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College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Seaton Complex Revitalization and Expansion




The College of Architecture, Planning & Design is committed to a future in the Seaton Complex. With your help we will transform Seaton into a 21st century learning environment on par with our national reputation. Click HERE for images.

Features to include:

  • Interdisciplinary design labs
  • Outdoor teaching amphitheater
  • Secure exhibit/gallery space
  • Consolidated fabrication and product design labs
  • Atrium commons and collaborative spaces
  • Energy efficient design - reduces maintenance and operating costs
  • 21st-century production facilities
  • 194,000 square feet

Our two-phase project to expand and revitalize Seaton Complex will:

Increase support from our students

  • The Student Advisory Council is committed to this project, approving a 189% increase in student fees over the next four years to raise approximately $1 million annually in support of APDesign technologies and equipment.

Enhance the value of a K-State Degree

  • Fostering increased interdisciplinary activity will result in greater value for students with a degree from Kansas State University.

Stimulate job creation in Kansas and the region

  • 47 percent of college graduates remain in Kansas and the Kansas City Area. They are the job creators of tomorrow.

Strengthen the economy

  • We are producing architects, planners, landscape architects and designers, who fuel community development and drive economic growth.

Help APDesign maintain its national reputation

  • Highest retention and six-year graduation rates at K-State.
  • All three departments are consistently ranked nationally - often in the top 10.



All College Forum Update Video

Please click on the link below to view the All-College Forum Building Update presented on Friday, January 23 in the K-State Forum Hall. This video offers insight into the designs for the Seaton Complex.

23 JAN 2014 APDESIGN Seaton Expansion Update

Click HERE to navigate to the Seaton Hall MindMixer Site, the presentation slides are posted on the “about” tab then scroll to the bottom.

All APDesign Faculty, Staff and Students,

Building for the Future....

The time has arrived! We are set to embark on the Schematic Design phase for our Seaton Hall revitalization project. While we spend most of our time preparing for our students to become design and planning professionals, the tables are turned...we are the clients now! Over the past six weeks our Design Coordination Team, comprised of college and departmental leadership, has been engaged in a process of program verification with the Design Team. This has involved testing spatial allotments and program adjacencies in response to evaluations, program and administrative changes as well as trimming the overall scope of the project in accordance with our budgeted limits. We are confident that the resulting programmatic adjustments are in accord with our aspirations.

In line with our process to this point, including an open and transparent selection process for both the programming and design phases, we are instituting a number of avenues and mechanisms to allow members of our community to provide input, information and responses to design alternatives.

In the main, all members of the APDesign community will have four avenues for input on the project throughout the schematic design and design development phases of our project as follows:

  • Open Forums

These will consist of presentations by members of the Design Team and the Design Coordination Team and will include opportunities for questions and feedback. Venues will vary depending on availability. Our first Open Forum scheduled for October 14, 11:00AM-12:00 Noon at the Union Forum Hall. In this session we will be recapping our programming process, laying out our schedule, project phasing, and revisiting our overarching aspirations for the project.

  •  Lucy Booth (think Peanuts-the comic)

Lucy   When in town, members of the Design Team will staff a table, likely at the top of Pierce, for 'no appointment necessary' stop-in dialogues regarding the project. We will announce times in advance through the e-newsletter and display monitors.



  • Design Coordination Team Conduit

At any time, feel free to contact members of the Design Coordination Team by email with ideas and comments that can positively impact the project. Members of the team include; Tim de Noble, Katherine Ankerson,Lynn Ewanow, Matt Knox, Stephanie Rolley and Lisa Shubert.


Our Design team is implementing and managing a  MindMixer site specific to our project. Follow this link to set up your account and begin to utilize the site to engage in a process of queries, responses and idea exchange serving to inform our Design Team through the schematic design (ending 1 December) and design development (ending 1 March) phases of our project. You will be prompted to provide responses to new content periodically during these phases. Once you have signed up, you can provide input on our first question as follows:

Query #1:       What do you like most about your work and/or study space?

Use any combination of words/photos and diagrams to convey this value judgment. (uploading instructions included on the MindMixer site)


As a whole, these 'input mechanisms' have been devised to give the widest range of responses, recognizing that some members of our community may be more comfortable providing input publicly than others or may not always be available to attend presentations, etc. It has always been our expectation that this project will not only result in a great facility, but will also be a rich learning experience for members of our community.

Please keep in mind that designing a building of this scope, in this context, in this economy is a difficult charge regardless of the client. Add to this the fact that we are all focused on, dedicated to, and motivated by design and as such are loaded with opinions and knowledge, you can imagine the difficult task our design team has ahead of them. It is important that we keep in mind our expectations. While all ideas and opinions will be considered, not all can, will or should be included in the final product. That said, we move forward with confidence knowing the collective body of work our design team has accomplished in the past, as evidenced by the beauty and success of their projects and the longevity of their ideas.

And the near future....

While we are focused on building a project commensurate with our national reputation, we are simultaneously working to identify swing space and interim strategies allowing us to continue to engage in the academic model that has brought us distinction over the course of our history. Needless to say, this is a complicated process involving numerous variables. We will summarize where we are in this process at the Open Forum. Suffice it to say, do not believe everything you hear as there is much thinking aloud across all levels of the college and university. Regardless, I am convinced that our administration and faculty can manage this transition and displacement in such a manner that we not only maintain our excellence, but capitalize on the opportunities created out of necessity.













Ways to help

Damon Fairchild
Director of Development
College of Architecture, Planning & Design
Kansas State University Foundation