 2020 Relief for an Unquiet Mind: Improving outdoor environments for long-term mental health facilities using user-centered design Hadavi | Beamish | Besenyi | Dirks
Scott Randall 2020 Walkability analysis for improvement: Prioritizing potential walkability projects in a high-vacancy environment Hadavi | Rishi | Heinrich
Spencer Sanders 2020 Plantings with people in mind: Increasing use in urban vacant lots through planting design Hadavi | Skabelund | Smith
Elsa Stoffel 2020 Perceptions of safety and plant diversity preferences: a case study of high vacancy neighborhoods Hadavi | Gibson | Linnemann
Miles Updike 2020 Aesthetics in Hardscape Design: A study of perception, preference, and application in Bosco Plaza Canfield | Hahn | Guler
Mackenzie Yeager 2020 Enhancing an urban neighborhood's collective efficacy through community garden design Kim | Wigfall | Pliakoni
Yingyi Zhong 2020 The highground: exploring landfill surface contouring for enhanced aesthetics in Southern California Hadavi | Rodriguez | Weyher
Spencer Andresen 2019 Elemental landscapes: transforming Prospect Corridor into a legible urban element Skabelund | Rolley | Krstic
Pamela Blackmore 2019 Butterflies, tallgrass prairie, and green roofs Skabelund | Chamberlain | Taylor | Haukos
Taryn Borelli 2019 Floating green: creating design guidelines for artificial floating islands as social green spaces along urban waterfronts Gohar | Canfield | Hutchinson
Madison Dalke 2019 Back to the drawing board: exploring drawing as a path to expand creativity and imagination Kim | Belanger | Landa
Jacob Johnson 2019 Bridging the gap: uniting a divided urban core through riverfront design in Topeka, Kansas Gohar | Belanger | Gibson
Patrick McCaffrey 2019 Evaluating the effectiveness of landscape architects and public engagement Gohar | Beamish | Gibson
Matthew McCoy 2019 Grounding a future in place: incoporating small town character into a mixed-use town center in Castle Rock, CO Gohar | Belanger | Smith
Avery Nichols 2019 Ecotourism and lake design: a projective design for the enhancement of social, natural, and economic capital for Cheney State Park Gohar | Gibson | Sharp
Rachel Rankin 2019 Catalytic placemaking: how innovative urban interventions can serve as tools for positive systemic change Skabelund | Krstic | Rolley
Janna Schulte 2019 Streets of comfort: design of urban streets and parks for users impacted by severe stress and traumatic stress in Cairo, Egypt Gohar | Beamish | Nelson-Goff
Priyasha Shrestha 2019 Assessment of first-year survival, growth, and psysiological performance of seven species of graminoids within two substrate types on a green roof in the Flint Hills Ecoregion Skabelund | Keane | Todd
Emilee Voigt 2019 Last of the blasts: celebrating the Carrie Furnaces' legacy through creative adaptive reuse Gohar | Belanger | Gibson
Caleb Wagner 2019 East Side Greenway: sustainable vision for vacancy in Kansas City's East Side Skabelund | Rolley | Krstic
Mackenzie Wendling 2019 Balancing history, people, & place: adaptive preservation of Paseo Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri Kim | Kingery-Page | Wesch
Skylar Brown 2018 Narrative and Design: Commemorating the Civil Rights Movement Through an Inclusive Design for Chester I. Lewis Park in Wichita, Kansas Kingery-Page | Clement | Wigfall
Conner Bruns 2018 The Influence of Landmarks and Urban Form on Cognitive Maps using Virtual Reality Chamberlain | Kingery-Page | Bailey
Brian Corrie 2018 REMEMBERING THE DEAD Beamish | Clement | Falcone
Anthony DePriest 2018 Visualization Tools for Visual Impact Assessment: A study of immersive technologies Keane | Chamberlain | Lindquist
Sarah Jackman 2018 Worth a Thousand Words: The Impact of Images on the Perception of Pollinator Habitat Belanger | Kingery-Page | McCornack
Evan Lanning 2018 Revealing the Fracklands: a framework for addressing the wicked problems of America's hydraulic fracturing landscape Belanger | Canfield | Joslin
Andrea Lemken 2018 Cultural inclusion in outdoor spaces: a cultural inquiry of Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park in Wichita, Kansas Kingery-Page | Wigfall | Lewis
Bre Nelson 2018 Aesthetics and Mood: Exploring the effect that landscape aesthetics have on individuals with depressive symptoms Keane | Shoemaker | Atchley
Chandler Nyp 2018 Strategies for saving: identifying strategies for the future of the national parks Keane | Clement | Skibins
Richard (Riccardo) Prudenti 2018 Effective visual represeentation: Graphic style and the communication of design intent Kingery-Page | Hahn | Gibson
Lindsay Stucki 2018 Prison landscapes: an exploration of therapeutic landscapes in women's prison facilities Chamberlain | Clement | Boyer
Wei Sun 2018 Urban Restorative Landscape: A Cultureal Inquiry of Redesigning Chester I. Lewis Reflection Square Park Kingery-Page | Clement | Wigfall
Joshua Sundine 2018 Ecosystem Services Urban Design Framework: An Adaptive Vision for the Dallas Air Naval Statiohn Canfield | Kim | Hutchinson
Astrid Tsz Wai Wong 2018 Inclusive Public Spaces for Water Management in Rural India Nawre | Kingery-Page | Hahn
Taylor Allen 2017 Art in Place: Utilizing Public Art As A Means to Placekeep Public Space In Kansas City's West Bottom Brody | Hunt | Krstic
Kaitlin Bernal 2017 MAKING PUBLIC PARKS PUBLIC Increasing Inclusivity in Denver's Civic Center Park Beamish | Gibson | Melander
Elise Fagan 2017 Evidence-Based Design: Structured Approaches in Leading Landscape Architecture Practice Canfield | Rolley | Hahn
Abigail Fiala 2017 NURTURE THROUGH NATURE A Comparative Study Between Standard and Nature-Based Play in Outdoor Preschool Environments Kim | Hunt | Fees
Emily Jagels 2017 Fostering Diversity: a study on racial diversity in swope park Nawre | Wigfall | Choma
Timothy Kellams 2017 The Mind, the Narrative, and the City: how narratives of space make place in cognitive maps Chamberlain | Wesch | Belanger
Jonathan Knight 2017 Ghost Ecologies: Storytelling and futures in the Athabasca oil sands Canfield | Belanger | McLauchlan
Katelyn Rose 2017 LITERATURE in the LANDSCAPE Beamish | Hunt | Phillips
Kelsey Steward 2017 ECOLODGE EXPLORATION A projective design for the Flamingo district in Everglades National Park Canfield | Skibins | Gibson
Tyler Swehla 2017 RIVERFRONT REMEDIATION Redevelopment for Human Access and Wildlife Health Nawre | Keane | Hutchnison
Morgan Taylor 2017 Bringing the Outdoors In: Designing a Mobile Sensory Garden for Children with Sensory Integration Disorders in Elementary Schools Beamish | Winslow | Davis
Tyler Tucker 2017 Design Frameworks: A Study of Kansas City's Power & Light District Clement | Belanger | Brody
Laura Vallo 2017 Evaluating Stress Recovery by Exposure to Nature in Virtual Reality Chamberlain | Irwin | Skibins
Ryan Albracht 2016 VISUALIZING URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Improved Planning & Communicatgion with 3D Interactive Visualizations Chamberlain | Hahn | Wigfall
Allison Balderston 2016 Achieving Experiential Accessibility in Nature: Accommodating persons with disabilities in trail design Hahn | Chamberlain | Heinrich
Lauren Heermann 2016 Building Spaces and Communities: The Process of Improving Kansas City's Recycling System With Community Input Brody | Krstic | Clement
Andrew Holzum 2016 Reinvigorating Landscapes: Using Natural Environments to Enhance Quality of Life in Assisted Living Facilities Kim | Siepl-Coates | Doll
Kimberly Kneifl 2016 CAPTURING PERCEPTIONS: INSTAGRAM AND THE HIGH LINE Rolley | Beamish | Brody
Beth Krehbiel 2016 Narratives of Wounded Knee Clement | Beamish | Falcone
Alfonso Leyva 2016 Implementing Ecologically-Inspired Landscape Design Retrofits within Exurban Neighborhoods Skabelund | Kingery-Page | Stith
Taylor Lininger 2016 Art-Making in Practice: ACHIEVING OPTIMAL CREATIVITY DURING THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN PROCESS Clement | Hunt | Fullagar
Wesley Moore 2016 Exploratory Making: Site Inspired Making as a Tool for Site Analysis and Design Hunt | Headley | Yoon
Andrew Rostek 2016 Composting | KC Brody | Krstic | Belanger
Parker Ruskamp 2016 Your environment and you: investigating stress triggers and characteristics of the built environment Chamberlain | Condia | Heinrich
Amanda Santoro (Kline) 2016 Recycling as Play: Encouraging Recycling Through a Participatory Design Process with Children Brody | Krstic | Kingery-Page
Jared Sickmann 2016 Portable Landscapes: Flexibility and Customization Associated with Temporary Landscapes Hahn | Kingery-Page | Richter-O'Connell
Harriett (Libby) Tudor 2016 Raising Recycling Awareness Through Public Art: Using Public Art as a Catalyst to Rethink Downtown Kansas City's Recycling System Brody | Krstic | Hunt
Erin Wilson 2016 Landscape Architecture in the Ag-Ed Classroom: Cultivating the next generation of designers Hahn | Beamish | Harbstreit
Dale Bradley 2015 Planning for Wildlife: An Urban Planning and Design Exploration to Support Mexican Free-Tailed Bats Chamberlain | Brody | With
Ashley Brewster 2015 Connection Through Cultivation: A Comprehensive Design for St. James Place Community Garden Nesse | Shoemaker | Canfield
Danielle DeOrsey 2015 Six Wichita Biking Experiences: Studying Lived Bicycling Experiences to Inform Urban Streetscape Improvements for Downtown Wichita Kingery-Page | Beamish | Belanger
J. Ross DeVault 2015 Planning for Wildlife: An Urban Planning and Design Exploration to Support Mexican Free-Tailed Bats Kim | Brody | Nawre
Rachel Fox 2015 Creating A Typology of Temporary Landscapes Kingery-Page | Hunt | Clement
Abigail (Abby) Glastetter 2015 Placemaking for Socially Resilient Site Design Kingery-Page | Belanger | Falcone
Betsy Haddox 2015 Playce Belanger | Brody | Wesch
Steven Holt 2015 Using Urban Triage to Plan for Walkability: a block by block analysis of pedestrian potential in Wichita, Kansas Kingery-Page | Chamberlain | Stith
Glen Jarrett 2015 Revisioning Playground Design for the Developing World School Campus: A Nature Playground Proposal for La Chuscada, Nicaragua Gibson | Canfield | Fees
Cydnie Jones 2015 Designing A Neighborhood to Prevent Crime and Increase Physical Activity: A Case Study Among African-American Women in Kansas City, Missouri Kim | Wigfall | Heinrich
Katherine (Katie) Leise 2015 Re-envisioning South Omaha Urban Parks with Community Diversity in Mind Hahn | Beamish | Garni
Yue (Rebecca) Liu 2015 Investigating Influence of Streetscape Elements on Individual Preference Chamberlain | Canfield | Loschky
Michelle McElroy 2015 The Role of Zoos in Educating Visitors About Conservation Wildlife and Habitats: A Design for Sunset Zoo in Manhattan, Kansas Kingery-Page | Clement | Hunt
Nick Mercado 2015 A Framework for Site-Informed Light Art Installations Kingery-Page Beamish | Headley
Natalie Webb 2015 Envisioning 3D Learning Environments in Environmental Education: An Exploration of the Konza Prairie Hahn | Chamberlain | Baker
Gabriela Weber 2015 Auxiliary Specialization Opportunities in Landscape Architecture: Nature of Profession, Current View, Allied Relationships, Skills & Knowledge, and Future Directions Hahn | Clement | Winslow
Joshua Wilcox 2015 An Assessment of the Relevance of Landscape Architecture and Disc Golf Hahn | Belanger | Winslow
Adam Bangerter 2014 Collaborative Development: Exploring residential design alternatives in Novato, California Hahn | Lawhon | Stith
Jeannette Cieszykowski 2014 RESTORING THE NIGHT Kingery-Page | Beamish | Kaff
Elizabeth Decker 2014 A City for Marc: An Inclusive Urban Design Approach to Planning for Adults with Autism Kingery-Page | Brody | Kaff
Leah Edwards 2014 History, Identity, Art: visually expressing Nicodemus, Kansas' identity Kingery-Page | Wigfall | Hunt
Gretchen Gravenstein 2014 Resilience in Urban Civic Spaces: Guidelines for Designing Resilient Social-Ecological Systems Belanger | Keane | McLauchlan
Wesley Haid 2014 BalanceScapes: An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Site-Scale Water Harvesting in St. Louis, Missouri Hahn | Skabelund | Lavis
Brendan Mannix-Slobig 2014 Honor, Play, Restore: an exploration of a golf landscape designed as a therapeutic environment to honor U.S. combat veterans and service members Hahn | Winslow | Nelson-Goff
Caleb Melchior 2014 Knowledge Gardens: designing public gardens for transformative experience of dynamic vegetation Kingery-Page | Canfield | Davis
Karissa Pankratz 2014 Playscape Affordances: Encouraging Experiential Learning Kingery-Page | Hunt | Fees
Lauren Patterson 2014 Walkability in Suburbia Kim | Chamberlain | Heinrich
Olivia Pitt-Perez 2014 Social Landscapes Social Interaction Fostering A Healthier Lifestyle Brody | Beamish | Weyher
Ashley Schwemmer 2014 Towards a New Paradigm: Motivating a Shift in Urban Water Management Through a Landscape Architecture Approach Brody | Chamberlain | Nawre
Brandon Woodle 2014 Resilience by Design: A Framework for Evaluating and Prioritizing Social-Ecological Systems Belanger | Chamberlain | Stith
Jena Biondolilo 2013 Analyzing the benefits of reducing parking: improving public transportation to reduce parking demand and increase space for green infrastructure in Manhattan, Kansas Keane | Peterson | Rolley
Ninah Butler 2013 High school campus design elements for outdoor-based education amenitites Gibson | Kingery-Page | Clement
Cammie Christner 2013 Celebrating the bond between children and nature: Designing a sensory outdoor learning enviornmentfor garfield elementary school in Augusta, Kansas Beamish | Kingery-Page | Fees
Kevin Cunningham 2013 Resilience Theory: A Framework for Engaging Urban Design Belanger | Canfield | McLauchlan
Anne Denney 2013 Redesign River des Peres: to improve, protect, and maintain Tim Keane | Hahn | Hutchinson
Lauren Ewald 2013 Espacio Público para Todos: Using Purpose-Oriented Amenities to Enhance Childhood Development in Mexican Public Spaces Gibson | Kingery-Page | Wesch
Joshua Farley 2013 Preserving land within Riley county and Manhattan, Kansas: Conservationist and developer approaches to land planning Clement | Hahn | Kim
Sarah Flynn 2013 A 21st century campus aesthetic: photography, memory, performance Clement | Hunt | Joglekar
Josef Gutierrez 2013 Restorative Campus Landscapes: Fostering Education Through Restoration Clement | Kingery-Page | Shoemaker
Kylie Harper 2013 The role of surface: Catalytic surface strategies for open space in urban enviornments Brody | Belanger | Rolley
Derek Hoetmer 2013 CenterScapes: waste landscapes into thriving communities Brody | Belanger | Stith
Anne Hundley 2013 Restorative memorials: improving mental health by re-minding Beamish | Hunt | Stiepl-Coats
Sam Jarquio 2013 An acoustic education: evaluating soundwalks and listening exercises in promoting aural awareness and sensitivity in landscape architecture education Beamish | Nawre | Weston
Jake Jenkins 2013 Navigating campus: a geospatial approach to 3D routing Hahn | Bernard | Rolley
Aaron Johnson 2013 Green infrastructure: a new strategy for stormwater management In downtown Wichita Keane | Belanger | Rolley
Jessica King 2013 The Succession of a Contaminated Floodplain: Reclaiming the West Bottoms Keane | Kingery-Page | Hutchinson
William Mann 2013 The Fruits of Landscape: the power of landscape in presenting sustainable food production Clement | Skabelund | Janke
Natalie Martell 2013 Productive Ground: 21st Century Design Strategies for Fairmont Park Canfield | Winslow | Hunt
Angela Mayer 2013 Delineating Suitable Wetland Areas for Reconnection of Habitat in Southwest Illinois Gibson | Keane | Hahn
Katherine Molaskey 2013 Inclusive community landscapes in rural midwestern cities: a design proposal for Emporia, Kansas Beamish | Nesse | Procter
Patrick Ptomey 2013 Rethinking Rainfall: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Stormwater Management Practices in Turkey Creek Basin and Downtown Kansas City Keane | Hahn | Skabelund
Valerie Thomas 2013 Designing Landscapes for Grieving Children at Elementary Schools Beamish | Kingery | Shoemaker
Benjamin Wagner 2013 //Fluxspace: Temporary Acts as Social Catalysts in Kansas City Canfield | Keane | Rolley
Peiwen Chiu (Wang) 2013 GIS-Based Coupled Cellular Automaton Model to Allocate Irrigated Agriculture Land Use in the High Plains Aquifer Region Bernard | Hahn | Belanger | Peterson | Rolley
Katherine Whitford 2013 Urban Streetscape: Activating the Public Realm and Increasing Safety Through Multifunctional User-Oriented Spaces Canfield | Kingery-Page | Rolley
William Woodard 2013 West Bottoms 2048: Growing an Urban District Through Intermediate Natures Canfield | Rolley | Skabelund
Bryan Zundel 2013 Explore, develop, innovate!: urban development for innovation economies Brody | Belanger | Stith
Jared Buffington 2012 Evaluating the Aesthetic and Amenity Performance of Vegetated Stormwater Management Systems Keane | Hahn | Bernard
Judith G. Burch 2012 Dementia Garden Design: A Framework to facilitate Kaplans' Attention Restoration Theory (A.R.T.) in Enviornments of Care Keane | Kingery-Page | Siepl-Coates
Jeffrey Clark 2012 A Hydrologic Approach to Environmental Golf and Hazard Design within the Wildcat Creek Watershed Keane | Winslow | Hutchinson
Laura Demos 2012 The Unexpected in Unlikely Places: An expierence along the Rock Island Corridor Belanger | Brody | Rolley
Jennifer Engelke 2012 Wetlands: A Flooding Solution Keane | Winslow | Hutchinson
Sukaina Fakhraldeen 2012 Redefining Interiorscapes Integrating the Natural and Built Environment Kingery-Page | Beamish
Shuang Hao 2012 Play and Learn: Susan B. Anthony Middle School Site as a Neighborhood Park Design Kingery-Page | Gibson | Hahn
Chelsey King 2012 Therapeutic Schoolyard: Design for Children with Autism Kingery-Page | Clement | Burnett
Daniel L. Kraus 2012 Public art as a catalyst for a sustainable community: The Rock Island Corridor and Raytown, Missouri Belanger | Brody | Rolley
Stephanie Mallinckrodt 2012 Changing the Nature of the City: integrating phytoremediation for the future of Kansas City. Brody | Belanger | Rolley
Rebecca Melvin 2012 Site as Playground: Expanding the Experience of Play Kingery-Page | Clement | Joglekar
Elizabeth Musoke 2012 Implementation of a Rainwater Harvesting Network to manage Stormwater Runoff in Manhattan, KS Keane | Canfield | Keller
Zachary O'Keefe 2012 Infusion: Catalyzing progressive design strategies for the Knobtown District Belanger | Brody | Rolley
Russell Ploutz 2012 Achieving Conservation: New Cognitive Based Zoo Design Guidelines Bernard | Canfield | Cable
Jared Pumphrey 2012 The Exchange: Reprogramming Vacant Built Landscapes to Increase Social Equity and Create Identity Belanger | Brody | Stith
Laura Weatherholt 2012 Floodplains on the Prairie: An Ecological Schoolyard Design Kingery-Page | Hunt | Cable
Eric Wildhaber 2012 Green Trail Systems and Tourism: Improving the Quality of Life in Kansas City through the addition of Green Systems, Connected Districts and Tourism Opportunities Brody | Belanger | Bernard
Mitch Workmon 2012 Extending the Market: Increasing Sustainability Potential through Public Transit in Lee’s Summit Belanger | Brody | Gibson
Traci Yost 2012 Cedar Creek: Conservation Centered Community Clement | Bernard | Rolley
Caitlin R. Admire 2011 The Colorado Horse Park: Promoting Sustainability in the Equestrian Industry Clement | Cable | Rolley
Kirby Barrett 2011 Place, Space and Community: Enhancing community identity in Winona, Kansas Bernard | Middendorf | Rolley
Benjamin C. Carlson 2011 Catalyst Action Sports Camp at Copper Mountain Resort Bernard | Hahn | Rolley
Felipe S. DeNarvaez 2011 Nelson's Ridge Subdivision: Conservation Approach to Rural Subdivision Development Kingery-Page | Hahn | Rolley
Chadd R. Fuemmeler 2011 Enhancing urban centers: connecting grey with green in Kansas City's downtown loop Law | Hunt | Rolley
Allison R. Gerth 2011 Creative Play: Integrating Art Into Playgrounds A Typology Kingery-Page | Hunt | Rolley
Jeffery Graham 2011 Downtown Revitalization: Planning for St. Joseph’s Future Wigfall | Brody | Rolley
Heather Grogan 2011 St. Louis MetroLink: Reframing Public Transit Space Kingery-Page | Hunt | Rolley
Emily King 2011 Conversations with Landscape Architects and Artists: An Exploration of the Value of Creative Thinking in Landscape Architectural Design Process Kingery-Page | Belanger | Hunt | D. Beck
John Liam Mahoney 2011 Responding to Shock: A Collaborative Process for the St. Roch Neighborhood Skabelund | Gibson | Rolley
Timothy G. McDonnell 2011 Urban Fusion: Creating Integrated Productive Landscapes Skabelund | Hunt | Rolley
Charles McDowell 2011 Reveal: New Ecologies for an Urban Stream System Skabelund | Hahn | Rolley
Anthony Meyer 2011 Interactive Urban Environments Canfield | Clement | Rolley
Cory J. Murner 2011 Main street evolved: envisioning a comprehensive approach to main street redevelopment in small mountain communities Belanger | Clement | Rolley
Scott Runde 2011 Closing the Gap: Finding Productive Uses for Vacant Land in North St. Louis, Missouri Skabelund | Bernard | Rolley
Jonathan M. Ryan 2011 South Grand Boulevard: user orientation as a catalyst for resiliency Clement | Canfield | Rolley
Krystal M. Schuette 2011 Endependence: Renewable Energy in a Rural Community Kingery-Page | Hutchinson | Rolley
Christopher Simon 2011 Recreation on the Wichita Riverfront: activating the Arkansas River a recreational greenway Canfield | Hahn | Rolley
Daniel E. Smith 2011 Relative Pitch: Encouraging Performance in Public Space Clement | Jani | Rolley
Scot B. Talbert 2011 Exploring the Schoolyard: Potentials for Creating a Learning-Rich Environment at Bergman Elementary School Kingery-Page | Hunt | Rolley
Jaime Vickrey 2011 Hybrid Learning Landscape Framework: holistic high performance schools for comprehensive learning and play Bernard | Staples | Rolley
Kyle Ward 2011 The Detroit East RiverWalk: Extend-Connect-Provide Kingery-Page | Hahn | Rolley
Jordan C. Wilkinson 2011 Rebuilding Stouffer Place Skabelund | McGlynn | Rolley
Jesse Benedick 2010 The Campus Carbon Convalescence: Creating a Carbon-Friendly Skabelund | Bernard | Rolley
Megan Bryan 2010 St. Louis Eco-Boulevard Klein | Law | Rolley
Jon Champlin 2010 Connecting Campus and Community - Mixed-Use Development at Nova Southeastern University Winslow | Kingery-Page | Rolley
Ryan Debold 2010 Catalyzing the Urban Surface Strategizing Sites along the Historic Smoky Hill River Corridor Klein | Law | Rolley
Chris Enroth 2010 Riverfront Found: weaving together a complex fabric of past, present, and future on the Mighty Mississippi Professor Keane | Clement | Rolley
Andrew Glenski 2010 Tropical Ecolodge Design Manual Keane | Bernard | Rolley
Jay Graber 2010 The green tailgate: alternative approach to stormwater management at sports venues Winslow | Skabelund | Hutchinson
Elise Hubbard 2010 Movement As Experience Through Mind, Body, Spirit Klein | Kingery-Page | Rolley
Kristopher Kleinschmidt 2010 Discovering the Bayou: Successional Restoration of Bayou Bienvenue Keane | Bernard | Rolley
Aaron Mitchell 2010 Camp Wood: Experience the Flint Hills Klein | Skabelund | Rolley
Christie Murman 2010 River North Greenway: strategizing a generation 4 greenway as a Klein | Belanger | Rolley
Andrew Schaap 2010 Deep Roots: Applying Permaculture Principles in Order to Mitigate Flooding Within the Urban Fabric of New Orleans Keane | Belanger | Rolley
Lindsey Scheuneman 2010 A Pattern Language for the Elderly: Landscape Ideals for Meadowlark Hills Bernard | Kingery-Page | Rolley
Amanda Ulrich 2010 The aesthetics of naturalistic landscapes in civic spaces: a study of preference Keane | Rolley | Richard Mattson
Michael Weber 2010 Mending: Opportunities for Springville, Utah to Counteract Suburban Sprawl Winslow | Kingery-Page |Rolley
Wendy Wert 2010 Reining In: Applying the Sustainable Sites Initiative to Equestrian Facility Design Clement | Skabelund | Rolley
Amanda White 2010 Camp Adventure; User Based Research and Application in Design Keane | Wigfall | Rolley
Jane Winslow 2010 Intersecting public health and public space: an analysis of two fitness parks in Louisville, Kentucky Rolley | Belanger | Kaczynski
Jeremy Anterola 2009 Intelligent adaptive environments: proposal for inclusive, interactive design enabling the creation of an interconnected public open space on the Iron Horse trestle interurban-railroad-subway Rolley | Belanger | Donelin
Robin Banks 2009 Native Reverberation: artistic acoustics for the outdoor stage on the Castle Creek Campus Kingery-Page | Skabelund | Donelin
Jessica Blackwell 2009 Mono Lake Revisited: Redevelopment of the Old Marina Kingery-Page
Kent Burnham 2009 Sustainable Urbanism through service in Littleton, Colorado Rolley | Belanger | Donelin
Scott Capps 2009 KCMO: Contiguous Productive Urban Landscape
Krista Coen 2009 Designing a destination: a plan for the River Market transit station district Rolley | Belanger | Donelin
Clay Deschler 2009 Paradise Ridge Wellness Community Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona
Anthony Fox 2009 Convergence at Wellesley College Rolley | Clement | Donelin
Cole Giesler 2009 Development at 18th & Vine: understanding problems and formulating strategies for the future Farnan | Rolley | Donelin
Kelsey Kern 2009 Central Florida: growing green Keane | Belanger | Donelin
Kevin Kroen 2009 Next generation golf course: Lakeside Hills synthetic turf study Winslow | Klein | Donelin
Josh LaMartina 2009 Mitigating land and place | Fifth Ward Winslow | Klein | Donelin
Andy Meessmann 2009 Unite: Ames, ISU, student, citizen + place Rolley | Clement | Donelin
Michael Meihaus 2009 Project VUE: Visualizing Urban Equilibrium Keane | Skabelund | Donelin
Jeremy Merrill 2009 Nôtre Potager: a typology of edible public spaces in Manhattan Kansas Rolley | Clement | Donelin
Sarah Morrow 2009 Gibbon Refuge at Sunset Zoo: a conservation based exhibit design for species preservation Kingery-Page | Klein | Donelin
Christopher Morton 2009 Wadi Amman: social + environmental infrastructure Keane | Belanger | Donelin
Aarthi Padmanabhan 2009 Stormwater evaluation and site assessment - a multidisciplinary approach for stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) Skabelund | Keane | Hutchinson
Cody Peratt 2009 Green ingrained: a sustainable approach to mountain resort development Kingery-Page | Skabelund | Donelin
John Perry 2009 Compete: Urban Land Institute | Gerald D. Hines student urban design competition Rolley | Belanger | Donelin
Julianne Rader 2009 Squares: a network of spaces Kingery-Page | Klein | Donelin
Larry Reynolds 2009 Is it really Smart Growth? Barnes | Keller | Lawhon
Lindsey Richardson 2009 Rehabilitative landscape Kingery-Page | Skabelund | Donelin
Daniel Robben 2009 Staunton State Park: An Ecological Approach to Park Design
Brett Rolfs 2009 Developing connections + Junction City, Kansas Winslow | Klein | Donelin
Ian Scherling 2009 Dynamism at Palestra Green Winslow | Clement | Donelin
Luke Schooler 2009 Interpretation: experience of place Winslow | Clement | Donelin
Amy Shaffer 2009 Creating connections Winslow | Clement | Donelin
Katie Sobczynski 2009 Papago Park: master plan redevelopment Keane | Skabelund | Donelin
Daryn Soldan 2009 An analysis of bunker design and construction’s impact on golf course management Winslow | Day | Fry
Geoffrey Van de Riet 2009 Fifthward Reenvisioned
David Vogel 2009 A change in perspective: new priorities for neighborhood design in Johnson County, Kansas Keane | Belanger | Donelin
Jay Chiu 2008 A Case Study and Analysis of a Manhattan, Kansas Modern Roundabout Rolley | Skabelund | Hoag
Matthew Dugan 2008 Melvern Park and Trail
Lara Fackrell 2008 Equestrian communities: design features and development process Rolley | Bernard | Weisenburger
Kyle Grist 2008 Prairies in the Sky
Gemma Gough 2008 An Urban Farm
David N. Kersey 2008 Improving landscape architectural problem solving: integrating giscience and technology educational objectives in landscape architecture curricula Bernard | Rolley | Hutchinson
Jay Knopf 2008 Left Over Chicago
Dustin Marsh 2008 Lakeshore Austin, TX
Timothy Merklein 2008 Residential Stormwater Retrofitting: An Educational Guidebook for Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Nolan Miller 2008 Topeka Riverfront Project Topeka, Kansas
Kimberly Moss 2008 Soundscape: A Complimentary Approach to Site Design Rolley | Belanger | Boyer
Hilary Noonan 2008 Toward a critical practice: tracing theory through design Rolley | Clement | Dodds
Philip O-Brate 2008 Three Trails Redevelopment: A Sustainable Sites Initiative Research and Design Project
Clarence Oxendine 2008 Hamilton Downs
Russell Palmer 2008 Green Meadow Conservation Village: Living the Low-Impact Lifestyle
Shane Patterson 2008 Antelope Valley: Arts District
Greg Pfau 2008 KSU Recreation Complex Green Roof: Creating New Space
Desmond Poirier 2008 Skate parks: a guide for landscape architects Rolley | Barnes | Hoag
Ethan Primm 2008 The Saint Louis Riverfront Plan
Sean Ray 2008 Kansas City's Harlem: A Community Reconnected
Mark Reasoner 2008 Papillon's Multi-Use City Center Development
Nick Rogles 2008 A Greener Golf Course
Joseph Schneider 2008 A look into water conservation: an evaluation of landscape water regulations Winslow | Barnes | Davis
Peter Simpson 2008 Blue Dardenne + Peruque
Caleb Strickland 2008 Callery Judge Grove Palm Beach County, Florida
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Gabe Hogan 2007 Palmetto Park Venice, Florida Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
Stephanie Kennedy 2007 Hidden Park Agoura, California
Terry Kinsler 2007 Napa Riverfront: Creating a Living Core Napa, California Rolley | Keane
Carrie Kyser 2007 Remembering by Design: Creating Outdoor Spaces for Alzheimer's Patients Lakewood, Washington Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
Monica Miller 2007 Open Sky Ranch Dillon, Montana Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
Ben Noyes 2007 Creating Connections: An Urban Master Plan for Wichita's Downtown Core Wichita, Kansas Rolley | Keane | Forsyth
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John Schnure 2007 Looking Outward: Community Enrichment Through Innovative Site Design Thornton, Colorado
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Amy L. Asher 2006 Stop, Talk & Learn : socialization in a university open space Rolley | Keane | Schaeffer
Zachary R. Borg 2006 Rock Creek Golf and Fishing Club Powell County, Deer Lodge, Montana
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Aaron Coleman 2006 Paradise Valley Town Center
Tim Duggan 2006 Process, Structure, and Elements: Deconstructing an Industrial Harbor
Jerod Eller 2006 Lone elm Community Park "A Healthy Community Initiative"
Bryan Elsey 2006 Condominium Conversion Research
Chris Elsey 2006 Collegiate Villas Condominiums
Kyle Fitzgerald 2006 Vision for Green Living Redesign of Brookridge Country Club
Jud Gladin 2006 Rock Creek: Restoration of an Urban Stream Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
Ryan Halterman 2006 The Trails at Talbridge Connecting Places and People St. Charles, Missouri
Erin Hower 2006 Riverwood Crossing Reconnecting Kentuckians to their Environment
Anthony Howsden 2006 Scottsdale Waterfront
Brad Hus 2006 Campus Gateway University of Missouri, Kansas City Keane | Rolley, Skabelund
John Iffrig 2006 Live, Work, Play The Bottle District and Gateway Community
Chris Johnson 2006 Depicting Inspiration: Laumeier Sculpture Park - Phase II The Open-air Museum in St. Louis… Art, Nature, and the Human Experience…
Andrew Jordan 2006 Through Another's Eyes Asia Master Planning and Tiger Exhibit for the Sedgwick County Zoo
Gary Jueneman 2006 Kierland: a Desert Golf Community
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Kyle Knecht 2006 River Rock Resort & Casino
Ryan Kutz 2006 Burning Ridge Golf Course
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Michael P. Rieger 2006 Historic Revitalization A Re-Use of the Public Health District the Presidio of San Francisco Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
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Alison Schmack 2006 Lock Lloyd: A Healthier Way of Life
Jameon Schwarz 2006
Wendy Seibel 2006 Mattie Rhodes: an Integrated Healing Environment
Jeffrey Shoop 2006 Environmental Development Scheme for Wildcat Creek Watershed Manhattan to Keats Riley County, Kansas
Akin Smith 2006 Oakland Army Base Redevelopment
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Stephen Thole 2006 St. Louis Community College's New West County Campus
Dennis Tonsor 2006 Living with Heritage: Eastwood Plantation
Luke Urie 2006 Park Place in Cedar Park, Texas… A Mission for a Live Work Community
Michael Verseman 2006 Revealing the River St. Louis Riverfront Keane | Rolley | Skabelund
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Amanda Bailey 2005 Prairie Trail: Connecting the Suburbs to Their Natural Heritage Barnes | Rolley
Andrew Budke 2005 Cowan Springs: Blending Nature with New Urbanism Barnes | Rolley
Jennifer Chadd 2005 Connections: Environmental, Transportation and Neighborhood Networks in Swarr Run Barnes | Rolley
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Karen Crockett 2005 Old Town Kansas City: Layers of Time Revealed in a Downtown Community Barnes | Rolley
Nathan Dunham 2005 Central Nexus: Creating Threads of Growth Barnes | Rolley
Andrew Gorham 2005 Living and Visiting with the Past: A Resort/Residential Development with a View of the Inn at Okoboji Barnes | Rolley
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LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 K65
Keane | Siepl-Coates | Mattson
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Kim Olson 2005 Preservation of Community: Traditional vs. Neo-Traditional Design Barnes | Rolley
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John Payne 2005 An analysis of the Army environmental program from the Cold War to the present
LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 P39
Keane | Clement | Steichen
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Stacy Rickert 2005 Kona Ranch: Preserving the Natural Environment in a Flyfishing Resort and Residential Community Barnes | Rolley
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Bradford Snopek 2005 Burning Stones Plaza, Copper Mountain, Colorado : a lighting case study & user analysis of a high alpine urban plaza LD2668 .T4 LARC 2005 S36 Clement | Rolley | Hubbell
Keven Steele 2005
Jeffrey Stoecklein 2005 Newport Village: The Edge of a Historic Town Meets the Country Barnes | Rolley
Wyatt Thompson 2005 From (T)Here to (T)Here: Gateways as an Expression of Culture in 21st Century Beijing Barnes | Rolley
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LD2668 .T4 LARC 2004 H84
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Winslow | Day | Starrett
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Kevin D. McClaflin 2003 KSU Equestrian Center Barnes | Page
Dustin Moore 2003 Downtown Shawnee Streetscape Partnership Barnes | Day | Page
Hank Moyers 2003 Heritage Riverfront District Kansas City, Missouri
John W. Olson 2003 Tiffany Springs Park Master Plan Winslow
Seth Reece 2003 French Creek Barnes | Page
Jameon Schwarz 2003 Ironclad: A Design Solution for Shawnee's North Riverfront
Nick Staib 2003 Town of Melissa Redevelopment Donelin | Barnes | Page | Rolley
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